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  1. It's pleasing to see some realism, rather than red anomoly charts and Yellow t850s which offer fools gold into thinking summer is around the corner, don't be fooled. At this time of year mild ergo wet and windy more than often. In addition, as Winter draws to a close it's very disappointing that a certain organisations forecast of a front load Winter, which then changed to a back loaded Winter has turned out to be a total fail. How many failed guesses can one take before realising no one has a foggiest when it comes to LRFs and simple hopecasting can be just as right/wrong but I haven't yet given up hope. I've had plenty of snowy mid March birthdays.
  2. Almost bang on forecasted time, sleet turning more readily to snow up here. It's nice to see the snowflakes amongst the snow drops.
  3. Slowly turning to sleet in coastal areas looking at recent radar. Cold rain and brassic wind, here at work in ponteland.
  4. A few showers pepping up even down to lower levels near ncl airport. I have to say mild and showery isn't my spring preference. I think people see yellows and oranges on charts and think sunny when most of the year this means rain for UK. I would take cold and dry any day over the end of the week outlook.
  5. Surprised to see the side roads white again but radar confirms light showers continuing for most of the region, the heaviest towards the south. Looking across the Derwent valley, the snow line looks above 200m
  6. An absolute slush fest now even at 200m, gradually turned to rain when daylight came. Not looking forward to the dog walk anymore, can see it being messy. Mr Peppercorn didn't quite make it through the night
  7. Your region looks a prime spot for next few hours, as long as stays right side of marginal inland.
  8. The wind has been our friend overnight as proper flakes continuing. A692 covered but still only 1-2cm so far towards Consett but expect a few more CM before dawn if it keeps up which looking at radar it should do for a fair while. Not keen on those greens showing out to sea, as long as its pink over land i'm happy turned out alwhite on the night, 0430h everything blanketed Apart from main a692 with toon taxi runs.
  9. Wind defo picked up and agree feels colder. The fluffier flakes in last 30min doubled my 2 day count to 4mm. Radar confirms the heaviest precip just passed through and TBH if that's the best it can deliver, not hopeful of anything meaningful even up here. Edit: Big improvement on earlier. Depth slowly building. How much will last till morning is the other question, as long as I can make snowballs for hounds I'll be happier.
  10. Can confirm actual flakes starting now, not the grains we've had last couple of days. Hopefully the northerly feature will make the difference overnight.
  11. Looks like some heavier showers starting to move onshore on Northumberland coast
  12. Looks like snow and on a more NE flow, possibly south of area more favoured. Wind vectors seem bit stronger which should help with intensity as snow grains are not floating my dinghy ATM. My snow man/phoetus had survived the day though.
  13. Very much a continuation of yesterday, an extra covering of snow grains overnight and still falling lightly like ash. I guess i'll have to wait till tonight/tomorrow morning for anything more substantial but it should have no problem lying on the few mm already up here where it should be less marginal.
  14. At least Frosty offers something model related, unlike some of the one line emotive posts, commenting on disasters or horrifying runs, which add nothing but to feed @alekos hobby. Don't mind a bit of realism but some kind of model discussion around these one liners would be appreciated. Let's leave the emotive headlines to the express. We still have a couple of days for surprises to pop up for those in favoured areas for snow, before the next pattern encroaches and who knows what will happen after that because throughout this Winter episode, it seems no pattern wins out for more than 6 days, so lots of time for hope.
  15. At 777ft above sea level really expected a bit more today being inland but not too far, and higher up. Hoping I can build a bigger brother for the sad looking fella looking sorry for himself in the next couple of days. I know how he feels after this let down. Having 3 falls in Autumn and just after Halloween really raised my expectations, another lesson learned I guess. Saying that my mid March birthday has brought many snowy memories so not dropping the towel just yet. To be honest the Autumn and Spring surprises are normally the best as the snow is normally that lovely big wet sticky type, perfect for snow men and big accumulations. Today has actually been pretty constant throughout, but that small polystyrene type snow that amounts to little. Here's dreaming of another White Birthday