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  1. We've also been having steady rain here. 15.4' C.
  2. Started raining just now in Malvern.
  3. Me too Storme, I have Hashi's and cannot abide cold weather any more, which is strange for me as I used to love the cold. Even in summer I often wear fingerless mittens as my hands are so cold. The one huge downpour we had here some days ago is of course long drained away and we really need more rain again.
  4. We started today with mist, unsurprising after the rainfall yesterday. Sun has just come out, feeling humid.
  5. It's still raining here but just moderately - still, I won't need to water the garden tonight! Even our alpine rockery was looking desperate.
  6. Absolute monsoonal deluge here in West Malvern. Been going for around 10 minutes now. Edit: complete with thunder and lightning, although it's the intensity of the rain that's impressed me!
  7. I thought we were going to get nothing out of the forecast storms, but just now it's all kicked off with flashes and bangs, very close to the Hills.
  8. Ooh that last flash was very close, just a couple of seconds before a bang.
  9. Yes quite a few sferics in your area!
  10. Malvern's late to the party, but we've a thunderstorm approaching from the SE. Several flashes and rumbles, raining quite hard.
  11. Lots of dark clouds here, and some rain but not over us! Very humid,
  12. An intense line of precipitation with associated lightning strikes is just south of our region, even now Gloucester should be hearing some rumbles. May arrive here within the hour. It's gotten more humid and warmer outside again.
  13. I may well have slept through a thunderstorm here. I awoke at around 3 something to deep rumbles and flashes. Got up, but the lightning was disappearing northwards. Consulting the radar showed the storms had passed over us a little earlier. Went back to bed, awoke again around 5 to more thunder but nothing major developed out of it. All I have to show is a poor night's sleep! It's quite misty and still here this morning.
  14. A glorious few days here on the Malverns - wall-to-wall sunshine, currently 20'C. Some lightning activity coming across the channel - reckon it'll reach us later or fizzle out?
  15. Awoke to around a cm covering of snow over everything, and a thick fog, at 3.20 a.m. this morning, but now it's completely gone.