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  1. meto forecast -14 for MD tonight
  2. Another snow day announced for me tomorrow... get in there! Lol
  3. Can anyone tell me what conditions are like in Telford?
  4. Clouds settling over MD... are we going to get 2 bites of the cherry?
  5. Plenty of snow overnight... and still snowing now Forecast is for Sun this morning in Telford but we shall see! thank god for 4 x4 s lol
  6. So..... enjoyed a snow day and came back to find the models have tumbled into the arctic! anyone want to give me a quick summary of the next week??? Lol
  7. Well..... had a great snow day lol but my god the models are looking even more exciting!
  8. I have my fingers crossed lol.... but off to work in 15 minslol
  9. Woke up to a light dusting! Grrrr let’s hope today brings more!
  10. aren't we all! lololol
  11. hope you have a quick recovery.... and a handy lamppost to watch the snow
  12. now you're just showing off PM !!
  13. was that a ramp or a moan??? lolololol
  14. and loggerheads, just out of MD has extra elevation... so might be pasted
  15. funnily enough.... all the maps and runs are pointing that way..... here's hoping for a snow day and some time to take some pics and play in the snow lol