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  1. Temp dropped to 1.0C in that shower. Still rain in the hail and grauple. Absolute joke.
  2. Showers now turning readily to snow looking at the radar
  3. There’s no rain in the showers anymore. That last one was complete hail and ice pellets. The cold uppers have arrived. It’ll be interesting from here onwards.
  4. Mad hail shower here. All white.
  5. Met office has Manchester airport down for a period of heavy snow tonight
  6. It’s looking like after around 9/10pm when we might start to see something more snowy, anything before (away from the likes of Buxton) just gonna be rain/hail
  7. Uppers just aren’t cold enough! Grrrr
  8. Dropped to 3.0C in that shower. Rising again
  9. Heavy hail and rain showers. The occasional flake of snow thrown in for good measure.
  10. It’s only the peaks by the looks of it that have a weather warning for snow. However, that warning mentions western coasts, so maybe it’ll update later on.
  11. Moderate very wet snow in Runcorn!
  12. It’s now turned to sleet at l’pool airport. 3.5C
  13. It was about 5/6C in Amsterdam and bitterly cold with strong winds. Liverpool airport at the moment and it feels mild!!!
  14. Just flew back from Amsterdam. It’s all snow until you exit the clouds, I took a video of billions of flakes in the flashing lights of the wings! So we missed out by 300/400m haha.
  15. -5C rule is completely irrelevant in any situation, especially nearer the coasts. It can be disregarded when there’s a much lower pressure gradient (I.E this low pressure system), as it can snow with positive uppers, even to low levels given conditions are ripe. Whoever came up with the -5 rule obviously doesn’t live in the UK. You’d want -9/-10 ideally here for proper, guaranteed snow.
  16. Flying into Liverpool airport at 21:25, so I’ll try spot some snow high up lol
  17. Isn’t looking so bad from where I’m sat? Rather stubborn cold air in place, evaporative cooling and ever-lowering pressure. I’d be surprised if we don’t see a spell of wintryness from this. Classic little battleground.
  18. It’s stupidly expensive! £70 for two steak dinners, a joke! And nah I don’t think so, I think it’s clinate is pretty much the same as the likes of Scarborough and Whitby. I’m back tomorrow thankfully.
  19. I’m in Amsterdam, it’s cold here. Frequent heavy hail showers rattling in off the North Sea. Amsterdam is crap by the way. Don’t ever visit!
  20. There’s always something messing up our chances, it’s NW England for you haha! You can guarantee summer will be the coldest for 50 years now though