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  1. Thank you for all your advise everyone it is for a holiday ; I’m now going to leave at 2am and pray and I’ve took on board all the route advice! Good luck needed for me I think
  2. Hi all I’m driving to Newcastle airport at 2;30am in the morning from Thornaby for my 7am flight ; I know there is plenty of snow about but reckon this be plenty enough time? And any tips on routes to use to get there with the weather as it is? many thanks for any replies in advance
  3. Hey all , As mentioned the other day I travel on Wednesday morning at about 3am from Thornaby to Newcastle airport then fly at 7am to Alicante. whats the latest on the forecast front should I be okay? I know it’s showers forecast I’m just wondering what anybody who’s more knowledgeable update and advice is now we’re getting closer to the date? I’m thinking of setting off at 2:30 am instead to the airport to be extra safe?
  4. Thank you and hopefully it is my saving grace ! at the moment looking at the charts for next week I’m fearing the worst. Im just hoping next Wednesday early morning is a quieter period for snow and is dry so I can get away!
  5. I’m the biggest cold and snow fan you will see but at the moment I’m absolutely dreading these charts and next weeks weather . The reason being I’m going on holiday to Benidorm next Wednesday and flying out of Newcastle airport Does anyone have any idea how Newcastle airport is with snow? Can it handle it? Should I be okay ? I fly first thing 7am on the morning , I know it’s too far to be exact but any ideas be much appreciated. I’m guessing at the moment the ECM will b my best hope as that delays it and I may just get away in time?
  6. Well said Fred:-) Christmas is a family time yes we all love snow but at the end of the day it’s family who matters I for one will be proud to spend Christmas with my family and see my nana in hospital as at the end of the day it’s family who matters :-) may I take this opportunity to wish everyone a merry Christmas on netweather and have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully snowy in the next few days or eventually when it occurs :-) MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody !!!! Love to everyone
  7. Yup the title is boros this year hopefully
  8. Nighttime here when sky lights up like it was daytime and snow heavily it's perfect ....
  9. Problem is nick is us in northeast England will we get any precipitation for snowfall?
  10. Snow can fall in temps upto 8c however the dew point must be subzero
  11. Change this please to 1.8c - Signs are there and building rapidly and I fear even after this change it maybe to high.... - sub zero period at the end of the month likely imo.
  12. Just me whos sick of rain and hill snow? Id rather it be mild with rain instead of been that couple of degrees on the wrong side for snow for us on low ground for me its a constant tease knowing few 100m up is white...
  13. Winter Thread? Thought it was still autumn the way the weather is ... People say time for change but in reality the sun is starting to get stronger now and by February and march hit it be more of a struggle for any snow that might fall to lay.
  14. Cant see anything to be optimistic about snowfall for our region currently apart from a sleet shower if lucky the only small chance is that feature which may cross the UK on Christmas day but even that may be too far south for us but that's only my interest at the moment. Hope to be wrong though!
  15. Just trying to actually be helpful haha didn't mean anything by it just be easier for him and easier for everyone else to read local reports. Best for everyone really
  16. Can I ask if you make a separate thread and post these videos in instead of cluttering all the different regional threads please?
  17. Either my eyesight is as bad as ever or the first few snow flakes have fallen in amongst the rain in thornaby! More rain than snow though so its sleet
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