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  1. yes, can't say I'm not looking forward to feeling a bit of warm sun com early march ...
  2. Already looking forward to spring and the warm sunshine ...
  3. Models look nothing but grim for the next 14 days at least ... least were now into the days getting lighter ...
  4. Drops into model thread for first time in 3 days Sees people looking at GEM at 240 as best hope for anything cold Drops out of model thread for another 3 days
  5. This is so true, if every run only went out to T+144 there would be a lot more sanity in forums like these
  6. This is a very good point, how often over the years have we seen the tiniest shortwave or energy disruption at T+96 scupper any cold spell. In meteorological terms the UK is a very small island at the end of a very large ocean and getting any deep cold to these shores id always on a knife edge. Hence why these days I just don't get any real hopes up until things are set in stone - its great to follow the ride though
  7. Have to say Knocker your mid range forecasts are nearly always spot on so kudos to you and please don’t stop posting as you’ve become a very reliable source (far better than the media anyway!)
  8. Picture of last nights supercell in Edinburgh taken from portobello beach
  9. Taken from portobello beach last night, supercell rotating in the forth
  10. Weather warning out for central belt and southern Scotland for tomorrow - looks a day for the Hoose
  11. Watch it be bone dry in an easterly in January !
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