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  1. Just a load of crap caught in the high unfortunately due to its orientation. if it was summer, the sun would have no problem burning this murk off and we’d be seeing clear blue skies. but obviously this is the UK, so a near-record breaking high pressure produces drizzle.
  2. Crazy inversion around tonight. Temperature fluctuating between 5C and 2C as I’m driving around
  3. With a high like that, you can guarantee clear blue skies & frost of a night time. I'm looking forward to it, but this has been the worst winter I can remember so far.
  4. Yesterday promised blue skies and sunshine. Instead, we had a Christmas Day of temperatures of around 8C, with rain on and off all day really. Absolute rubbish. Can't see anything remotely wintry on offer for the next 3-4 weeks. Wouldn't surprise me now if we had another snowless winter. The pattern we have seemingly been locked into for the past few months is disgusting. Feels like the same one that ruined Summer 2019 for me too. Warm yes, sunshine, no. Hopefully the Met Office's promise of a high pressure dominated 'colder' spell in January comes into fruition.
  5. Absolutely every shower has missed here today. Been dry and bright at times. Expecting nothing but rain this evening. What a shame the uppers aren't a bit colder. Been too mild recently to be conductive to laying snow at low levels anyway. It's 5.4C outside.
  6. Unfortunately, it’s way too far out at this stage to be able to pin point whether the cold air will even arrive, let alone any potential wintry PPN. Looking at the 06Z that’s currently rolling out, it looks like it may start as a northerly, which is generally poor for here unless you get a front embedded in the flow.. the wind does turn NW for a time, so any showers will be wintry, but with uppers of just -5/-6C, you’d want some elevation. all subject to change of course, but looking at that and from my own point of view, looks sleety/hail. Which I don’t mind. We get battered by hailstorms from a NW’erly here in Runcorn. I love it! still plenty of time for it to change anyway, might not even get the northerly.
  7. We hit -3.0C last night. But cloud spilled in soon after I went to bed looking at the satellite. All of this low cloud wasn't forecast for today. Was supposed to be clear blue skies. Shame.
  8. Ditto! Fantastic blue skies, lovely sunshine and low temps the past few days. -2.4C low last night and already down to -1.2C now. Brilliant
  9. Quite unlucky really, with a southerly running jet profile, you'd really expect to be seeing some cold air over the UK. Yes, parts of Wales & the SW had a period of snow the other day, and I have enjoyed the wind, rain and hailstone. But I would be expecting air from a much colder source with a jet profile like this!
  10. We've had an awful year for luck I feel. Currently sandwiched between a high to our west and a high on the continent. I think we're long overdue a period of high pressure. Crisp sunny days and bone chilling nights. Yes please!
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