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  1. I agree, we should have two separate counts, one involving how spots used to be measured, the other as of now!
  2. Welcome tho net weather edveasey!

  3. At the time of their findings, both Livingston & Penn were lampooned for their efforts. Now it appears that they could well be onto something! An open mind is all that is required, I do wish more warmists would remember that!
  4. Exactly Tamara, only those who seek to to ridicule the "deniers," claim there is a conspiracy!
  5. It certainly would put the cat amongst the pigeons, regarding what caused the prior warming!!
  6. Quite right Pete, it could as easily fire up tomorrow, as continue it's slumber!
  7. I agree it's begining to worry me, I think most of us on here long for snowy winters, but the thought of a Dalton minimum, is not something we would adapt to easily. With a far shorter growing season for the Northern Heimsphere, this years credit crunch, would seem like a tea party in comparison. Maybe GW could cheer us up, with one of his tales about how all that warmth would lead us into oblivion! Only joking GW!!
  8. Exciting times ahead Fred. And to think how many scoffed at Penn and Livingston's theory, not that long ago!
  9. Think they may be discussing Solar winds badboy, they are expected to pick up!
  10. We just wouldn't be able to cope now, can you imagine the chaos! The whole country would close down, the media would go into meltdown. With stories of how Mr Bloggs got caught in a snow drift and had to spend the night in his car, with just his £300 gore-tex down jacket, and a flask of cappucino, and a spicy chicken pannini, to keep him going through the bitter night!
  11. Hathway seems confident that it will be the end of the year! Then again, he was confident a few months back. Me thinks it will be some time soooooooooon!
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