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  1. Flash fooding being reported across the city, that was a big storm ...
  2. BIG storm here, flash fooding in parts of the city already
  3. Sunny, dry and early spring like conditions it looks as we go into March, I'll take that !
  4. Lovely day here , porty seafront was heaving this morning and been out in the garden with the kids and dog. Feels warm in the sun, hard to believe this time last week it was snowing !
  5. Pretty rapid thaw setting in now, be a real shame not taking the dog out in the snow , back to the absolute quagmire of last week
  6. Same here. 7c tomorrow though, probably warmest day of the year !
  7. Going to enjoy today in the snow before the big melt starts. looks like an early taste of spring is coming next week although have to say I’m slightly looking forward to 10c and some sunshine ..:
  8. Just the 24c degree swing from this morning then ! That would feel quite pleasant in the sun to be honest
  9. Snowing heavily again here and filling in the path the neighbour had shovelled .. haha
  10. Been out with the dog and kids this morning, playing in deep snow even in low lying Edinburgh, just magical with the sun out !! More than happy for this winter now after that (probably next two to be fair), Thats 3 pretty mega events in 11 years (10, 18 ,21) and I'll happily take that Any brief frontal sleet on sat is gonna be a bit after the Lord Mayors show to be honest !
  11. Looking like that might be it but went out with a bang !
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