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  1. Well it's snowed for a few hours in Rhayader, few cms of soft powder. At least the cold snap has produced a bit of the white stuff, was starting to think we would miss out. River Wye got a few ice patches on it, temp not been above freezing since Wednesday. Apologies for the quotation, don't seem to be able get rid of it!
  2. Temp risen in Rhayader and all melted, but still coming down well - shame. Hills look good though.
  3. Took its time, but coming down well in Rhayader, @200m. Temp 0.3c, so starting to white over quite rapidly.
  4. -9.3 recorded on the garden weather station last night, coldest night for several winters. Couple of inches of lying snow certainly helped!
  5. Easing here, was fun while it lasted, couple of cm.
  6. Snowing well in Rhayader currently, settling with temp at - 2.
  7. A decent covering in Rhayader (@200m), though looks very wet. Be interesting if we get anymore as temp is only 0.3c.
  8. Bella has passed through, temp dropped from 8c yesterday down to 1c this morning here in mid-Wales. Sprinkling of snow on lawn and cars with some snow flurries already this morning. Seem to be plenty developing in the Irish sea, so hopefully a good day of radar watching!
  9. Hill opposite gone white, suggest above 1200ft approx.
  10. Wet snow in Rhayader, 700 ft asl. Not settling.
  11. There was snow falling at 7am, but nothing more than a slushy deposit on cars / roofs - never got cold enough here. Hills are white above 300m, but I doubt more than a dusting. Still, it maintains the record of snow in every month since November, which isn't bad in such a mild winter - however my daughter still awaits an excuse to dust off the sledge!
  12. Now Sleet / wintry mix, everything turning to a slushy mess. Will be lethal if it freezes later. Was fun while it lasted and more than expected.
  13. Good couple of CM's now, heaviest snow of the winter.
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