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  1. We didn't actually get a lot of precipitation this far west. Was light rain on and off. Therefore I'm glad it wasn't cold enough to fall as snow!
  2. The problem with an Easterly at this time of year is that usually the continent is just cooling down. Given that both the UK and mainland Europe has had a long period of above average temps means that there's no 'bite' in this one. They rarely deliver here anyway. Although I do enjoy the cold nights and sunny clear days. They're what I look forward to. I'm really looking forward to seeing some snow too. We've got a 5 month old Husky so she's gonna love it when the snow does arrive. Not to mention there's a pile of sledges that aren't getting used in my work. About ten of them. So if anyone wants one, hit me up! Lol I'll be back posting regularly as the weather cools down :)
  3. I can deal with earlier sunsets, sunshine and temps in the high teens/low twenties will do me!
  4. Looks like summer is going to return next week, finally!
  5. I wonder if we have used up our quota of good weather for the year in May, June & July? There doesn’t seem to be our typical UK autumnal heatwave on the cards that we get each year. I know an Indian summer is categorised as October, but September usually delivers at least one nice sunny spell. I think those with SAD will really start to suffer if the weather continues. We we just cancelled our holiday to Majorca, as the outlook there was absolutely dreadful (7th-11th). I’ve been checking the satellite and radars just to ensure that I wasn’t wrong, and I wasn’t. They’ve been plagued with rain, violent thunderstorms and drab, cloudy days. Come on UK, one last grasp at the warmth please before it’s too late.
  6. The sun is out. But it feels like summer is miles away now. Feels super autumnal out there. Will the high pressure return I wonder?
  7. Way more cloud around today than forecast. But it’s just hazy stuff. And the temperature has AGAIN, topped 30C today. 5 days out of six. Phenomenal.
  8. Today is the first day in five that we haven’t achieved 30C. It’s 28.3C out here at the moment, which is also the max for the day. Still hot, still heatwave conditions, but it feels cooler. Still, 4 days out of 5 at or above 30C (the highest being 32.5 ) isn’t bad at all!!!! Long may it continue!
  9. Met office going for a high of 32C in the region today. Yesterday was the 3rd consecutive day of 30C and above. Today looks likely to be the fourth. Exceptional weather. Something only those south of the English border are used to! Long May it continue!
  10. I think at this stage, it’s more a case of IF the rains come! I can’t see any rain for at least the next 7-10 days.
  11. Those saying we need rain etc. Yes there’s a forest fire. But this is how summers used to be. If we can’t cope with a little heat and some proper summer weather then we are truly a weak nation. We hit 32.5C here yesterday. Hand out the window down the motorway, even at 80MPH felt like a hairdryer. We’re not far off the 30C mark again today already. A fantastic spell, the best spring and summer period in living memory so far. Long may it continue! Contemplating cancelling my Spanish holiday at this point, lol!
  12. Fantastic day again. Wall to wall sunshine. Temps in the mid twenties. Probably up to 30C and above by Wednesday. Long may this continue! All through the summer preferably.
  13. I don’t think I can remember a longer, better spell of warm sunny weather, ever, in the UK. This is fantastic!
  14. A bloody joke this weather. 11C at this time of day with strong sunshine. It's almost May!!!!
  15. Cloudy start. Hopefully it’ll bugger off.