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  1. Hurricane Irma

    Looking seriously bad. Thoughts and prayers to all affected. Beautiful places being torn apart. Mother Nature at her worst.
  2. Pesky fair weather cloud has taken over much of the sky! It's over 27C now though
  3. It's around 20C, I'm not complaining haha
  4. The bluest, clearest sky I've seen since last summer. A magnificent day to come. Such a contrast to yesterday Currently sat in the garden melting in the sunshine.
  5. No sign of 20C on the horizon again yet. Hope this summer isn't a case of 'chase the two warm days'
  6. Caught a slight tan the other day, surprisingly! And it takes a lot for me to tan!
  7. The past few days I've been out in my shorts and t-shirt all day and even into the night. Obviously since it turned colder and wetter, the shorts have been put back in the drawer. But hopefully a taste of what's to come! Not jealous of the snow in New York at all, sick of cool, wet, damp crap. I want summer now.
  8. UV of 3 here on Wednesday according to the Met Office. What sites does everyone use for their UV forecasts?
  9. First 20C of 2017

    April 2nd, Gravesend or Doncaster
  10. I do this thread every year. Unfortunately UVAwareness has been taken offline so I've had to use the Met Office. But regardless, the first UV indexes of the year are here on Sunday! Earlier than last year
  11. After my post earlier last night of heavy snow, it quickly turned back to sleet & then rain.
  12. Heavy snow on and off first time this winter
  13. Chances of snow are slim to none for the majority of the region. Pennines are a glorious block from the east, but precip never has any problem crossing west to east.