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  1. Quite unlucky really, with a southerly running jet profile, you'd really expect to be seeing some cold air over the UK. Yes, parts of Wales & the SW had a period of snow the other day, and I have enjoyed the wind, rain and hailstone. But I would be expecting air from a much colder source with a jet profile like this!
  2. We've had an awful year for luck I feel. Currently sandwiched between a high to our west and a high on the continent. I think we're long overdue a period of high pressure. Crisp sunny days and bone chilling nights. Yes please!
  3. Another murky horrible day. Looks like it's half an hour before sunset no matter what time of day it is. Getting very bored of it now. Where's the sun?!
  4. I absolutely love today’s weather. Monsoon like rain with powerful winds, and some heavy hail thrown into the mix. This is what autumn is. Sunshine and extreme showers. Love it!
  5. Back from my slumber for another winter rollercoaster Looking like a colder than average winter coming up. Must say, I haven't enjoyed this autumn at all. Absolute soaker of a season with very little sun. The old SAD disorder coming out nice and early this year. But we're only 5 weeks away from the days lengthening again, and I can't wait. I love winter, but only when it's cold and snowy. I even love the fog and those crisp, sunny days. But the previous ones have lacked seemingly all of those aspects of traditional winter weather. I have high hopes for this winter. The law of averages suggests that we will get a colder than average winter sooner or later. Let's hope it's this year
  6. One of the worst summers I can remember. Can’t remember the last time we hit 25C. I haven’t been able to sit in the garden at all. Usually have a nice tan. Went to Spain but the UK make quick work of the tan built up by the Spanish sun! Roll on next summer.
  7. A low of exactly -5.0C last night. Bone chilling! -1.9C now. Rising fast
  8. The showers have all missed me by about 10 miles. Gutted
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