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  1. How cool would a red warning be!!! 😱 We had one over Sheffield in 2013 I think but it wasn’t as bad as forecast, they suggested potentially 60cm over eastern high ground but we still had 20cm .... which is still cool.
  2. Things are getting exceptionally exciting from Sunday onwards. For many a day it is a long fetch pretty much straight easterly. Every so often you get a wiggle in the isobars that will enhance showers and result in potentially highly disruptive snow. We've had the occasional easterly before but it’s only been a direct hit for about 24hrs before turning NEly or SEly.....this is what makes this different as it’s just goes on. In cases like this my experience suggests that Yorkshire is often in the sweet spot. My home city of Sheffield, Barnsley, Leeds and along the eastern side of high ground is often clobbered by this scenario. We may get that OmG moment when we draw the curtains in morning after morning! I’ve just done, that’s my ramp, I really held it in for ages but it’s out and I’m relieved! Now breath. Lol
  3. Super heavy snow falling in Sheffield.
  4. We are being blobified just now. Howling wind, heavy snow and settled but blowing off the ground. Love it. North Sheffield
  5. Yes....what was all that about. It was pretty much pure rain! That's a flop!
  6. Heavy snow in Shirecliffe Sheffield also. Fluffy big flakes and gusty. Sticking to cars but the sort that will melt soon.
  7. Not as hopeful as I was a few days back, that northern jet may have reduced chances. But yes will see some no doubt with such cold uppers but a lower timeframe of opportunity than was first forecast. Intrest also turns to after mid month with start warming now splitting the vortex....maybe it will really fall into place for us. Although we've had quite a few snow falling days in a Sheffield it's never been more than an inch or two which is disappointing.
  8. Just plain old rain in Sheffield at the moment, however I'm visiting hillsborough so lower down.....hoping for a bit later maybe.
  9. Here's the start of a new spell of hopefully longer lasting cold! i can report snow falling in North Sheffield. Changing to hail now. It's surprisingly heavy and has given a slight covering in parts (hail covering)
  10. Yep even in Sheffield, as the precipitation has got heavier it's turned to sleet with ice pellets that can be heard bouncing off the windows. Thats it from this chapter....when will the next one arrive?
  11. Now very light snow in my part of Sheffield. I think it's turning to sleet even at 150m hopefully just because it's lighter but probably not given the reports from the west. However a nice covering.
  12. Away in Vancouver where it is positively mild. I've just checked my camera's at home and Sheffield looks like it's having a good snow day. Can't make out the true depth but it looks like a nice covering. Some abandoned cars on the side road. Back on a Thursday, I hope it lasts. By the way my date is correct but the time is slightly ahead of what it should be. North Sheffield 150masl
  13. White over now, even my side road is covered now! Surprised how readily it's settled. However it's the sort of snow that you know will be rain further down the hill in the centre of Sheffield (I think).
  14. Much more snow now!! Surprise events always the best, shame it's temporary. 150m asl
  15. Surprise sleet in North Sheffield! 150m asl