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  1. That UKMO chart is beyond ridiculous ...
  2. Absolutely, very similar to 2010 and that was record snowfall for Edinburgh, we had 18 inches ! With the steep lapse rates would be intense shower activity :-)
  3. Lets not mince words, compared to recent charts the ECM is a real disappointment unless you want cold, clear and icy. Time to change though
  4. Lol, this is pretty much nirvana for Edinburgh !!
  5. little trough to hit the east sun pm?
  6. Im on the east coast train down to London mon pm so that could be a fun journey :-)
  7. mmm, UKMO showing what was always a worry, that the HP is too far south and we dont really have much of a direct flow off the sea .. time to change though
  8. question, are there any realistic conditions (not this cold spell necessarily) where Edinburgh, Dundee etc could get 'lake effect' type snow?
  9. It wont happen im sure but just imagine if this actually came off!
  10. this might even be cold enough for snaw in embra :-)
  11. People now calling this unprecented when it is still 10 days out #facepalm
  12. Winter is over #thereisaidit roll on spring !
  13. Took the Virgin West Coast train this morning from Edinburgh, some of the scenery through the Pentlands and down into D+G was stunning with the sun gleaming off the snow ...