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  1. Horribly frustrating radar. Everything moved through here light and went super heavy over north wales. Of course. Dusting here. Snowing lightly.
  2. Up at 6 so won’t be radar watching unfortunately. Looks like some good stuff coming our way.
  3. Wow, absolute beefcake of a streamer heading for Southport & Formby. Still dry here, of course.
  4. Think thats it for a bit. Radar shows gap for here, typical.
  5. Showers seem to be losing their power now. I hope they pick back up. Snowing moderately though.
  6. Yeah showers are really powerful now when they move through. Streamer on radar?
  7. Flakes appear to be getting bigger with each shower. Convection is brilliant.
  8. It's been great here today. Heavy snow on and off, whiteout at times (have video i'll upload later). Showers really have some oomf to them. I know the strong March sun is causing the snow to melt, but it's also fueling them and causing them to be this powerful and make it this far west, so don't knock it!
  9. My last one ended with heavy hail! I'll take it! Haha.