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  1. It's weird but this is the 3rd consecutive year of no raging westerlies, I think we get so used to a type of autumn to expect that we call it the norm, those that cite a return to the Atlantic have to go back a long way for their statements to hold credence whatsoever. I'm confident that the northern pattern again shows so much potential and again this year the starting pattern is favourable for us coldies, with the limpet Greenland lows nowhere on the horizon, which is a big plus for 17/18.
  2. Balanced as ever SS, and explains easily in graph form why trusting a whole 10 day run needs to be taken in perspective with the tweaked perbs. I'm not always a fan of P1 or Px from eps being cherry picked but seeing the above explains the need for the entirety, as all are just a tweak on the 1 possible right perturbation and if the mean of all tweaks disproves the op then.., well spotted SS
  3. Yeah not sure where these myths come from, admittedly I live on a northern hill but had 10cm on 27 Oct this year and 3rd Nov 2015 both from northerlies and the synoptics weren't as juicy as those showing in the models of late. I'm just hoping it's not a repeat of 15/16 Where the November snow was only 1 of a handful after such early promise so understand people's concerns on that front. However, the PV was stuck like a limpet to Greenland in 2015 spawning lows all winter. Now, most models show a dramatic move of the PV to our East so I for one am excited for the next few days to see the PV take a vacation which should throw up a few prizes. Nov 2015 Oct 2018
  4. Can't believe the buzz on here so early in the season. Having been spoiled by a 10cm surprise fall in October, 2018 is defo trying to write itself in stone as a stonking year. What's surprising is how most models are showing the vortex seep it's way over to the Eurasian side of the globe so early on, something of a rarity which should provide a winter of interest to top the cherry of 2018. It's good to be back
  5. Better dig my pumpkin out, left it outside to keep fresh. Official measurement, radius of a large pumpkin he he
  6. Starting to brighten up but strange seeing snow whilst trees still in leaf. Was looking for thread last year (but it got deleted) to see when first fall was as thought was first week in November but now thinking it was the last week just at end of Autumn. Anyone recall as defo can't remember leaves on trees and last Autumn wasn't stormy enough to blow them off early. Im thinking it was a couple of days before Dec 1st as I'd just bought Xmas tree to put in bucket. Any ideas, tops last year that I am sure with that pre winter fluffier, stickier snow.
  7. Big flakes all the way, temp 0.4C. 3 inch so far, quite beatiful for the time of year, roads passable on a692 but very slushy and side roads well, no surprise unless yr the council.
  8. Same here, a week earlier on last year which gave 40 falling snow days across 6 continuous months. Could this year up that figure to 7 or 8. It's a good start, and breath...
  9. SNOW, sorry for shouting. 3 INCHES OF IT, sorry again. Im a bit excited.
  10. Can't believe I left a glorious sunny 28c in Wrocklaw, Poland yesterday landing in Newcastle with a daytime max of 8c and now scraping my windscreen for work. Looks like we're defo getting a raw deal atm if warmth and gardening is your thing.
  11. What a difference a couple of days makes, had to put the heating on this morning as temps only rose to 11C at lunch time before dropping off again. A very wintry feel after a glorious couple of rare Sunny Spring days. The dog still managed to find the remaining bogs though in the fields, not helped being torn up by the cattle that the Southern farmer put out. Being a part time visitor he has no idea of our climate compared to Somerset, eejit. The public footpaths still requiring wellies still despite the sunny snap. At least It was good gardening weather and got the lawn seeds started off finally.
  12. A very pleasant 24C near Consett, a big improvement on the last couple of let down days. A fantastic sunset and clear skies out there which is something of a rarity over the last few months. The fields are still very muddy so don't expect them to dry out before the breakdown but it's a start and good weather for gardening and outdoor painting. Fingers xd we don't have to wait too many weeks for something a bit more substantial and longer lasting.
  13. The 'farmer' who bought the land from the coal board is from London and only visits when introducing new animals to the heard so has no idea of our seasons. The field grass is in no state of growing yet but I think he realised over his Easter visit that opening the shed was a bad idea with all the waterlogged fields.
  14. geordiekev

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Sorry, but I think your misinterpreting my post. As what I was trying to say is reds on these type of charts don't mean Sun or early Summer. I was sunburnt 2 weeks ago in the Spring Sun after 1hr on blue charts, but let's not oversell red charts. The last few days where I am in the east have remained cold in the rain yet charts posted a few days ago showed red, a bit of a mis match. I just think there is too much premise put on average temperature charts, with an agenda, without any mention whatsoever of actual weather which in reality pulls temps down.