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  1. That would be perfect if it was like last time! Thanks Reef
  2. Anyone?
  3. Hi guys. So I went to Cornwall (St Ives) JulY 19th - 24th last year. I've just looked at the charts and it looks like low pressure was firmly in charge ALL week, can someone confirm please as they're not on NW and unsure if I looked at the right charts. Now on we had sun every single day. It was fantastic. I'm going for 7 nights on July 2nd - July 9th. Based on current output, could someone tell me if I'm likely to see much sun? thank you!
  4. 14 days since the last sunny day. Disgraceful.
  5. 25C, no wind. Sunny blue skies. Hot.
  6. I really thought this cloud would burn off today. Unfortunately not and its just hazy sunshine and has been all day
  7. We got to about 27C today. It's still 20.8C now at 22:30, gonna be a warm night tonight
  8. 26C, cloudless, scorching! Somewhere could scrape 30 today by 4pm I bet
  9. Thunderstorm. Torrential rain, flooded.
  10. 17.1C, not a cloud in the sky. Feeling hot in the sunshine.
  11. They've come back now, for about half an hour most users' profile pictures were just the grey silhouette
  12. Hmm, 90% of users profile pictures have disappeared?
  13. 25.5C, pheeewwwwww
  14. 24.1C. Swelteringly hot in the sun, absolutely divine!
  15. 20C out there at 10pm, that's insane! You'd struggle to get that in mid-summer!