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  1. Yes its like an ice rink outside now ground temps have fallen away it froze almost instantly after nightfall. Will help to preserve the drifts.
  2. I believe Luton airport is around 160m but it snowed quite widely down to low levels in central south during that event aided by evaporative cooling with an almost stationary front.
  3. Was a bit sarcastic back but im just interested to see the date posted. quite warm for the south east could you imagine the carnage if that situation arose now on top of last 2
  4. Oh i got a bite... someone posted a chart for the date... looks really marginal for so late in season too.
  5. Followed by a winter that starts in November and ends in march again.. I wonder if any of us would start to tire of the white stuff by then? unlikely for a few of us i dare say.
  6. Not sure but for anyone that worry's about ground temperatures... that all fell after one of mildest winters on record in april..
  7. I dropped my dream off in the mod thread... expect it to get deleted soon
  8. Did they inherit the snow madness gene from you? Terible plight for anyone...
  9. They should designate it a protected drift Maybe start a mendip snow patch count
  10. It is not hard to imagine how easily you could end up with 20/30ft drifts over hills in cold winters like records speak of when we can see this from a short cold snap in spring..
  11. Glad you posted some jeth, my camera is playing up my phone keeps switching off when i try to open it Plenty of drifts in lanes and it is bizare how you have patchy green fields in places and then monster drifts in lanes. We still got another couple of weeks until our April cut off jeth
  12. Sun is now out but im still hanging onto that ice day -0.3c
  13. Mine is holding on for dear life -0.01c Not used to these mild spring days.