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  1. Heavy snow on and off first time this winter
  2. Chances of snow are slim to none for the majority of the region. Pennines are a glorious block from the east, but precip never has any problem crossing west to east.
  3. SLeet here too! Mad
  4. Proper love a good foehn wind. Proper mild here today, 12C, I see Rhyl is leading the way already with a 14C'er. Could almost be described as warm!
  5. Why not, here's me
  6. Spent the day in Wales. Sunny & 3-4C all day home now. It's -1.3C and BITTER
  7. 0.1C, bitter windchill, few snowflakes blowing around in the wind. Uppers are +5C lol
  8. Lately every time I post on mobile, it saves my post as if it didn't post at all, meaning it'll restore it when I try to submit another post later on. Anyone else having this issue? happens frequently on iPhone 6S and iPad Air 2
  9. Oh hahah! 9C above average then. Still remarkably mild
  10. Yep, horrible day. Probably the theme for the rest of winter now
  11. 16C above average? So about a 19-22C daily max in Jan? nah, I wish.
  12. Getting on my last nerve this weather. No good PPN when it's conductive to snow when it isn't, under a full blown streamer. Hate this country
  13. Just coming back from the Pennines. All melting up there now. No more than a MM or two, partial patchy covering
  14. Hail and light snow showers here, mostly hail