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  1. Frequent snow showers over the Mendips today according to my source up on top. Sadly nothing but rain/hail down in trowbridge so far.
  2. Turning to wet snow in Shepton mallet. May e more interest on Mendip than I expected but it isn't heavy.
  3. Well that's pretty much us done for this snowless winter. Good luck to those on cotswolds though you might get lucky.
  4. We have sleet and hail at around 600ft in and around shepton mallet. Maybe a chance of seeing something later. ?
  5. Another light dusting of snow here this morning. Wasn't expecting it to settle. Melting fast now though.
  6. I nearly came off the road driving through Oakhil this morning as i lost control but managed to save it just in time. Roads were terrible this morning. I did think to myself surely after such a mild winter they could push the boat out regarding the gritting of roads as it seemed like major b roads were frozen also. Anyway nice to see a frost but one frost does not make a winter.. ?
  7. It is truly awful first third of winter. Autumn is now 6 months instead of the usual 3 at winters expense ?
  8. Glimmer of hope for those with a little elevation Saturday.... More runs needed though.
  9. Hello fellow snow watchers, long time no see ? Winter is coming and I am going to be Poping up to Mendip this evening so might just catch a little sleety stuff if I am lucky. Not living there currently after I moved in with the partner in Wiltshire only for it to go Pete tong just last week so shall be scanning properties back up on the hill to get back into the thick of it soon. ? Regards, NK
  10. Well I was sat in garden enjoying our heatwave this evening with a cider but other half closed door on me and said its chilly I'm going inside. ? admittedly 18c doesn't feel like a heatwave..
  11. So we gonna see any storms here in west country tonight or we going to miss out completely? ? Already a couple of tiny cells poping up around swindon area.
  12. Not rained here properly since the winter. Grass is browning off and ground is parched. Hope Friday finally brings our first rain from this 'unsettled' week ?
  13. Will I ever see any proper rain!? Garden is desperate for some rain, it is bone dry! never had these issues living on Mendip ? everything just fizzles out.
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