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  1. 150 Days to christmas!

    1. Snowstorm1


      haha my tree be going up just after bonfire night or in my bedroom in october ;)

  2. My winter excitement starts to build from today slowly...

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Why today? lol

    2. Snowstorm1


      random aha :p just as each month passes by my excitement grows :')

  3. can you do the table asap for your week of scores thankyou. :)

  4. How can I get my webcam to stream to wunderground mate Ive tried for past few months with no success :( I noticed you have done it so wondered how you did it My webcam is an Eyetoy and Im using Weather Display Ver 10.37Q Build 57 software for my weather station (Your inbox full so couldn't send msg)

  5. Since nobody has started I will run this years Prediction League with a few changes!

  6. Hope Putting a big piece of wood to stop the sun hitting my station will do the trick!

  7. Just starting to me make my first weather website so if you have any tips ill be greatful :) The link is this and yes its only a basic outline but I hope to get it slowly up and running during the next year or two :)http://michaelknowstheweather.webs.com/

  8. If your in Northeast Scotland this week time to get a little bit excited especially with any decent elevation :)

  9. My winter forcast will be issued on the 1st October :)

  10. Thankyou i was thinking that its just going to be cold and dry for me by some of the comments but yours has injected hope! thankyou and kids tommrrow will be coming to me saying is it going to snow and will we get school off what shud i say? :)

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