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  1. I caught it from the other side just after 7.
  2. That is a fantastic photo! The other one is good too, but I have one of my own
  3. Very heavy rain right now and decent, close lightning in SE London. Nice to see, but I hope its through by commute time
  4. Epic drive to Croydon just now. Vary dark, 30 mins torrential rain and amazing lightning. At least it cleaned the car. Calm now here but sooooo much cooler. 18c according to the car! Looking south again
  5. Well that was a nice 10 minutes of heavyish rain to stand in Loud thunder and some more just to the south. It might be it, bit it feels really good
  6. Thunder getting closer. Just had to put the light on to see my keyboard properly!
  7. What's just hit the south south east of Brighton looks tasty!
  8. You know in disaster movies, when there is a shot of the wind picking up in trees... Well, that is just happening!
  9. Was just about to type "If all of these storms slip either side of SE London again, I won't be a happy bunny!" And then saw the radar echos about 10 miles south
  10. One extreme to another! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-south-yorkshire-44979863/uk-weather-storm-in-doncaster-caught-on-camera
  11. Showers appearing over Kent. Canterbury looks to be getting wet. Very dark sky on a local traffic cam. Sporadic clouds darkening over central London too. Something beefy could pop up anywhere! Hovering around 30c in E1
  12. Looks like it's not keeping up it's strength! Next time....
  13. Thanks LL. You seem in the firing line. Hoping it continues inland. Good luck with getting sleep!