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  1. What a glorious day today! Blue skies and sunshine with thick snow lying. Temp still below freezing -0.2'C. Measured the snow and it is 26cm (10 inches) deep!
  2. Still coming down up here, was snowing heavily for quite awhile, has become lighter now, but at no time has it stopped.
  3. This is insane!! Still snowing here and our garden has pretty much disappeared. Whole street is under snow - no one is moving today!
  4. Still snowing heavily here in the Malvern Hills - easily 10 cm lying snow now.
  5. A couple of pics just by the back door. Still snowing here on the Malvern HIlls.
  6. Wow woke up just now to around 3-4 cms and it's snowing hard!
  7. Although we largely missed the snow yesterday in Malvern (just a bare cm on the Hill) I ended up feeling grateful as we had to do an emergency vet trip to Worcester with our cat last night (who is fine today). Worcester was even more bare of snow, but the vet nurse said her partner got sent home early from work due to the snow and he was only in Kidderminster! Feeling very hopeful about tomorrow!
  8. After around a cm of snow early this morning, we've only had a few flurries, missing out on the action. Lovely blue skies for quite a time this afternoon, before clouds drifted over from the north and sprinkled us with a little light snow.
  9. Well, it appears Malvern is now in the clear space with no snow showers unless the wind directions shifts a little.
  10. We have a light snow covering! Not on the road itself, but on roofs, car tops, grass! Currently 0.8'C and Dew point is -0.55'C.
  11. Light snow shower here in Malvern - not sticking. Temp 2.9 C, Dew -0.64 C
  12. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    I'd love to see snow, but after the past couple of years snow drought here, am not counting any chickens or penguins just yet.
  13. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    No sign of any white stuff on the Malverns, bitterly cold, though, dropped to 0'C last night, there was a ground frost in the morning, which means it must be even colder off the Hills. We did have a beautiful mainly sunny day yesterday, though, very clear. Glad some of you saw snow, at least! Hoping for a white Christmas, as ever!
  14. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Very cold start to the day here at 1.8 C! Very still and looks to be a fine and sunny day ahead. This is my favourite type of autumn weather!
  15. Hurricane Ophelia

    Very gusty and windy night here on the Malvern Hills. I don't know if there are any official wind measurements up here, we get far stronger wind than down in Great Malvern due to the altitude. Still dark so not been out to see how things look. Finally seems to be calming down now after many hours.