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  1. Maybe he reads the Daily Mail! why do we give these ppl the oxygen of publicity?
  2. I’m so unsure... I now keep my toys on elastic
  3. Same here... piling up the wood in the garage but just filled the gas tank 😱 cold winters aren’t cheap ! Lol
  4. 7C and clear as a bell in Ely Cambridgeshire.
  5. All I can say is roll on winter! Lol
  6. And on the questioning subject.... can fellow NetWeatherers suggest collective nouns for the various interest groups on the site? lol
  7. a plethora of NW coldies having seen the 12z?
  8. can't stand mild.....much prefer lager!!! lol
  9. Dropped below freezing overnight but no frost on the car - clearly the radiative heat from the house help - damn I must improve our insulation!!
  10. and of course the word we all hate....... "downgrade"
  11. "I know its FI....BUT....." lol
  12. piling down the M6 ???? parked up on the M6 more like lol
  13. Don't know whether the ramp or rant!lol
  14. Is this the year of the yo-yo? never mind the roller coaster!
  15. I'm so easy to please- a few pretty cold/snow charts and I'm off home with a spring in my step, scattering "likes" hither and thither and putting an order for coal! lol