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  1. Another photo of the Edinburgh supercell (copyright Kevin Clein)
  2. Picture of last nights supercell in Edinburgh taken from portobello beach
  3. Taken from portobello beach last night, supercell rotating in the forth
  4. Weather warning out for central belt and southern Scotland for tomorrow - looks a day for the Hoose
  5. Watch it be bone dry in an easterly in January !
  6. Strong T-Storm here in Edinburgh just now , been crazy really just how many big storms the east of the central belt has had this summer
  7. Wow , Huge storm here, mental , lightning setting car alarms off !
  8. Gone pitch black here with rolling thunder and lightning
  9. Thunder booming here again, very dark to the south
  10. Looks like another storm heading for Edinburgh in next hour or two
  11. When do the next round of storms kick off? is there a forecast anywhere ?
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