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  1. A time lapse video of the clouds thundery in nature rolling over Blackpool this morning to change direction then the sun comes out! 93 mins into 1.50 min, enjoy. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcSSoFuoNs-uhAdPiPNJ0_g
  2. Just got back off prom in South Shore since 3am! Some good bolts far off in distance, never in right place for camera! Storms in Irish Sea moving to Cumbria, some still over Wales hoping they come my way. No webcam on tower, sorry.
  3. Deep distant rumbles I can hear in Blackpool. Looking at radar they are from over N Wales into Irish Sea. Moving slowly off the coast.
  4. Could be a noisy night for us here Chiv!

    So hot today, nice though.

  5. BLACKPOOL: 28.2oC humidity rising 55%, blinking warm! Sky looks very dark over Irish Sea now, took photo two hours back, nice big Cu's forming. Going to be a long night!
  6. Im sure I've seen those met symbols from a html script weather widged before. Like adding weather to your own website via a 3rd pty.
  7. Nice to see the Met Office use fax charts on the ten o'clock issue.
  8. Putting aside your question, it's a great video well done. I live in Blackpool, not far from Winter Hill and I don't think your the first to report such, I think a similar thing has been seen over Cumbria - look on the web but don't get sucked into anything beyond reasonable.
  9. Winter History. One would assume as the cloud base altered possibly the moon's reflection caused the event however the moon assuming this was taken on the 28th has just left 'New' phase. As it occurred before sunrise I then assume its a solar reflection higher up in the atmosphere causing this event but my confidence is low. The only other option as its early and the weather is cooling - slight mist at the correct height has caught a level of light pollution hence the 'Strange Glow'. I'm not one to claim it's an unexplainable event caused by the paranormal or the 3rd kind as there is always a logical explanation to everything, it's up to us humans to calm down and think properly. Hope this helped. Gordon.
  10. Blackpool webcam looking over irish sea... www.metfy.info sun in view at the moment but dark clouds building south over Ribble area off N Wales... any one got storms that way yet?
  11. I know how windy it gets by the sound of the wind around my home, I live right on the front at Blackpool and I've had enough now... its not fun anymore. Lights are flickering and it's to get worse!
  12. Today From: 12.02.2014 12:00 CET Until: 13.02.2014 00:55 CETA Vigorous area of low pressure is expected to move northeastwards across northern parts of the UK later on Wednesday, clearing eastwards early on Thursday. This is likely to be accompanied by a swathe of southwesterly gales across many areas which may be severe in places. Winds will veer more westerly later on Wednesday. A first peak in the winds is likely over southern and southwest England around the middle of Wednesday but with the main swathe of even stronger and potentially damaging winds crossing parts of Wales then northern England later in the day. Met Office now foretasted VIOLENT STORM or HURRICANE FORCE 12 conditions for IRISH SEA. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/marine/shipping_forecast.html#All~IrishSea Exposed parts of the Irish Sea areas may see 90-100mph gusts later tonight and in to the early hours. We here on the Fylde may see 80 mph. Advice in what to do in severe weather... http://www.metfy.info/advice---gales.html
  13. [*] Metfy Weather â€@MetfyWeather 2m @MetfyWeather Snow falling across the Fylde currently and now the webcam is all snowed up! Keep safe and warm. [*] Metfy Weather â€@MetfyWeather 16m Forecast: Changeable, mending. Temp:6.2°C Wind:WNW 17.4mph Gust:28.9mph Pressure:991.6mb Rising slowly. Hum:69% Rain:0.0mm.
  14. Forecast: Unsettled, precipitation later. Temp:8.9°C Wind:WNW 6.9mph Gust:12.1mph Pressure:1007.9mb Falling. Hum:89% Rain:7.0mm.
