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  1. Loving this weather at the moment , 18-22c, warm sun, blue skies, not too hot Perfect early summer weather !
  2. Seriously. Who cares, summers coming and its about time !! next week looking lovely ! beer garden stuff !
  3. I’m stuck in Birmingham Airport as all flights to embra are delayed I'm not happy, in fact I'm quite sad :-)
  4. yep, its beer garden time now, time for the cold to do one :-)
  5. Looks like the showers are running out of puff now but an unexpected nights snowfall !
  6. Kids saw the snaw this morning and sarcastically said ‘oh great’ - think even they’ve had enough it now ! So I’ll have to go and play it on ma oan
  7. Can imagine though once the sun comes out and stays out for any length of time any lying snow will melt quite quickly
  8. Chuffing it down here again and radar has loads more queuing up ! No lads football for me either !
  9. Woken up at 5am by snow blasting at the window - 101 is going to be happy when he wakes up this morning ! Didn’t think we’d get nearly this much !
  10. lol, embra is getting creamed, carnage in town !
  11. Out in town tonight, throwing it down and settling everywhere !
  12. whats forecast for later 101?
  13. thats an amber warning if i ever saw one !
  14. well that was a fun drive round the city bypass but the front looks like clearing from the south pretty quickly to me?