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  1. Thought it was meant to be cloudier and cooler but bright blue skies, gorgeous sunshine and 23c ...really warm out of the wind .. garden lawn is properly brown now too ...
  2. It goes on and on and on, GFS has temps mid to high 20's across most of the UK through most of the run Flew into London City yesterday and notbale how brown the grass and fields are starting to look ....
  3. Cloud has rolled in from somewhere now and spoilt the sunshine.. grrrr
  4. Not the cold wind this morning on the east coast, felt really warm outside just now, gonna be a scorcher !
  5. Im struggling to think of a better May / June here - not too much haar and clear blue skies
  6. If this is correct Embra and the SE borders going to be scorchio come midweek and is that 31c in Perth !!
  7. Not sure how folk can complain about days on end of 25-30c and blue skies but hey ho ! Personally i'll be in the beer garden watching the world cup
  8. Did 1976 also have a warm/dry May? I was 4 so cant quite remember
  9. Day 2 Convective Outlook VALID 06:00 UTC Sat 09 Jun 2018 - 05:59 UTC Sun 10 Jun 2018 ISSUED 20:24 UTC Fri 08 Jun 2018 ISSUED BY: Chris Widespread thunderstorms are expected across parts of Scotland and Ireland on Saturday afternoon... A shortwave trough and associated positive vorticity advection will spread northeastwards across Scotland during Saturday helping to promote mass ascent. This combined with slack surface pressure and daytime heating will help to fuel surface based thunderstorm development into the afternoon. CAPE values of around 1,000 J/kg will be present across parts of Scotland by the afternoon, however bulk shear will be weak (generally less than 15kts), so storms will likely pulse and perhaps become multi-celluar at times. Orographically enhanced updrafts along with the aforementioned instability could help to generate hail to 1.5cm in diameter in the strongest storms. A few funnels, and perhaps a landspout tornado cannot be ruled out in the earlier stages of thunderstorm develop, particularly in the two Moderate risk areas in Scotland. The biggest impact will be from localised flooding as thunderstorms drift only slowly off to the northeast once they have developed. Local downpours in valleys across Scotland could pose a risk of flash flooding, so please monitor https://floodline.sepa.org.uk/floodupdates/ for flood alerts and warnings, especially into the afternoon.
  10. Yep, remarkable on ECM how dead the Atlantic is ...some places will be looking at water shortages if the dry spell goes out to mid june
  11. Cells sparking off over the Pentlands again, warm and humid again much like yesterday and suns out so surface heating
  12. Ben Sainsbury Particularly dangerous situation evolving now for Eastern Parts of Edinburgh, some extremely intense rainfall rates in excess of 150mm/hr approaching the area in next 15 minutes, wouldn't be surprised if one or two localised reports of 60-80mm or more in the next few hours. Looks like storm is back building too.
  13. Can confirm its getting realy nasty here !
  14. Booming thunder in embra now, some part of the city is about to get walloped !