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  1. Do all eyes turn towards the Monday morning forecast to see who’s going to work? Lol
  2. Grrr think we’re missing out this time!
  3. No sign of snow here....how’s Telford doing?
  4. Overcast, windy and hovering around freezing point here
  5. Nothing to report here.... just bitterly cold, a few mm of lying snow and a very strong penetrating wind
  6. now that's just showing off! lol
  7. it's so localised..... went through 3 different weather conditions on my 25 min drive home last night!
  8. snow in Telford...quite heavy!
  9. not many from Shropshire in atm.... would like to know other peoples experiences!
  10. I looked... and Telford is a halo of snowlessness! grrr lol
  11. ooooopppsss my bad lol
  12. not that dangerous! - have about 2" here lol
  13. all very quiet in Telford...... think we've had our fill
  14. been snowing heavily from 7:30 onwards...just starting to lighten up now! grrrr was hoping for a snow day lol
  15. I think someone’s put the Shropshire Snow Shield up (try saying that first thing in the morning )