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  1. light covering here on mendip with a mixture of snow and hail together by the looks of it. Lets hope we get some chunky showers later as it cools
  2. Just woken up to a covering of snow. How did this happen!?
  3. Might end up chancing it and making a mad dash to get over to the other side..
  4. We have wet snow falling here on mendip but no chance of settling etc
  5. So we have another slim marginal event maybe.. Interesting he says including low levels... Hmm
  6. Yes it has no bearing whatsoever and probably noticed more over last year because winters were mild...As soon as you get a cold spell there is a lack of berries because the birds eat all of them.
  7. Thought I should share the aftermath of the great Mendip blizzard I have left.
  8. I woul if there was work near by.. I have looked before.
  9. I don't think its really a problem until you get past -25c if you dress okay. Past -30c and breathing hurts and then once it hits -40 and then finally -47c with a breeze which i experienced in finland a few years back you realize you just cant put enough layers on to cope and there is a limit to what you can handle..
  10. Well seems we can't even manage a decent frost. Temperature was minus 3 at 6pm now it is just minus 1.
  11. -3.1c currently so certainly the coldest of winter so far