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  1. Why have the Swifts totally left 4 days ago. That was one sound that meant summer was here.



      Because they know summer is over.........

    2. lassie23


      I think they are following their food source! We have had none in London this year!

  2. Never mind the winter being over !!! What is happening now in the SW is a catastrophe and is of a historical making. Those poor people are not living they are just surviving. How would anyone want their house filled with water for now going on two months? If I had room I would put some of them up. B & B's nearby should help and put them up. They are never busy this time of year. I would, would'nt you?

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    2. Nights King

      Nights King

      Not saying people shouldn't live there it is a choice and one that comes with a large risk of flooding? It would be like me moving to the top of a mountain and complaining I keep getting snowed in every winter.

      Of course you also get a lot of people that act surprised and say they didn't even realise they were at risk.

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I can see both sides of the argument.. some feel as if these places 'shouldn't have flooded' or dredging rivers would magically solve it, but on the other hand these people need help and decent financial aid etc.. Someone has to live there if the land is to be productive and add to our domestic food production.

      However there aught to be acceptance that floods will happen, and people moving into floodplains today should be aware and happy to accept the risk.

    4. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Erm Mullender, not all people in this area have the choice of moving. Selling houses will be much impossible for many, and not everyone is rich enough to move believe me!! Before this last year, properties in this village at least did not go under in at least living memory, if not longer. So people can't be blamed for thinking the risk wasn't that high.

  3. Good Grief - reading on here it looks like we are in for some severe weather of all types. Not looking forward to tomorrows storm as daughte will be travelling home. Wont feel relieved until she gets back.

    1. Skullzrulerz
    2. Eugene


      Exactly, not the weather you want when travelling

  4. Getting excited about next lot of weather heading for the South West

  5. Getting excited about next lot of weather heading for the South West

  6. Just seen the Coca Cola Xmas Lorry Advert - Gone all goose pimply Bring on the Cold

  7. Hi There,

    I noticed from your status you were commenting on the contrails. Can you remember when 9/11 happended did all flights get suspended for a couple of days. Or was it just all long haul flights?. I do remember something. As when out today my husband commented on no contrails.

  8. Yes your post was cool. Well worded. Be brave!!!

  9. Hi Harry,

    Have a look on Ian Fergussons updated blog about this one.

  10. Hi Deep Snow welcome from another newbe.

  11. What a dull day - looking forward to end of week

  12. i have not seen anything myself only heard foot steps on a floor above me in a deserted building in Newbury. But that is the only thng really, my husband was working wiring a empty cottage in a bedroom and he felt a freezing cold draught go past his arm. Apparently it was a past owner. But he does not believe in ghosts and I do. Oh well

  13. Hi,

    Just accidentally clicked onto your profile and seen you like ghost hunting, would love to start again, what experiences have you had? regards Sonnia B

  14. Just thought I would like to say Hi to you! See you like fishing what sort, sea/carp or match?

  15. Hi monkey,

    Have you noticed there is a possibility of snow for SW from Saturday onwards and temps going way down again!

  16. Hi Hannegan,

    I know you said Hi months ago but I found the site so complicated. Just had the bottle to try and get into it properly. Here's to a fruitfull exercise.

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