  15. Program list updated http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79049-weather-on-tv/
  16. ON TONIGHT! Britian's Killer Storms On channel 4 at 7:30pm or on channel 4+1 (Sky ch135) at 8:30pm. Also on HD. This powerful and moving drama-documentary tells the story of five recent major storms that battered the UK, and the people who survived them. Length 1 hour 30 mins
  17. Film: 500mph Storm on Syfy this Sunday at 7pm or Fri 24 Jan, 4am Syfy (PG) An energy experiment goes awry, sending huge hurricanes rampaging across North America / When an energy experiment goes haywire, a rash of massive hurricanes rips across North America. A high school science teacher must get his family to safety before the hurricanes merge, creating a "hypercane" with the power to wipe the US off the map.(2013) Length 2 hours / Movies: Action Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3je2neLDho
  18. Killer Tornado USA: Sun 19th 8:00pm on Nat Geo (Sky Ch525) or Weds 22nd Jan 8:00pm on Nat Geo Wild (Sky Ch528) "Caught on Camera, one of the biggest tornadoes in US history devistated Oklahoma. Almost two years ago an even deadlier tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri. This is Joplin's story" Tornado Destruction. Caught on Camera: Wed 22nd Jan 9:00pm on Nat Geo Wild (Sky Ch528) "Video footage captures the devastation wrought by the 'Super-Outbreak' of tornadoes that struck the USA in April 2011 - the most active month on record. Also in HD" Earth - Power of the Planet: Wed 22nd Jan 8:00pm on Eden or Eden+1 at 9:00pm Dr Iain Stewart explores the science and evolution of the planet. This edition looks at the atmosphere, which provides us with life-giving oxygen and protection. NEW: Worst Weather Ever? Wed 22nd Jan 9:00pm on NATGeo (Sky Ch 526) "Experts look at the dangerous effects of the world's changing climate. In India it seems that the monsoon season is arriving earlier, causing floods that wash away entire towns, while in China hailstones are now at the size where they are destroying crops. This documentary sees scientists question whether tornadoes could be becoming more powerful, hurricanes more frequent and flash floods more dangerous"
  19. As I see it especially for the NW. (GEFS TF) Average Temps at 2 meters Analysis: Leveling off for a cooler period, a slight dip towards the end. Notice the larger wave length style indicating cooler nightsSurface Pressure & Temperatures at 850hpa Analysis: Surface pressure seems to climb thus a slight cooler period seen especially at night however a sudden dip around 25th indicates the Atlantic is brewing something up. 850's not as smooth with a dipping again indicated a slight cooler than recent theme.Precipitation Analysis: Rain never too far away at any given point until the end of January with a slight ease noted. About the 25th precipitation present indicating a wetter than average theme. Summary: Staying with the precipitation on the 25th a slight dry day just before also provides strong evidence with the surface pressure of a Low pressure system crossing our area, this period seems unsettled with potential gales.Running up to this a mix of wet and sunny periods to be had as temperatures fall by a degree or three on some settled days. It is not seen for temperatures to be below freezing at any given day however in the strong winds later it may 'feel like' below zero. Rain is expected to remain a common feature in this period however on brighter intervals - in the sun it will feel quite present but not warm. It is likely gales or severe gales in exposed parts will affect our region with heavy rain at times on the 25th in to the 26th and possibly on into February. No frost is likely nor are we to expect any snow events on either high or low ground (Locally).So to recap, a settled(ish) period with rain at times some heavy interlaced with brighter intervals - clear nights will feel colder but no frost. The last weekend is expected to turn quite unsettled with gales and more heavy rain some blustery with wintery showers. Then a slightly calmer theme like previous with odd windy episodes. More...
  20. Metfy Weather @MetfyWeather Wind 1.6 mph WSW. Barometer 1011.6 mb, Falling. Temperature 7.2 °C. Rain today 0.0 mm. Humidity 99%
  21. I've started a new topic here for Weather related TV (so I don't have to post here): http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79049-weather-on-tv/
  22. FILM: Sun 12th Jan 9:00pm on RTE, Twister (1996)
  23. Though I'd put a new topic here to tell you all about up and coming TV shows regards the weather or similar. If you know of any add them here or visit www.metfy.info 2014 Weather Related TV Shows: JANUARY 2014 Fri 10th Jan 6:00pm on H2 - Serial Killer Earth: Texas Twister Footage. Fri 10th Jan 7:30pm on BBC1 - Battered Britain: Storms, Tides and Floods. Sat 11th Jan 8:00pm on Disc Science - Raging Planet. Sat 11th Jan 9:00pm on Disc-science - Mega Storm: Worlds Biggest Typhoon. Sat 11th Jan 10:00pm on Disc-science - Hurricane Sandy: The Storm that Shook America. Sun 12th Jan 9:00pm on RTE, Twister (1996) Mon 13th Jan 7:00pm on Channel 5 - World's Scariest... Weather! Mon 13th Jan 8:00pm on Eden - Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey Tue 14th Jan 9:00pm on BB4 - One Wild Winter: Surviving Avalanches. Tue 14th Jan 01:45am on BB4 - Hurricanes & Heatwaves: The highs and lows of British Weather. Wed 15th Jan 8:00pm on Nat Geo - Quake Threat UK. Wed 15th Jan 9:00pm on Nat Geo - Tornado Destruction: Caught on Camera. Wed 15th Jan 10.00pm on Nat Geo - Super Storm New York: What really happened. Thu 16th Jan 7:45pm on PBS America - Ice Pilots (Worst Weather Nature can Deliver) If in wrong place mods; move or inc to a similar as can not find one.
  24. A bit of a push and shove situation with High pressure setting up in the North East and later in the month far down South below the English Channel, Spain and surrounding area inc nr Atlantic. This will stop the very cold conditions over Scandi coming West and stop any troughs or low pressure coming East, in fact pushing these Lows (pic) North towards Greenland leaving us in the middle with spells of rain and sunny periods with southerly winds for the next week or so... in turn biting heads off Exacta's white Arctic blast!
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