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  1. Caught a few flakes of snow up top earlier but nothing much.
  2. Im still holding onto winter with the last of my snow sat around edges of garden but with heavy rain it will only be the snow plough piles left soon 😥
  3. 3c now and the thaw is starting on house and trees etc. Will take a few days I expect for it to clear properly.
  4. Your not that far if you have a day off drive to the eastern side of the Mendips and even the shepton mallet area lower down, no thaw at all yesterday and snow is still like powder. Many lanes just not passable without 4 by 4.Im driving around with a shovel inside car for when I get stuck each time.
  5. Thaw well under way.. 🤣 Got stuck picking friend up for pub.
  6. It is a real shame that milder weather is moving in from Sunday it could have been a great start to a cold spell with close to a foot of snow on ground. After a winter of disappointment this one snow event has saved it from being a terrible winter.
  7. Max temps probable based on snow cover? Got about right here at 1c
  8. No real thaw at home except trees ect in direct sunlight. Temperature around 1c.
  9. Still hammering it down here. -1.0c Going to be tough getting out onto main roads once they been opened in morning 🤔
  10. Ignore me it eased east then pushed back west. Im back in the green lol Close to a foot now. temp steady at -1.2c
  11. I think our days are numbered though. starting to move east and south. you may get half hour more though. It shows as blue on radar now but still chucking it down
  12. Its now moderate snow i think it is slowly backing south east. Could this be game over 🤔
  13. Okay so it will retreat from the west country and head east. Thats a shame.