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  1. Except for 2010... I'd like a warm September and October with an early start to winter in November. .
  2. Surely GW will have little affect on actual weather on ground if its more about the changes to our weather patterns with solar minimum. A severe cold spell would just be 0.8c less severe if it worked like that?
  3. True but i do enjoy the longer nights and easier sleeping etc Starting to get those early morning dews on the cars now a bit more often.
  4. quiet end to the heatwave here with no storms... what a surprise Shouldn't complain though its been a great summer and now im relishing the longer nights as autumn creeps into view.
  5. All aboard the Atlantic train,,,, Lets hope it derails soon though...
  6. I visit bradford on avon to see gf quite often and it is very brown down there!
  7. 8.6c outside im in shock! Heavy rain and hail just went through.
  8. Well are we finally going to see some rain this weekend?? The somerset Sahara certainly needs it now I cant remember seeing the landscape so dry!
  9. Radar is showing some appreciable shower activity over head with bright echoes but nothing is is reaching the ground.
  10. Did someone mention rain Not a drop here.
  11. It is raining lightly here Much cooler outside today too at 16c currently.
  12. Another lovely day with sunshine and warmth I have even bought new t-shirts this year! Long may it continue, makes me laugh people moaning about lack of rain.. it will make up for it sooner or later
  13. 25c just breached here thats pretty good going I think it will get another degree or so warmer yet.
  14. Lovely warm day here on mendip I had to pinch myself earlier to check it was real! A year with a winter and a summer... id forgotten what that was like. 23.2c and rising