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  1. Hrmmm - unbelievably I'm trying not to get excited by next weeks models ..... 1) it is still a week off ( can't believe I'm saying that) 2) I have to drive from Bedford to Dorset for pre Xmas run with elderly parents V
  2. Hmmm.... lets review the evidence - models agree on snow - Check - General election to disrupt - check - Steve Murr has nodded sagely - check - NW traffic increasing exponentially - check - Sidney memes appearing - check oh - and I have to drive from Bedford to Dorset! - surely makes disruptive snow south of the M4 a certainly ?
  3. Looks like I'm going to need the thermal undies next week!
  4. at this rate we won't need @Kirkcaldy Weather 's snow pics and @Midlands Ice Age will have us on the Mosaic charts as well ! ??
  5. Starting to get very interesting.... that's one way to start the meteorological winter!
  6. all this to-ing and fro-ing must play havoc with santa shaker!!!?
  7. I like the fact that there is a real mixture of posters - it's why I keep coming back whether to get an insight into the short term possibilities or the perchance to dream charts of T+384 I really appreciate anyone who takes time and effort to break down these charts/graphs/simulations and printouts that leave me bewildered!
  8. I just feel like giving a big grrrrrrr when I see @Kirkcaldy Weather pics - so near yet so far lol
  9. The long term predictions are so uncertain atm, no wonder we haven’t seen the Santa Shaker yet! ?
  10. these forecasts are a real it changes from one run to the next - not sure my heart can take this rollercoaster lol
  11. December! Carries so much festive baggage with it weatherwise that it never lives up to lol ”I’m dreaming of a wet/green ( delete as appropriate) Christmas “ anyone? ?
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