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  1. Can't believe I left a glorious sunny 28c in Wrocklaw, Poland yesterday landing in Newcastle with a daytime max of 8c and now scraping my windscreen for work. Looks like we're defo getting a raw deal atm if warmth and gardening is your thing.
  2. What a difference a couple of days makes, had to put the heating on this morning as temps only rose to 11C at lunch time before dropping off again. A very wintry feel after a glorious couple of rare Sunny Spring days. The dog still managed to find the remaining bogs though in the fields, not helped being torn up by the cattle that the Southern farmer put out. Being a part time visitor he has no idea of our climate compared to Somerset, eejit. The public footpaths still requiring wellies still despite the sunny snap. At least It was good gardening weather and got the lawn seeds started off finally.
  3. A very pleasant 24C near Consett, a big improvement on the last couple of let down days. A fantastic sunset and clear skies out there which is something of a rarity over the last few months. The fields are still very muddy so don't expect them to dry out before the breakdown but it's a start and good weather for gardening and outdoor painting. Fingers xd we don't have to wait too many weeks for something a bit more substantial and longer lasting.
  4. The 'farmer' who bought the land from the coal board is from London and only visits when introducing new animals to the heard so has no idea of our seasons. The field grass is in no state of growing yet but I think he realised over his Easter visit that opening the shed was a bad idea with all the waterlogged fields.
  5. Sorry, but I think your misinterpreting my post. As what I was trying to say is reds on these type of charts don't mean Sun or early Summer. I was sunburnt 2 weeks ago in the Spring Sun after 1hr on blue charts, but let's not oversell red charts. The last few days where I am in the east have remained cold in the rain yet charts posted a few days ago showed red, a bit of a mis match. I just think there is too much premise put on average temperature charts, with an agenda, without any mention whatsoever of actual weather which in reality pulls temps down.
  6. Sorry but these charts seem to be full of false promise. A slight raise from 9C to 13C over the last 4 days might show red on mean charts, but intermittent rain and low eastern clouds aren't my idea of early Summer. So please keep it real when posting average charts without actual weather musings. Quoting comparable April warmth and red charts dont necessarily equate to factor 30 weather, I think we're a few months early for those warnings, so please keep it real. Charts showing oranges/reds in the late Spring are different to Blues and purples, as the former guarantee snow, whereas the latter just means cold or not so cold rain most of the time.
  7. This so called early Summer seems a bit hyped, a bit of sunshine for 3 hrs on east coast lifting fog from 9C to 13C with intermittent rain has made fields more waterlogged. Local farmer had to Move the cows to different field as they were tearing up the grass it's so sodding. I'm just after something dry this time of year, rather than oranges and reds on 7 day mean charts which aren't producing the goods as advertised.
  8. From the Drive home from work, it was clear the snow line for lying snow was only a few metres below my town at 232m, at Hobson. Always makes me feel smug, driving back uphill, for buying a house in a location I could see and was jealous of, across the valley, due to visible snow for those extra few days, from a location only tens of metres below from where I lived in Chopwell, on the other side of valley, as seen snow free below The light fall after midnight took the daily tally for falling snow to an amazing 40 days since November, not to mention all the days patches have survived including from the first beast that are still there. Quite epic and long may these extended and severe modern winters last and fingers xd for 18/19, not long to go at this rate ❄ PS, be wary of icy patches as it was looking very sparkly at 4am out there
  9. Everything covered at home from cctv and snowing at work near to ponteland Airport. Is forecast for a few hours will be interesting drive home in the wee hours.
  10. It was getting beefy when I left for work. DOGGY CAM showing it lying quickly.
  11. The snow has started earlier than expected albeit a bit wet at the moment, but that's day 39 in the bag ❄❄
  12. Yet another risk of snow this evening into Thur morning from 18z GFS as temps drop below zero.
  13. The snow is finally moving off North after 7hrs. Not a bad send off although the plants that have poked their heads through in shock I think. Looking across the valley towards Chopwell, the snow line looks about 125m. My Sonny is enjoying the final hurrah, though he's getting confused not knowing to chase snowballs, sticks or a frisbee. Pure greed
  14. Not a bad lass hurrah, been constant for last 4hrs switching from heavy to light and back again. I'm at 232m so in the sweet spot again. Didn't expect to have to be clearing the drive again this extended season but can't grumble. It's definitely that marginal type which is stickier and that but heavier. At least 5cm so far with about another 3hrs to continue till it turns. Then the 4/5 month wait for the next hunt. It's been a goodn and enjoyed the company as ever on here. Defo one for the archives. The floor is yours SummerSun, sorry for the delays Gav, but I am looking forward to something drier whether it Mild or Cold, just anything but standard April showers.