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  1. Well, unexpected snowfall again! Just light stuff currently as that band on the radar has only just reached here. Currently -0.4'C.
  2. Oh golly - awoke to a blanket of snow here on the Malverns! Still snowing now but it's that very fine stuff. Blowing everywhere, very pretty, sticking to everything too, even the fence panels. Currently -1.2'C. The cat hasn't been out in it, that pretty much tells you everything.
  3. Snowing quite hard here - just 1'C. Snow's settling!
  4. Hammering down here, and this time the snow's actually accumulating!
  5. Moderate snowfall here now but it's blowing about so much in the gale I don't know where it's settling - it never seems to get deeper on the ground!
  6. We've got light snow falling now after a dry night, perishing cold at -7'C minimum. Strong, bitterly cold wind blowing. Not that much snow cover, around 1 cm.
  7. Just had an email from Malvern Hills council - 'Heavy Snow Expected'... bins may not be collected Friday! -3.9'C here and dropping.
  8. Goodness, a blizzard here right now, currently -3.0'C.
  9. Another heavy snow shower just passing through here. Currently -2.6'C. This is proper winter weather!
  10. -4.2'C here, light snow falling. We only have a dusting lying. We're on an Amber warning from lunchtime tomorrow through Friday - should be interesting!
  11. This has been SUCH an odd day! Sunshine, snow, polystyrene at first then big wet flakes this afternoon, then the darn stuff is melting at 0'C! Now a clear, sunny sky!
  12. Seems the bbc weather radar has gone poof due to high demand! Maps outage Due to unprecedented levels of demand on our website we have temporarily replaced some of the less visited pages and unfortunately are currently unable to provide our usual weather and observation maps
  13. Proper snowing now - wetter stuff and sticking on ground etc. Got about 1 cm of it.
  14. How do you know he's the same one? Very cheeky though, regardless! Pretty darn cold here, with or without a Beast from the East! It was -1.4'C when I got up, currently -0.7'C. Usually less cold up here on the Malverns than if one was in Great Malvern itself, but that's not much consolation now! Regretting not finishing knitting that thick woolly jumper! Fingers crossed for snow later in the week!
  15. Felt the 'quake clearly, mind you I had just gone to bed for a nap but hadn't dropped off, so I felt it through my whole body rather than just my feet had I been standing. Lasted around 10 seconds, I thought it may have been a quake, asked Other Half (sitting in his office) if he'd felt anything and he said yes, as if a heavy truck had just gone by the house.