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  1. Not yet but it's heading in our direction. Been a foggy day here with increasing rain during the late afternoon. Dry now, but it's gone very, very still, calm before the storm.
  2. Not looking forward to the wind tonight up here on the Hills. BBC giving us 4 days of yellow wind warnings. Batten down the hatches!
  3. We ended up with just a cm of snow covering everything. Pretty disappointing.
  4. Keep it cold and let's hope it has some company soon!
  5. Malvern's got 3 hours of heavy snow forecast from 8-11 pm on the MetO site, then light snow for the rest of the night. After a very clear, frosty night it's now clouded over and is 0.9'C. Looking forward to a dumping of snow!
  6. The rain has turned into heavy snow up here but it's not sticking. Huge, wet flakes falling. Temp 2.6'C and falling.
  7. So far just a little light rain here, Temp 3.5'C.
  8. Nasty gale blowing up here on the Malvern hills for the past couple of hours. Not looking forward to the next storm coming in. Currently a mild 11.1'C.
  9. Snowing heavily in West Malvern! Settling on cars and rooftops, and plant leaves. Temp 1.6' C.
  10. Still snowing on and off, not settling of course. Jolly freezing outside.
  11. Snowing heavily here in Malvern! Huge wet flakes. Temp 2.5'C
  12. A very wet day today, but am surprised how muggy and warm it is now the rain's passed through! 16.5'C at the mo.
  13. Rain on and off today, now very heavy rain's moved in with thunder and lightning! Wind was very strong earlier, nearly had 2 pots with runner beans upended, had to prop them up against the fence!
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