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  1. That’s cold in comparison!!! 32.3C here now. How high will it go??!! Local records under threat surely.
  2. So, ignoring the ‘low’ temperatures over the weekend, comparatively. This is the hottest for longest spell I can ever remember with temperatures doing the following: Weekend just gone. Mid-high twenties. Sunday: 30C Monday: 31.5C Tuesday: 32C Wednesday: 32C Today: 30C (currently). We haven’t been far off an official tropical night either. Super hot. Super summer weather.
  3. Second day in a row we have been one of, if not the warmest place in the UK, topping out around 28C
  4. Another dull start today. Last night yielded some much unwanted, and un-forecast rain, especially as I was in work with no jacket! June is shaping up to be a real summer month, which is needed all round for humans, plants and animals. Some sunshine would not go amiss, and so far, it's looking like it could potentially come in the bucket fulls. I just need the weather to be nice from 12th - 19th June for when I'm in Cornwall, but I'm not particularly worried about that, we always get a good week.. Today is actually feeling milder out of the sun, which is something I haven't really been able to say this year yet. Which is a joke considering it's the 26th of May!!!
  5. Rain forecast to be heavy and persistent all day. Instead, we’re getting the odd spot. Welsh mountains doing their job I guess.
  6. That's a great timelapse that is. I can't wait to see some noctilucent clouds next month
  7. Another lovely day yesterday. No rain at all, we had blue skies from morning until 2pm, where a nearby shower clouded over the skies. It shifted about 4pm to leave a largely sunny and cloudless evening. Temperatures hit 18C yesterday, which is not bad at all. Dropped as soon as the sun disappeared for a couple of hours. Today looks broadly similar. Started very sunny, hopeful of a dry day. Can't complain. Though I know it's the eye before tomorrow's storm.
  8. Some great cause for optimism as I view the charts for the first time in a few days this morning. Some good cross-model-agreement for a ridge building around D9-10. This is the first time I've seen any tentative hints of anything remotely spring/summer-like for days on end. I've noticed some members commenting on the lack of warm 850's. I would say let's not worry about that right now, the pressure rise is clearly agreed, but the orientation of it is not, let that be decided in a few days time. Even then, it could start cool, and move around to bring those warmer upper profiles in. Let's get the pressure up first, and then worry about the temps. Even on some of the colder members, the sun is terrifically strong at this time of year, and it will feel warm, despite the surface temps. Plenty of reasons to be positive this morning. Hopefully it continues in future runs. Though, the Met Office longer range forecast has predicted this for the past few days now.
  9. Well, despite the horrid looking charts, met office forecast of heavy, thundery showers, and personal anger at the weather. Yesterday was a really nice day. We had sunny spells all day, before all clouds cleared off completely around 4pm; leaving room for a cloudless, Azores blue sky for a few hours. This morning has started sunny and warm, the promise for the next 2-3 days is sunny spells with around average temperatures; slightly below feel to it though when the sun goes in. No rain really in the forecast now till Thursday, with tomorrow forecasting a lovely sunny day! Just shows that even the lowest of lows can have the sunny period, just like areas of high pressure can sometimes offer periods of rain. An ever-increasingly promising outlook for summer too. Plenty of positivity around!
  10. Dropped a Tweet to Aidan McGivern earlier (Met forecaster). He tells me they are seeing signs of higher pressure dominance towards the beginning of June in the longer range models.
  11. Yesterday was actually nice. We had one rogue shower in the morning, followed by a day of really warm sunshine. We went to the beer garden in our shorts & t-shirt and enjoyed temps of 17C. Then the showers came around 4, temp dropped to 9C with large hail. Lastly, a violent thunderstorm in the evening with fork lightning.
  12. Now it’s turned to sleet. I need to move country. Do one England.
  13. This is utterly, utterly, UTTERLY ridiculous now. 4.5C at 2pm in MAY!! I’ve never been more angry/depressed at the weather in May than I have been since it began.
  14. An hour of extremely heavy grauple and snow! Everywhere is white!!
  15. Well, I was gonna head up to the Cat & Fiddle / Shining Tor on Monday to catch the last of the snows before spring really arrives. But it now seems as if the PPN signal has been slowly taken away from the area, now they’re only forecast some light flurries, so hardly worth it. How annoying.
  16. Really can’t be bothered with this. Cruel taste of 22C Tuesday and 20C Wednesday. Followed by single digit maxima and potential wintry mix in showers come Monday. Wildlife was starting to reappear, leaves were coming back on the trees. Now I’m gonna have to put the shorts away for the next two weeks. Gutted.
  17. True! But after this letdown of a winter, I'm ready to just move past it and hit the beach!
  18. Wow. Spring is well and truly in the air and man, is it welcome. More and more restrictions will ease as the weather gets warmer. The sun has some real strength in it now. Overlooking the bare trees, you’d be forgiven for assuming it was summer today if you’d looked from behind the glass. still a bit chilly out, we hit a max of around 10.5C. The other day was the best, it was about 14C with sunshine and that wet my appetite for what I’m hoping is about to be a long, hot and dry spring and summer period. tomorrow should feel even nicer with slacker winds and a max of around 13C. really hoping winter has no sting in its tail this year, I really just want to move forward now and look forward to my holidays and plenty of long, sunny days.
  19. Reinvigoratation as milder air is taking hold above. This may well turn to freezing rain, but for now, it’s snowing nicely.
  20. The depth and strength of this cold is something else. That’s a huge Atlantic front that was full of energy. It’s come up against the dry continental air and it’s just destroyed it. Absolutely murdered it. Look at it. Every frame on the radar it dies even more. So impressive.
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