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  1. Your the only one who has said this, I read this morning that’s there is going to be ‘countrywide snow’ for the 27th February. That includes all of Cornwall.
  2. Just saw this this morning, I live just around the corner from there. What the h... is it coming too. 😟 not nice for you seeing that. 😳
  3. I am wondering if someone can shed some light on this 'nature' scenario I have noticed? ~ Normally I have about a dozen swifts flying and making their usual lovely summer noises around my back garden. This year they were late '8th May' and there was 2 of them, then 5 and now this week back to 2. What has happened. I know it is food based but surely with this drastic decline it has to be more than that? Any ideas please? ?
  4. Can you help please. I have had trouble since the web site was updated - being able to 'like a post. It will about 1 in 20 times let me like a post, but other than that it states I am unable to register my vote, so I have given up. I hope you can help?? Sonnia
  5. Why have the Swifts totally left 4 days ago. That was one sound that meant summer was here.



      Because they know summer is over.........

    2. lassie23


      I think they are following their food source! We have had none in London this year!

  6. Tattooed Fox


    Absolutely gorgeous picture, so lucky to have had the chance to take it.
  7. Thank you very much to your help. have a good day !!!!
  8. Hi there, Can anyone suggest a good weather app that is reliable please .
  9. Hi Guys, Just had a gust of 41 mph, barometer saying 976.9 this is dropping steadily but not too much. Wind is quite gusty, but not constant though.
  10. I know what you mean. We will prove them wrong one day wont we. I can say that it is going to get worse tonight, but no 100 mph winds will happen. I am just watching my weather station and the pressure is staying steady at 980.4, the wind had dropped in the last hour too. I do know where you are, but I am sure it is still very blowy as you are on the coast anyway.
  11. Hi there I have the same problem with my kids and hubby, they never take anything I say seriously, all be it bad rain, snow, wind they never listen. One day they will say you were right. Trouble is unless your specific area does get hit bad they will not listen until that day, all said I find nothing ever gets that bad for Bristol. Probably why the family always poo poo what I say. You stay safe, will be thinking of you. PS: others who come on here get slated by their families for over exaggerating too. LOL
  12. Hi Chilly yes I would like to know that one as well? Can anyone out there confirm what they are using?
  13. Hi there what is MO app I know it is met office app but what do I actually search for on my I phone please.
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