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  1. Don't worry , I'll save some for you when you come up from Blackpool, is it. I'm off to north Wales 16th March and havnt the figgiest what state the country will be by then. I think everything is up for grabs beyond first week of March, even the pros saying could last well into March.
  2. Cheers Gav, I'll be keeping an eye on the GFS charts v regional reports in 10 days time I guess, but your right the ICON does appear to have a good handle on convective showers. I have to say the model had been surprisingly consistent on the run in to this spell and definitely on the bookmark list.
  3. Gav, can I ask your view on the accumulation charts. I know they vary model from model. From experience is there any better than others and you aware of any of them factor in convective snow as the gfs shows accumulations mainly to east coast's which would seem right from looking at radars in similar historic set ups. Thanks in advance for your Meto postings, they are appreciated.
  4. Yeah I asked work if I could snaffle a small bag of salt from our main site which had 50 bags, given my location is tricky at best of times and suffering from long time sciatica makes it very painful shovelling snow. I was told a Big fat no, I'm hoping now it's blizzards every day 😉
  5. I think they always have, probably scared of being sued if they get it wrong. I have always found whenever there's snow forecast even within 48hrs. They slow there graphics down considerably and stretch 24hrs out across the whole transmission as opposed to normal reports which go 2 to 4 days ahead. Obviously on the week ahead forecast they have to but are still very much hedging their bets saying or could go south, sounds like back covering to me. It's the BBC they like to cover their backs on everything.
  6. The GFS accumulation charts look more realistic than ECM ones and looking at the cover would suggest convectivity factored in. Scrolling through GFS gives the North East snow every day from Tuesday until 10th March, bar a brief mild sector on the 5th but with an established cold pool could well be a battlefield set up that day before the colder aur returns. First chart up to next Friday, second shows the following Friday. Remember there'll be no melt between falls.
  7. Another upgrade, is that possible, according to latest ECM accumulation graphs, in inches
  8. A better start this morning so far from ukmo and gfs which has lying snow pretty much right through to 9 March. It's getting so close I can smell it 😉
  9. I would expect more accumulations to show nearer to the coast if it included convective activity but a Geordiesnow said they do factor them in on the coast but are unable to factor in the length of track inland. Certainly sonething I will be checking on to see if they fair better in easterlies.
  10. I know these should be taken with a pinch of salt, but the latest ECM looks like an upgrade in accumulations. Between 8 and 10 inches ten days from now. It's certainly nail biting times, especially with the MOD bias 😂
  11. Well if Meto are 80% confident enough to issue an alert advising readiness, albeit nationwide I think we would have to be very unlucky not to get something from an easterly, north easterly and possible greenie high. All 3 options scream potential and I wouldn't expect any in between melts. I'm only hoping it's the longevity and depth that's in question but it's goIng to be a fascinating time seeing which areas get the hit as long as it's not France 😠
  12. I'm hoping where too far gone now to jinx it but here is a bargain for rock salt for 20kg bags from Travis Perkins
  13. Yeah, I'm surprised at the lack of direction given the fact we could be in for the long haul. It doesn't give people much time to prepare. My company receives Meto info but only often receive these a day or two in advance which I think in this set up is poor especially falling on a weekend. So here's my checklist: Rocksalt. Tick Spare snow shovel. Tick Candles. Tick Power banks. Tick Bluetooth speakers. Tick Phone data. Tick Excitement. Tick. Tick. Tick
  14. Totally agree with yours and many comments trying to calm the negativity down. I think people have become obsessed with seeing purples on the T850 pressure charts, when the purples aren't required from a drier easterly direction which has lower dew points, unlike a warmer Atlantic. Just because the lower temps are shown to reach us a bit later does not mean the cold and snow has been delayed. The purples just mean turn your hive up a bit more. Me I'm happy with the snow, the wind direction and the surprise disturbances that will pop up post Sunday and the longevity like we haven't seen in a long long time. Let's just enjoy the rollercoaster and worry when the blocking starts to disappear which I can't see any sign of in the next 2 weeks.