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  1. Covering in Shirecliffe, Sheffield, slushy on the grass and car. Missed seeing the heavy stuff falling...damn it but seems like there are plenty of showers out there.
  2. Last bit of snow now melting away in Sheffield. A few patches surviving....wonder when we will next see a cover, I hope it’s not 2020!
  3. Heavy snow Shirecliffe Sheffield. All covered. Heavy dusting so far
  4. Unfortunately as others have said the ECM is not playing wit Yorkshire....we have been very unfortunate this winter. Thursdays storm looked like it had our name on it but how things have changed! Still time for corrections but I’m losing hope I’m afraid. The pic below is a projection for snowfall this Friday. Clear to see Yorkshire is like a desert amongst an oasis of snow! The N west and even the south are kicking are ass (lol)
  5. Lucky enough to be in Windsor at a meeting. Nice snow I believe at home in Sheffield but here it Windsor there are big thick flakes..covering all surfaces
  6. Snow settled on cars roofs and a slushy slight coating on the grass in Shirecliffe, Sheffield. Still snow but very wet and I’m sure it’s proper sleet and rain down the hill and especially in the city centre. Later next week looks particularly exciting. East and NEly winds that go on and on...god knows what it’ll look like in Yorkshire by mid feb (deep distrusting snow ?)....but careful there is still a chance that Yorkshire will be lush and green! ECM not just as good tonight...a slight wobble up to 192hrs so far.
  7. iPhone weather app suggesting it is snowing in Sheffield right now. Just had a look and it still looks like rain to me! I’m at 150m asl. Any snow elsewhere in Sheffield?
  8. Yes, can confirm freezing rain in shirecliffe Sheffield. Bins and cars covered in ice! Pavements seem ok so far .... I think but not going to check just yet....it’s just too cold ?
  9. Hi Scotland, Just popped into your thread to check the latest with the snow. We did well yesterday with 3 inches of snow but Sheffield is like Edinburgh with much higher amounts in parts of the city than others given the variability in height. Bit of a random question this one, which is the more snowier of the two cities, Glasgow or Edinburgh?? I suspect Glasgow is more exposed? Just curious, was fascinated by the red warning and it got me questioning. Sheffield 150m
  10. Friend who lives in lodge moor Sheffield just sent me this pic....
  11. Now raining ? However been out and measured an average of 8.5 cm’s at various locations on the grass.
  12. Had a ‘wow....look at this love’ currain moment. I mean wow, I was expecting a cm or two going by the warning but there looks to be about 6 or 7 (invalidated). Here’s a pic: North Sheffield 150m
  13. I tweeted Sheffield Western Park weather station enquiring about the official depth from Beast 2 and they confirmed it was 17cm but said it was tricky to measure owing to drifting. The official figure for beast 1 was 15cm. So beast 2 wins and I think locally it didfeel like that.
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