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  1. Here's a link to a vid a passerby took. I got stuck in jam heading in to work over hill but had no idea why traffic had stopped, but heard fire engines, rangers, police but like you it was the next day when the lane was closed off that I looked online. Got a snow day at work, so one bonus, but that incline at Mountsett is treacherous.
  2. Yeah, I used to live on other south facing side of the Derwent Valley and was jealous of the village on the other peak that always had snow at times when I didn't so when a house came up for sale in that exact spot I jumped at it. I Can still see my old house and it seems to fall just below the snow line on so many occasions. Happy Days. Is back to sleety rain now, 2.4C Edit: temp dropped to 1.8C and back to wet snow. Just a shame will have to wait 4/5 months for the next hunt.
  3. Can report thankfully no problems on a692 as the snow is slightly too wet at the moment but it is readily sticking to everything so be careful out there in case it lasts a while longer.
  4. Can vouch for the above, huge 50p flakes and in the wind gusts is extra impressive. That's what I love about British weather, the 5/6 month opportunity for snow Could be a few favoured areas in the battleground set up. It's been a while I saw it this thick I have to admit even up here near Consett. It reminds me of the hazardous event nearly 5 month ago, on 12th Dec, as the snow is huge wet flakes that sticks to everything. We had a huge fire on a bus stuck on the hill up here on that day.
  5. Snowing here again and starting to settle on the grass. Currently 1.3C. Radar shows sleet as it crosses the Pennines but it's defo snow here and thick flakes
  6. Just had the heaviest of hail showers and now turned to thick snow albeit a bit wet at first.
  7. Looks like there's been a few snow showers overnight as everything is covered. Quite beautiful spring morning and it's still snowing now albeit quite light. Edit: the latest shower has passed through clearly showing a top of hills event
  8. Bit of a surprise snowfall starting to settle on the ground. Looks like the convectivity will keep on for a while hopefully. Currently 0.5C
  9. Some wet snow falling atm. Radar does give some hope
  10. Wow didn't expect to wake up to some snow this morning. Looks out of place in the glorious blue skies
  11. The roads up here are clear atm, just the grass snow remains, though looking at wind vectors I would guess the north sea will keep the streamers coming throughout the night, fingers xd. The current Snow line is at Dipton as chopwell has none
  12. Some light snow showers starting to pile in on the north easterly flakes are small but heavy and lying on the remaining snow from yesterday.
  13. Been heavy for last hour, a692 a whiteout. Brill lamppost weather Looks like the band will continue for some time from the north sea streamer, possibly moving a bit south
  14. Looks like where in the sweet spot this evening
  15. And another with lightning, what a surprise, a heavy hail shower now making sure everything after sticks