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  1. The sun feels lovely and warm now though. And it doesn’t feel cold out at all. Uppers must be very cold.
  2. Us too. We had a snow shower. Some rain & hail mixed in. So technically sleet/wintry mix. But I’ve seen my first snowflakes in almost two years.
  3. Worth noting that the dewpoints just to our west are conductive to producing snow. They're spreading this way. Interesting.
  4. No chance of any back edge snow here, as radar echoes aren't producing to ground level. However, the radar does show showers already packing in behind the front, latching on to its' energy. Hopeful of some heavy squally hail showers later on. Next week looks like producing more of the same.
  5. Still a chance of some brief front edge snow tonight from the main band, probably above about 200/300m. Pennies could do briefly well before milder air sweeps in
  6. Had a sleet and hail shower this morning. But it’s been dry since I last posted last night. Dreadful.
  7. They’ve been there all day. They just disintegrate as they move over the sea
  8. Not gonna be a wild night if the met office is anything to go by. Dry all night apparently.
  9. It’ll be bloody dry at this rate. Had one shower all day!
  10. Weird updated warning that from the Met Office? Band has already flew East and they’ve backed the warning west? Hopefully showers pack in later and produce.
  11. The whole storm has kinda petered out after that squall. Almost as if it used all the energy it had pushing the squall through
  12. By far the most interesting day of the winter so far. If only that squall could’ve lasted a bit longer!!
  13. I was getting really interested in the pattern a few days ago. It was bitter, powerful westerly, rinse and repeat. But now it’s looking watered down, with each repeat incursion weaker and milder than the last. I suspect the initial blast will be cold enough to produce some hail to low level westerns, what we haven’t had in a good while is a hailstorm. We used to get them often from the Irish Sea here, at times I remember them producing a 5-10cm covering. They’re awesome. That’s what I was hoping for with the pattern I viewed a few days ago. Looking unlikely now. storm tomorrow should be fun anyway, might have a trip to the beach to view the waves
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