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  1. This is shaping up to be one of the worst summers I can ever remember. Yes, we had 3 hot days in June. But so what? It’s high summer. It’s windy and damp every day, it hasn’t stopped raining for weeks (other than the 3 day break) and even then, it rained on the third day. I feel like it’s really making up for the amazing spring. Starting to wonder if we will have a summer this year? Because let’s face it, August isn’t really summer, it doesn’t ever deliver and the days aren’t long enough.
  2. We absolutely smashed 30C here today! Lovely afternoon
  3. We had the worst rain I've ever seen last night. It flooded even the hardiest of roads. I was out doing deliveries and it made for very hard (fun) driving conditions. Frequent lightning, thunder overhead. Luckily I can adjust the stiffness of the steering on the car, so when the roads are bad, change mode and it makes it easier to control the car in difficult conditions. Loved it. If I can't have an actual summer this year (June is my favourite month of the year) then I guess thunderstorms are the next best thing. More forecast today but as always, they're very hit and miss aren't they.
  4. Drove to Bolton yesterday to pick some stuff up. Rained most of the way there, was quite lively and cool. Little one wanted to go the beach so we drove to Blackpool. It was scorching and sunny. Sat on the beach with a couple of coronas. Must say though I’m missing the proper sunshine that May offered. I’m wondering if we will see a proper return to summer this summer?
  5. Our wheelie bins have gone flying and the trees have been stripped of thousands of leaves. There’s debris everywhere, fallen branches, it’s horrible!
  6. What’s even stranger is that last nights precipitation looked juicy on the radar but produced nothing but a little bit of drizzle to the ground. Everywhere still bone dry, you’d think with an ex-tropical storm blitzing through, we would get some rain with it. Not like I’m complaining. Next week looks better. Sunshine and warmth
  7. Well, I did not expect strong winds like this today. Come downstairs to my greenhouse blown over and the garden trashed. Really unseasonably strong. Hope it doesn’t last too long.
  8. Hiya mate. Yep same here this morning. Temps were really plummeting last night, we fell below freezing for the first time in a while with a min temp of -1.3C which is astounding for this time of year in these parts. Not good for my plants. We are hovering around the 12C mark at the moment. The sun still being the saviour and it’s still warm enough for sunbathing due to the light winds. No cloud again. Shame it can’t continue for a few more days.
  9. A fantastic 3 days here with temps peaking at 15C, 17C and 16C respectively. Sunbathing topless too in the garden, even had the little one out in his shorts! Caught a little bit of colour today with that UV of 4, the sun really is a life saver at the moment. I'm finding the lockdown ok as of now, due to the fact that I can just spend all day in the garden, but with the weather set to turn soon, I feel I will find it a little harder. Models looking good for a return to the good weather in about a weeks' time, so let's pray. FYI- Yes I can also comment on the rapid falling temps! It's also the first time in about 1.5-2 years that we have had truly clear blue, cloudless skies all day. The last time other than Summer 2018 that it happened, was when the volcanoes were erupting in Iceland some years back and it grounded all the planes!
  10. The only things I'm struggling to find are bread, pasta and poultry. I visited 5 different shops today and got what we needed other than those. They'll all be back in stock in a week or two, then they will all have too much stuff and it'll all go out of date and end up reduced.
  11. That's class. UK leading the way. I've shared this on social media. Cheers for this SS.
  12. Well, some unexpected, un-forecast rain today. Still managed to get plenty done in the garden which was nice. Still no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Halton, so we're all good for now. Unconfirmed cases of course, but hopefully they're just staying in the house.
  13. That squall line last night was insane. Winds far worse than that of Storm Ciara that passed through.
  14. Wind too westerly for my liking. Showers like to miss my area without any northerly element to it, shame, uppers look very cold. Especially given their direction and time of year.
  15. Yep, strong wind today, quite mild and the sun is just starting to come out, a couple hours late. Doesn't feel all that mild though because of the wind.
  16. We just had 2-3 showers all day, producing some pretty nice viewing actually combined with that sunshine. Temp dropped 4/5C during the showers too.
  17. It’s a day of sunshine and showers today. It’s crazy really, days like this have been so rare this winter just gone, despite how low pressure driven it was. But what’s crazy is, the sun feels and looks so strong now, it actually FEELS springlike and I love it. I can put up with a little more unsettled mush. As long as it’s out of the way by May, my favourite month of the year.
  18. Lovely days today and yesterday. Temperature comfortable, hovering around high single digits, maxing out around 10C yesterday for a short time, felt amazing in that spring sunshine. We have lacked the sun so much this winter...
  19. A lovely sunny day yesterday, but still technically not a dry day, as it rained before midnight. Sleety rain today, so it's back to normality. I see the dry, bright signal for the rest of the week has been replaced with cloud and rain too. The worst weather I can ever remember, for such a long period. Really getting me down now.
  20. Technically not a dry day today, of course. We had a rain shower earlier, of course.
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