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  1. Sun UV index dropping, nights noticeably drawing in. Winter's coming! :p

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    2. Bottesford


      I'd enjoy autumn if we didn't have to deal with the awful dark afternoons just when traffic levels reach their peak. It really isn't fun cycling home in it - in fact it feels downright dangerous at times. Compared to now its horrible.

    3. Mesoscale


      Autumn is my favourite time of year. Halloween is my favourite day of the year.

    4. Static Prevails

      Static Prevails

      Yes, I love Halloween too. The atmosphere and vibe in the air is something I can't explain. Nobody else in my family feels it, but I'm just quite weird.

      Plus, my birthday is in October, and the novelty of darker nights doesn't wear off for me until January. I understand why some people dislike the dark though (don't get me wrong, I love long days as well!).