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  1. No thanks , I’ll have 3 months like today please (with the odd storm thrown in !)
  2. Background signals are one thing but we are a VERY small island at the end of a large ocean mass and in following the models for many years in t'inernet age it really does require every domino to fall the right way to get extended and deep cold to these shores (GIN sea shotwave anyone!) . However even in winters such as the one just gone certain areas can get really decent falls of snow and its often a regional thing As an example here in Edinburgh we really need an Easterly with -10 uppers and we get panned . Got that last March but not this year. But that likely wont give much to the west country / central southern england who had the really good snowfall event a few weeks back with the exact ripe 'slider' type conditions. So in reality its rare as hens teeth that everywhere sees snow in winter, twas always thus
  3. you will find that rather like migratory birds, 90% of the cold weather posters disappear from March to November! But still a lot of folk interested in warm/hot spells, t-storms etc here in summer
  4. Sure I felt the slight warmth of the sun yesterday for the first time - it’s nice towards the middle of feb and early March as the days start to get noticeably longer and the sun gets higher and warmer ...
  5. Snow here too , very surprised - is there more to come or is that it ?
  6. Hopefully spring and summer make up for it and we have a repeat of last year !
  7. Interloper here who's folks live near Cheddar - hope you enjoy as guessing some of you havent had lying snow for years !
  8. indeed, i have relatives in north somerset who havent seeen lying snow in years ... so good on em !
  9. Meanwhile North America is going into deep freeze in the next 10 days as a love of the PV drops over the northern states - which i fear will add to any powered up jet over the Atlantic in due course
  10. Going to claim a pound for everytime we hear this today weve had these 'background signals' since November !
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