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  1. That's caught me out today. Interesting that we've had three now. Is this a usual problem, or is it because of the current setup?
  2. Fair enough. I just happened to click on lighteningmaps as it appeared
  3. Can anyone confirm this, just now? Unusual considering the current conditions.
  4. In SE London we have cloudier skies, but the weather warning isn't even half way through, plenty of opportunity. Watch the radar animation and that rotation. Going to be an interesting couple of hours, especially before sunset
  5. Well that was boring. 120 seconds of quite intense rain, with hardly a breathe of wind. Colleague near Heathrow had hail and large gusts from this
  6. Shoe box? You had it lucky! Mine had to make do with a match box, with the matches! ?
  7. And now the showers are starting to pack in to the Wash and East Anglia
  8. It won't last much longer, but it's been welcome. And bonus - she said 'no way will it settle on the soaking wet roads'... so she's making breakfast tomorrow. For the win!
  9. It's slipping south now and loosing a bit of intensity, but probably another hour to go here at least. All surfaces going white now, even the saturated road. Amazing change in fortune!
  10. Not sure if already mentioned as have been AFK, but BBC's Phil Avery from earlier, and Meteogroup, got this pretty much spot on, compared to the MO.
  11. Being surrounded with as much green as I am here, I'm sure has an effect. Less houses and heat sources. Steady light snow turning the grass white. At these rates it won't settle on saturated roads, but it's definitely all snow.
  12. It's settling on cars and grass here, Tom. Yes, the hard surfaces are almost flood like, but it's giving it a good go.
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