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  1. The beast from the east has arrived I can report I have seen 3 flakes in space of last 5 mins! 🥳😂 One for the history books for sure.
  2. Heavier ppn is over mendips now and friends from up there inform me it is just the occasional flake in wind. Weakening fast as it heads east I dont think we have a chance.
  3. They put a warning out because its so rare that they fear panic buying and fear if it snows now. 😄
  4. I am tempted to throw in the towel and call winter over. Running out of time and future cold spell has melted away, snow in march is rarer than hens teeth away from hills. Feel very down on this winter to be fair. 😪
  5. Well I've just been out and cut the lawn ready for spring. Looks very smart. Shouldn't cut in winter but it's hardly wintry and dry easterly made it lovey to trim.
  6. What an awful cold spell. Battleground snow.. Yes whatever I've seen more snow in June before. 😒
  7. Can I share that one straw with you 🤪😅 We need some damn luck even if it is only a one day wonder we damn deserve it.
  8. Just seen met office 10 day trend it doesnt look anytyhing like this but next week certainly looks wet and mild.
  9. Nothing here today but I've had no snow melting at all this cold spell, quite impressive really. See picture below for current conditions..
  10. There is literally a warning out for everywhere now except central south and south west. Splendid.
  11. Just need wales to be put into warning for snow dome to be complete. Not that I'm bitter.. 🤪
  12. Id almost put money on less than 1cm of snow for most of west country this cold spell.. 🙄
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