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  1. Hrmmm - unbelievably I'm trying not to get excited by next weeks models ..... 1) it is still a week off ( can't believe I'm saying that) 2) I have to drive from Bedford to Dorset for pre Xmas run with elderly parents V
  2. Hmmm.... lets review the evidence - models agree on snow - Check - General election to disrupt - check - Steve Murr has nodded sagely - check - NW traffic increasing exponentially - check - Sidney memes appearing - check oh - and I have to drive from Bedford to Dorset! - surely makes disruptive snow south of the M4 a certainly
  3. GFS 6z for General Election Day an avalanche of votes?
  4. Looks like I'm going to need the thermal undies next week!
  5. at this rate we won't need @Kirkcaldy Weather 's snow pics and @Midlands Ice Age will have us on the Mosaic charts as well !
  6. Starting to get very interesting.... that's one way to start the meteorological winter!
  7. all this to-ing and fro-ing must play havoc with santa shaker!!!
  8. I like the fact that there is a real mixture of posters - it's why I keep coming back whether to get an insight into the short term possibilities or the perchance to dream charts of T+384 I really appreciate anyone who takes time and effort to break down these charts/graphs/simulations and printouts that leave me bewildered!
  9. I just feel like giving a big grrrrrrr when I see @Kirkcaldy Weather pics - so near yet so far lol
  10. The long term predictions are so uncertain atm, no wonder we haven’t seen the Santa Shaker yet!
  11. these forecasts are a real it changes from one run to the next - not sure my heart can take this rollercoaster lol
  12. December! Carries so much festive baggage with it weatherwise that it never lives up to lol ”I’m dreaming of a wet/green ( delete as appropriate) Christmas “ anyone?
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