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  1. Storms now building to the NE of London and travelling SE. Fingers crossed IMBY, but the constant thunder from the south has been nice to hear.
  2. Orpington getting the brunt currently, south of me. Basically just developing a mile so away.
  3. Thunder almost constant from the east. Keeps missing by a few miles.
  4. I know there's plenty of time, but sometimes it feels like I live under a massive Faraday cage!
  5. A cursory glance out of the front window, looking NW, tells me a long wait for an actually proper electrical storm in SE London (IMBY), might be over...?
  6. I'm under the start of the Heathrow landing flight path, in SE London, and the engine noise keeps making me double take/listen.
  7. /on topic Skies getting slowly darker. Sun gone. Hoping for something before I slip onto a sleepy coma
  8. Can't check the humidity right now, as the display is upstairs and I'm baby sitting downstairs, but there has definitely been a shift in the 'feel' of the air since around 2/3pm. Almost 100% cloud cover now and the air is very still. Mixed feelings about an overnight storm with a little one.
  9. Nice flurry in SE London. Funny watching the guys in the cricket practice nets, in snow!
  10. Just been for a walk with little one. The sun is lovely and warm but that wind is biting. Clouded over now and noticed my location triangle in the NW radar app has turned red. What does it know? Doesn't look like that precip is coming across SE London.
  11. Glad some of you guys in Kent got a good show today. Some of the videos I've seen are incredible. Personally, it was great to watch 3 days of falling snow even with a small accumulation. The sun has tried hard to melt it all today but failed. Won't be long though. Hoping for more this winter. A few more weeks to go...,
  12. The sun has just popped its head over cloud to the SE which is today's activity. Not going to lie, its quite nice to see and feel.
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