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  1. a lot of sand on the cars around here after a few showers.
  2. Anyone in the Chorley area getting snow from this next incoming shower?
  3. Mercedes told me I had to buy winter tyres due to all year tyres crabbing at temps below 7c, this combined with their crap 4matic 4 wheel drive. They would store them and fit them each year at Bolton, declined them as they wanted £3.5 k for wheels and tyres!!
  4. Looks like the Irish Sea is kicking into life, showers are back building, hopefully can get into full streamer mode.
  5. oh this country is so well prepared for a couple of inches of snow!!
  6. Seems to be moving much more SSE, could well hit Preston then on to Manchester.
  7. From the radar, heaviest shower about to hit here, just getting heavier now.
  8. Shower formation seems to be dying off, pity was hoping for a streamer.
  9. winter wonderland here, still belting down, will be a fun morning out here!!
  10. Starting to settle here now, falling at a rate bu only small flakes.
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