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  1. Yes I'm not really liking it either. Hopefully weather turns festive around or just after Xmas.
  2. So if there any chance of snow in the west country this week? Hmm
  3. Nasty weather continues. We had some sleet on mendip early evening in the heavy bursts.
  4. Yes happens more often in certain rooms of the house and normally when temperature drops below -6c i start to see ice on windows. What often happens is the condensation builds up then the water runs down window and freezes on the metal frames first.
  5. I still get this on my windows.. Single glazing is harsh. Not quite cold enough last night but did drop to minus 4c.
  6. Keep me posted. I'm resisting urge to go home because if risk of a few flakes. Personal growth one thinks... I'll be annoyed if I miss it though!
  7. Question is is it worth me spending my night on Mendip?? Or do I just stay at other half's in Bradford?
  8. Could be a cherry laurel but need much better pictures. Berries leaves on stem and close up ect.
  9. Net weather forecast shows snow on Wednesday.
  10. Enjoy the mild dross it may be the last we see for a while
  11. Let's hope we don't get a week of frost and then a mild winter..
  12. I'm looking forward to winter now it's been a long time coming! Mod thread is ramping up now let's hope we see a frost before months out at least
  13. I understand what your saying with it being unusual for you but I would have thought temperature is only way to categorize the severity especially if we are looking at it statistically speaking? Obviously how damaging a frost is depends on weather it is radiation frost or just a cold windy day with an ambient temperature below freezing but that aside surely we cant changes the parameters due to location? For example if Florida gets a ground frost we cant call it a severe frost just because it is rare? Surely they just experience light frosts no matter how damaging it may be to my orange juice price?