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  1. A couple of pics, one of the garden (spot the cat!) and the other the view of the End Hill:
  2. Also snowing here, was quite heavy at around 3.30 a.m, still snowing lightly now., got a nice coating of white everywhere again, a few more cm.
  3. It's been snowing solidly for the past hour on the Malvern hills where I am. White everywhere now! Wasn't sticking at first but is now. Fantastic.
  4. Been snowing heavily here for the past half hour or longer. It's sticking to cars, grass, roofs, but not the road.
  5. Rain has just turned to snow here on the Malverns.
  6. A couple of pics. Still snowing here in west Malvern.
  7. Got around 3 cm on the Malverns and it's still coming down, albeit a bit lighter now.
  8. Lovely to see the whiteness spreading around the region! We had about 3 cm yesterday up on the Malvern hills, and today have had a couple of heavy periods of snow, but it does seem quite wet underneath and readily disappearing, can hear a lot of dripping.
  9. I do sympathise, Snowycat! We also have a cat with kittens, but they're older now and she's able to go out and about, even so she's clearly not happy and is flopped down in the shade outside when not with the kittens, who seem oblivious to the heat and are trashing everything (they're 12 weeks old now). It's starting to cloud over here, lots of lightning strikes on the radar coming closer. Last night was horribly humid, I don't really expect to get any sleep tonight unless it cools off a bit after the storms.
  10. Thanks for the new thread. ? After what feels like weeks of great weather on the Malverns, and then a couple of days of thundery humid weather (had quite a lot of lightning yesterday afternoon), we have dense hill fog and very heavy rain this morning. The garden did need it, though. No chance of flooding up here but I'll bet others will suffer today from the persistent heavy rain. Stay safe everyone.
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