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  1. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    The home owner that Brett Adair sheltered in is on the news
  2. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    For those who never saw it watch this .. gets 'interesting' around 30-34 mins in !
  3. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    yeah, that live feed when they realised they were in big trouble is one of the most scary/captivating things i have ever seen have to ask why he thought driving back up the coast road into the incoming eyewall was a good idea though ...
  4. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    The ABC team that was in Mexico beach has lost contact as well ... absolutely savage
  5. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    The feed on ABC is something else, house rolling down streets ..
  6. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    Streams ended, looks like car was covered by water ...
  7. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    Apparently they left to try and break into a concrete building - obv praying they made it
  8. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    water is up to the cars bonnet .. have they got and ran for it?
  9. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    woah .. they are not in a good place at all ...
  10. JoeShmoe

    Hurricane Michael

    looks the eyewall is going to cross mexico beach - brett adairs live feed is incredible !
  11. Thought it was meant to be cloudier and cooler but bright blue skies, gorgeous sunshine and 23c ...really warm out of the wind .. garden lawn is properly brown now too ...
  12. It goes on and on and on, GFS has temps mid to high 20's across most of the UK through most of the run Flew into London City yesterday and notbale how brown the grass and fields are starting to look ....
  13. Cloud has rolled in from somewhere now and spoilt the sunshine.. grrrr
  14. Not the cold wind this morning on the east coast, felt really warm outside just now, gonna be a scorcher !
  15. Im struggling to think of a better May / June here - not too much haar and clear blue skies