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  1. So the more reliable models showing a showery end to the meteorological summer. Ain't no surprise, once July bails out then the continuing season normally follows suit. once again meto sugar coating the next 2 weeks with a ridge in SE and no mention of 8c in Newcastle last few nights, sunny yes but cold wind from a very bizarre southerly direction all day. Nice to see blue skies but feels like winter up here.
  2. Had brief Hail and Shnizzle which was unexpected so early on. Now brightening up. Not expecting much, lso anything a bonus next couple of days
  3. Knocker, whilst I appreciate the time and effort you put in during the Summer months, can I respectfully request that You make your posts less thesaurussy, and more meteorlogical. All of this traversing zephyrs and over mention of deconstructing ridges or troughs and energy formations are so far from your previous and precious valued contributions. Ergo, with all due respect, can you revert to your previous all encompassing much simpler forecasts that the majority of the readership will appreciate that actually mention weather rather than ridges and troughs , thank you in advance. I've been on this forum for 10 years and learnt so much, but to be honest I feel a bit thick reading your new style of posts. (deconstruction of a trough, cmon, what does that mean)
  4. Hail falling now, preview to incoming snow
  5. On cue, hail stones and snow just started
  6. This was April 29th last year. My tulips not quite as mature yet, as Its been colder this spring so far, and once again daffs decided too cold to flower but expecting similar tulip pics in next day or two, I'm Obvs biased, as bought house in sweet spot in north of England, so only have 4/5 months of when no chance of snow, so looking fwd to my house choice paying off again so a reminder to coldies there's only 4/5 months to wait for the next hunt Hang in there through the rainy season
  7. I think we all know from model predictions since last October, there's no trust left. What I do know is current outlooks look very similar to last year, with early short lasted hot spell in mid March then white Easter, even though slightly different date. Then for the East of of UK was cold till July due to Iceland centric high pressure system bringing cool easterlies till summer. I posted a snow covered tulip last year at end of April and expect similar in next couple of days
  8. Radar showing snow inland for a fair few locations, strange as wind vectors coming from south, maybe reason snow is that bit wetter and stickier. My rather brown Xmas tree looking sorry for itself:
  9. It's absolutely chucking it down here, typical November/March snow that is that bit wetter so massive flakes.
  10. I have to say the outlook from the models looking similar to 2016 with cold easterlies due to the high pressure set ups, just at the wrong time of year again, especially for seedlings. Will it be a repeat with cold easterlies stretching till July. The seasons defo seem out of kilter if a repeat this year. Went to Prague on hope of a snowy birthday only to return last night to find a snowy garden. Weird as must have been a good day yesterday as Solar lights still on at 6am.
  11. Not quite a mountain but 230m, was so clear and cold yesterday that Solar lights Still on in the snow at 6am. I love March
  12. There was me went to Prague for a snowy birthday and to my surprise returned to find a white uk. Weird because it must have been so clear yesterday that my Solar lights are Still on at 6 am. Good old March, my favourite fickle month, will we see repeat of 2016 with cold easterlies into July.
  13. Gfs still keeping my hopes of a snowy birthday alive, just hope it falls in Prague at the same time otherwise will have to drool over my garden Cam.
  14. I think it's the mean of average possible anomalies based against Decades of weather taken over nearly a week's worth of possible outcome In 12 days time. Basically it will blank out any days of interest. Very diffuse if you ask me
  15. I expect this one last hurrah might actually come off as I'm going to Prague on 13th for birthday/snow fix. Expect it will be 20c plus over there and 20 CM deep at home