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  1. Seeing as that's my birthday weekend it stands a better chance, as I normally go snow hunting abroad that weekend but when I do, it normally snows here. Though I hit the jackpot in Iceland last year, but missed northern lights due to constant snow. Seems they've had a fair bit this season from looking at tv forecasts showing constantly white blobs over most of the country. I've cancelled by Pisa trip, so may just chance bonny Scotland instead. Finger & toes xd
  2. Didn't expect to see Mayday weekend snow ❄❄❄
  3. Woke up to turn heating up and found out reason why, good preemptive sign for my annual snow insurance trip to Reykjavik next week. Have to say I'm normally quite lucky in UK for Birthday snow, moreso than Jan or Feb ❄?❄
  4. Wow to think we were breaking Winter heat records 2 weeks ago ❄❄
  5. Snowing on and off for last hour, though quite wet snow
  6. Are both of those strongly indicative of a Arctic high, seems as good a reset for something interesting. Especially for my annual birthday trip to cooler climates. Iceland this time though even at mid Month, my luck often transpires that it snows here, whilst I'm on the hunt somewhere else. Maybe because I have northern elevation but I never give up hope until after my birthday as I've been lucky so many times, perhaps something to do with final warnings.
  7. As others say looks better in no form 10 days, see u in March
  8. It's the netweather extra radar so requires subscription. There is free version but 15 minute lag I believe. This is the old v4 radar, 5 min delay, which allows wind vector overlays. You can pay monthly for couple of quid I believe.
  9. This really is such a slow moving set up so cant see too much change in direction of showers from what we've seen over last few hours
  10. That was a fun drive home, that feeling of jeopardy really gets the blood circulating. Still chucking it down though lighter atm. Feeling sorry for horses at bottom of garden though, especially when they have stables ❄❄
  11. More incoming looking at clouds coming over ncl airport and getting colder as darkness sets in. Webcam from parents in dipton looks like more precip in distance
  12. Interesting drive in to work, 5cm at home although less as dropped elevation to Ponteland, but heavy galactic type showers on drive in with vehicles broken down so take care, especially around Consett area.
  13. Looks like being an interesting evening coldies, enjoy. For me time for beddy byes for 5am drive to work. At least roads are quiet with less inexperienced snow drivers. Looking fwd to seeing yr pics in the morning ❄❄
  14. Getting heavier now and a bit blustier cant believe have to hit the hay 20190201_001800.mp4
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