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  1. Showers have been very wintry here too with hints of snowflakes in with the rain. Not even close to full on snow, but it’s a start! We haven’t seen proper lying snow here now in almost two years I believe.
  2. Hi Ed! There’s some fantastic information in the Net Weather guides section of the forum. I’d advise starting there. You can always post here too with any questions he may have and I, among many others will be happy to answer!
  3. Haha. It's ok, this is the forecast for Runcorn. The BBC just spelled it Yellowknife for some reason
  4. Probably end up over London.
  5. Can’t believe the news about Dianne!!!
  6. Different day, same amount of cloud. Depressing.
  7. AGAIN, the promise of a sunny day has been replaced by a thick layer of 10/10 cover stratus cloud. This has been a disgusting winter so far. We’re really being punished for the high sunshine totals of summer 2018. People with SAD disorder are really going to start suffering soon. I can’t even remember what the sun looks like! Skies rapidly clouded back over again last night. No visible frost this morning. Met office say -4C minimum tonight. No chance of that happening. The cloud isn’t even trying to clear on the satellite. People who take their long range text forecasts as gospel are always going to be wrong. They can’t even write an accurate 24 hour text forecast. No wonder they lost the BBC contract. Useless.
  8. The cloud has cleared. It actually came from the east today. Rather annoying. But tomorrow should deliver in terms of sunshine. Below freezing now. Probably only our second or third air frost of the winter.
  9. Bit gutted really! Today was supposed to be a day of unbroken sunshine, but it’s currently overcast with cloud spilling in from the east...
  10. Clear and cold. Temperature around 1C. Expecting an air frost tonight.
  11. There's clutching straws and then there's looking through the individual members of each run, lol. I do think that the SSW will send us into the freezer but i don't think it will be until at least week 3 of this month. February and March could well be shaping up to be cold yet again. Models showing more promise. But nothing particularly mouth watering translating down to the surface just yet. I also think it's likely that the colder runs now filtering through will be pushed back and back until we hit that third week.
  12. Not so fun fact of today: if you wanted to see the sun today, you’d have to travel to either Finland, or Northern Spain. Looking at SAT24, everywhere else closer to home has 100% cloudcover.
  13. Boring, 100% cloud cover, totally dull. Looks more like 4pm.
  14. My expectations are much beyond just cold and crisp with a strong SSW! Just waiting for the PV to properly disrupt and spill that bitterly cold air all over the NH. Hopefully it has the UK in its sights just like last year. We we have a husky puppy, I’d like her to see the snow! Usually, I’d just go and drive up to the hills/mountains to find some. But even they don’t have any!
  15. Aahhh here we go. Finally, some colder weather on the cards. Sunny and cold by day with harsh frosts at night. This is what I’ve been looking for to make up for the endless gloom we’ve been having lately. Roll on tuesday so the Northerly winds can whiz away this murk we’ve been plagued with the past 6 weeks.