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  1. Thanks for the new thread. ? After what feels like weeks of great weather on the Malverns, and then a couple of days of thundery humid weather (had quite a lot of lightning yesterday afternoon), we have dense hill fog and very heavy rain this morning. The garden did need it, though. No chance of flooding up here but I'll bet others will suffer today from the persistent heavy rain. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Woken up by rumbling thunder and flashes, lightning maps showing sferics near Worcester and a bit west of here.
  3. The wind suddenly started gusting, now lashing down with rain, frequent lightning. Mad out there!
  4. Can't sleep because I know the electrical stuff is on the way. Got up and outside it's still, half the sky shows stars but to the west and south are clouds, lit every so often by intense flashes, yet no sound of thunder yet. Won't be long! Very hot.
  5. Rain's not far from here in Malvern now. It's very murky and humid.
  6. I've seen ball lightning too, a very long time ago, when I was a mid teen living in Australia. It was probably around 10 - 11 p.m. in summer time as it was dark, I'd gotten into bed and the lights were all out, when I became aware it was becoming light outside my window. Curious as to what it was, I got up and peered out. I saw a pale pink, brightly glowing ball of light which was appeared to be floating downwards and diagonally from my viewpoint. It was in my neighbour's paddock (we lived rurally). It really lit up the area, and then it vanished or disappeared behind something, perhaps, as there was a fence and stables. I hadn't heard of ball lightning back then so had no idea what the strange light was! It's only years later that I believe it was ball lightning. Where I lived (outside Melbourne) we often had severe storms in summer time, but there was no thunder and lightning at the time (however as it was dark, could have been a storm brewing in the vicinity). I expect I recorded it in my diary at the time, I still have them up in our loft, I should search for it!
  7. I just discovered those cams now - so clear! Am currently following the intense storms moving towards Denmark, there are some cams there so hoping to see a light show! ?
  8. This is the crazy weather they're getting in Utrecht right now - normally it's a really clear view of the skyline in the city. Right now it's insane! Utrecht live cam
  9. Looks pretty bad there. Watching live news on Facebook re the damage. WFLA News Channel 8
  10. Not yet but it's heading in our direction. Been a foggy day here with increasing rain during the late afternoon. Dry now, but it's gone very, very still, calm before the storm.
  11. Not looking forward to the wind tonight up here on the Hills. BBC giving us 4 days of yellow wind warnings. Batten down the hatches!
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