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  1. Hi Scotland, Just popped into your thread to check the latest with the snow. We did well yesterday with 3 inches of snow but Sheffield is like Edinburgh with much higher amounts in parts of the city than others given the variability in height. Bit of a random question this one, which is the more snowier of the two cities, Glasgow or Edinburgh?? I suspect Glasgow is more exposed? Just curious, was fascinated by the red warning and it got me questioning. Sheffield 150m
  2. Friend who lives in lodge moor Sheffield just sent me this pic....
  3. Now raining However been out and measured an average of 8.5 cm’s at various locations on the grass.
  4. Had a ‘wow....look at this love’ currain moment. I mean wow, I was expecting a cm or two going by the warning but there looks to be about 6 or 7 (invalidated). Here’s a pic: North Sheffield 150m
  5. I tweeted Sheffield Western Park weather station enquiring about the official depth from Beast 2 and they confirmed it was 17cm but said it was tricky to measure owing to drifting. The official figure for beast 1 was 15cm. So beast 2 wins and I think locally it didfeel like that.
  6. WOW Pit, Sheffied has done well from this one. Beats beast 1 easily. Here are some pics from a shirecliffe, Sheffield North.
  7. And it’s still snowing!
  8. Wow, just had a proper wow open the curtains moment in North Sheffield. In the back garden there looks to be a foot of snow!!! In the front there are huge drifts but other areas with a covering as the wind has wiped things up. Really looks amazing. I think we have beaten 2013, certainly beast 1 (no contest) and best after 2010!! And it’s mid March!
  9. Yes, it’s awesome. Jackpot!!! i was looking at the radar just now and I must say it ties in nicely with the amber warning area. Glad we’re in it!!! Roads are bonkers here!!!
  10. Been crazy snow in Sheffield this night! So heavy, blizzard conditions. Howling wind. Probably 3-4 inches but deeper drifts so hard to tell. Just keeps coming. This is beating beasty 1!
  11. Good coverage in North Sheffield
  12. Shows after heavy shower here. A thick cover developing. Probably 2 inches and drifted more in places now in North Sheffield. Some epic showers!
  13. The radar looks great for South storks, Those north may be forgiven for thinking we are laying down inches however the reality is that the snow showers are flying through and gone within 2 minutes of starting. They are quickly replaced by brief sunshine causing melt. So in actual fact it’s not as exciting as it looks. The real fun begins when the sun lowers! Woppeee.
  14. That’s a proper beasty Craigers. Looking forward to loads of it!
  15. That’s one for the archives. intresting if you search Doncaster it’s not as persistent (still good though)