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  1. One of the worst summers I can remember. Can’t remember the last time we hit 25C. I haven’t been able to sit in the garden at all. Usually have a nice tan. Went to Spain but the UK make quick work of the tan built up by the Spanish sun! Roll on next summer.
  2. A low of exactly -5.0C last night. Bone chilling! -1.9C now. Rising fast
  3. The showers have all missed me by about 10 miles. Gutted
  4. Streamer setting up. Heading straight for me! currently light snow falling. Covering
  5. Most of the snow has melted here. It was thick enough to build a snowman earlier. I was hoping it would stick around so that the temps would fall stupidly low tonight. But now, probably -2/-3 likely
  6. 0.4C. Never seen a thaw so quick without the sun. Got so unlucky with the showers. Stuck between two aggressive streamers
  7. We have an inch and a half of snow. It’s melting ridiculously fast though considering it’s 0.2C. Luckily there’s another shower on the way
  8. Haha I know mate, been super busy. I rarely get any time free anymore. It sucks being old now haha. But yeah I’m deffo up for that! Can’t beat spoons
  9. Yeahhhh Widnes now. Moved in with the missus. Just played the radar back, streamer kind of scenario had set up overnight. Shame they’re so quick to move through though
  10. Woke up with super dry mouth after the pub last night. Heard a car go down the road and it sounded wet. Laughed, looked outside expecting dampness and bang, white instead. lol
  11. It’s absolutely belting it down with snow and we have a few cm’s lying already! GET IN!
  12. In all fairness, we haven’t been hyping the band just the showers which are due any time soon
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