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  1. Hiya, You gave me a bit of encouragement when I was suffering with SAD in a long run of grey days in December and explained your reverse SAD. Glad you are enjoying the weather today. I’m hoping high pressure comes back as have a two week family holiday in north west Wales starting Friday. Low 20s, dry with lots of sun would be perfect though and probably suit everyone except the record chasers. Sadly we can’t influence what the weather will do though!
  2. I think there main focus is getting the warnings right for the main population centres - Man, Liv, Leeds etc. I think missing the extent of the evap cooling event into Merseyside will be of more concern to them than getting the Amount/ distribution of events in Pennine areas slightly wrong.
  3. The extra elevation and hilly location is great in snow events. The flip side more rain, drizzle, mist, wind, cooler etc the rest of the year. The difference between say Gtr Man, Rammy at 150m and the Bacup at 300m is amazing. Not sure a few extra snow events would be worth a year’s worse weather. Even here there are many dank days when I can literally see brighter skies just to the south west.
  4. Nice fax. Along with the one showing the convergence zone at 18z yesterday, text book examples of getting convective and then frontal snow out of an easterly in NW England. I classify a snow event from 1 (bit of falling snow), 2 a proper covering then 3 - a proper event (all very subjective). This winter has had loads of 1 and 2 events in Ramsbottom. Then the icing on the cake, 3, 3 rated proper events in just over two weeks in March!! Still snowing here. Hard to say how much as it’s blowing around. Snow devils are rare here, but not this month.
  5. There’s a lot of snow in Summerseat, varies from some wind scoured areas to some with drifts. Seems to have been snowing on and off since 4pm yesterday. I imagine Rawtenstall, 150m higher than here, is buried!
  6. Got some to go to beat Thursday morning of Big Beast, but it’s a good effort from the east!
  7. Ian, thought your yellow blob was going to slide to the north of Rammy (well Summerseat to be exact), but no, full on heavy blowing snow again!
  8. Ramsbottom - Mid afternoon, was thinking the showers were pretty, but nothing beefy to get a cover going. Seemed a standard easterly. Then the streamer from Bridlington way set up shop and there have been lots of heavy bursts since leaving a great covering and snow blowing all over the place. Great stuff in the end.
  9. Evening. Amazing everyone is here again, and we have another snow chase. It even looks promising again for some. Seems a long time and a lot of snow events (failed or otherwise) since the first sleety bits in late November.
  10. Similar here in Rammy, so I left for work early at 7...took 4 hours to get to Lanc Uni. Worse ways to spend a morning though, watching the snow pile up with some good music on. Amazing how quick it came, how much there was in higher parts (20cm maybe), and how quick it went - only evidence of it on the higher parts coming home. So many snow events this year for Rammy, mostly small ones, but big powder dump last week (and amazing blowing snow) and now a quick wet snow dump, the complete opposite today. Evap cooling really can do wonders sometimes.
  11. Wow, I thought easterlies didn’t deliver anything other than snizzle to the shelter of the Pennines around here (Ramsbottom). Deep blowing snow. Some areas wind scoured, others knee deep plus. Great scenes! As memorable as the big falls In 2009 and 2010 now. Not quite as much snow here, but colder and powdery with more drifting. Great stuff!!
  12. I’m driving back to Bury from North Wales. Heavy snow over the hills of north east wales, settling a bit. Dry around Chester though. reading through the soap opera on this thread is more fun than the snow hunt. Expectation, despair, excitement, misinformation, a bit of analysis. Brilliant read thanks!!
  13. if the flow is west, or just south of west still, that's typical. Showers north of M62. Just north of west and the streamers I mention above are more typical.
  14. Thanks Snow free zone, not able to check out what's happening - but that is a typical streamer when WNW wind. Sort of: Fylde Coast - Preston/Chorley - Blackburn/North Bolton - Rossendale/North Bury - Hebden/Rochdale and then into the Pennines. Often get another streamer further south into Manchester - Stockport/Glossop/Buxton kind of area. Or you get lines of showers (troughs) perpendicular to the flow which effect all, with gaps between We just need to see what develops. Shower distribution always hard to predict. Then of course need to worry about whether it is
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