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  1. Hill opposite gone white, suggest above 1200ft approx.
  2. Wet snow in Rhayader, 700 ft asl. Not settling.
  3. There was snow falling at 7am, but nothing more than a slushy deposit on cars / roofs - never got cold enough here. Hills are white above 300m, but I doubt more than a dusting. Still, it maintains the record of snow in every month since November, which isn't bad in such a mild winter - however my daughter still awaits an excuse to dust off the sledge!
  4. Now Sleet / wintry mix, everything turning to a slushy mess. Will be lethal if it freezes later. Was fun while it lasted and more than expected.
  5. Good couple of CM's now, heaviest snow of the winter.
  6. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Whiteout in Rhayader, was 4.5 and raining 30 mins ago, now dropped below 2c and sticking very well.
  7. Big fat snowflakes falling in Rhayader at the moment, settling nicely at -0.5.
  8. Snowing in Rhayader currently, been on and off all evening but pepped up now. Covering over the hilltops at 6pm, seemed rather odd being light at nearly 8pm and seeing snow!
  9. Coming down beautifully now in Rhayader, temp now below freezing and accumulating nicely. Got a good feeling about this now, especially as the blob in the Irish Sea has linked in with the main front coming in from the east, has given the precipitation some extra energy. All much later than forecast, but getting there in the end!
  10. Snow coming down again here in Rhayader, very fine flakes which is getting blown around a lot. Can't see it accumulating much unless it increases in intensity. So far a generous 5/10 for effort!
  11. Biggest laugh was them reporting from Llanidloes! Been virtually nothing here in Mid-Wales, more yesterday morning from a shower. To think Transport for Wales have cancelled all services on the Cambrian line tonight..
  12. After 2 hours of faffing, proper snow arrived in Rhayader, no issues with settling, temp barely got above freezing all day here.
  13. Very light snow starting in Rhayader, temp 0.5c.
  14. Snowing heavily in Rhayader, grass and pavements starting to go white. Temp dropped from 2.5 to 1.3 in last hour.
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