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  1. I got really excited when i noticed the warning
  2. So we have an amber and i see no real storms for west country? am i missing something? other than the storms that is.
  3. Looks like the light rain is here to stay for a while further inland. 15.8c
  4. Same here... dont see anything interesting on radar for our part of country unless light rain is your thing.
  5. One steady shower last night to freshen things up and it really did drop temperature like a stone when shower came through. Glorious weather continues, it is turning out to be a good 2018 so far with our snow fix albeit late into spring and now this.
  6. Stunning weather continues Would be nice to see a couple of thunderstorms maybe over next day or so to water my bedding plants.
  7. No idea but I have a hail shower here too. cut my first gardening day of the year short
  8. Yes its nasty. I wonder if the rain/sleet/snow will reach us monday jeth it looks slightly to our east to be honest but its going to feel nasty either way.
  9. Mine has been on since yesterday. 7c Very cold
  10. You laugh jeth but latest models suggest a pasting for hills. Ill take it anytime of year and if anything it is so unusual im even more interested now.
  11. Finally an end to the grotty weather! Bring on the heat!
  12. Tuesay is my last day off of a 6 day break which has been predominently gloomy and chilly and I am going back to work in warm sunshine wednesday!
  13. Rinse and repeat... Another awful spring day if you can call it spring. At least daffodils have come out now.