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  1. The house is still feeling the cold but the snow is finally beginning to thaw @ 150m in Sheffield. Overall lots of hope but disappointed as others have said. Expected much more with an amber warning but the lesson is that the north easterlies dont quite make it happen here - we need a true easterly. The thing is that the charts all looked like a true easterly. And also the fact that this occurred in early Feb - what happened ?? Overall ok but expected at least 15 cms but got a max of about 6cm. Higher parts of Sheffield had about 10cm’s from the rain to snow event which ain’t bad. Here’s a pic from just now - still good cover
  2. As it gets colder (I suspect) this last train of showers are Stockley more readily. Developing a decent cover at last! Phew
  3. Parts of Sheffield have awesome snow cover- here are pics from Crosspool. Approx 8 cm
  4. An Interesting tweet from BBC Wales weatherman Derek. Interesting graphic explaining the ‘Baltic streamer’ .... heading for Yorkshire!
  5. Well being in Sheffield I won’t count my chickens before they hatch! In 2018 the bands never really alighned here, I remember it was across Nottingham and Derby one evening. And I’m sure further north in west York’s did better than here...so it’s a wait and see. Hoping we all get truly locked down
  6. Grass and cars covered now in Shirecliffe, Sheffield 150m Thick but wet snow falling
  7. Snow on the lowest ground of Sheffield in Attercliffe (Meadowhall area) right now - if very wet but snow nonetheless! If it can here it can in many other places. I do live at 150m so looking forward to driving home!
  8. Ohhh Yorkshire friends.... check out yeh latest fax charts! Exciting reading. We have those streamer lines right across Yorkshire on 2 separate charts.
  9. Yes where did that come from?? How do we interpret that, does it mean widespread showers or is it widespread snow??
  10. Tweet from Sheffield’s Weston Park weather station from a few weeks ago. So officially Sheffield has had 2cm, 13cm and on another tweet they confirmed 10cm this morning. So a total of 25cm so far this winter....not bad and judging by ECM that may double!!! I’m sure Bradford, Leeds and certainly Harrogate have had significantly more but it’s good to see official data.
  11. 9cm at 9am this morning in Shirecliffe Sheffield but the thaw had began - constant awful drizzle / freezing drizzle (hanging off the washing line). Snow sliding off the car and falling from the trees. A good fall! Great ECM, UKM, GEM and also the 6z GFS para is great. Not so good is the standard GFS. Got to say the ECM called this quite well - it was right, this low pressure system is delaying the cold to the weekend - GfS was suggesting it would be here mid week prior to yesterday. Let’s hope the standard GFS is now wrong! From experience though a cold eastern US normally fires the jet and leaves us in milder weather. We will hope this doesn’t happen on this occasion.
  12. Yes I’m begging to come around to that idea. Seems it’s moved north with northern areas of our region post prone if only temporary. It’s looking increasingly like the southern uplands / north east could be in for a huge dumping. Likely to see something in South Yorkshire but looking increasingly brief
  13. Oh bum! Yes seems to have stopped it northwards progress and now sliding back
  14. Snow symbols (met office app) for at least a few hours right up Leeds! Something interesting may be stirring.
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