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  1. What makes it even worse is that last winter was more or less exactly the same. Grey and dull just about sums it up.
  2. Lived and worked in Preston at the time and can primarily remember it being very mild and sunny. 2008 was similar to this year in that it was at the end of a roughly 5 year spell when unusually warm periods had become the norm. Hopefully this year is the end of our current spell.
  3. My Dad always said growing up March was the best month for snow. He was exaggerating a tad but I suppose you’d say from now on is prime time for snow. We’ll see I suppose. Today’s been one of those damp, cold horrible days with a wet covering above 1000-1500ft. My location does poorly in these set ups as we are in the lull between the Lake District fells and the showers pepping up again over the Pennines so we don’t get the intensity to get it settling even briefly. Even if we’d had some slush this morning it’d have been largely pointless. It’d be nice to see some dry snow linger for a day or
  4. Had a half hour burst of heavy, none settling, wet snow. The type with the massive flakes. Suns coming out now so presuming that's winter for this year.
  5. Most on here would get their knickers in a knot about faux cold and a lack of snow but if you said to me I could pay a modest sum of money and for the whole of next winter we could be sat under an inversion with freezing fog, ice days and frozen lakes I’d sign for it right now.
  6. I’m on the verge of completing 2 essentially* snowless winters in a row, which for where I live is pretty ridiculous really. I haven’t seen proper snow since the Beast from the East’s little brother in mid March 2018. I’m not even sure 06/07 and 07/08 when I lived in Preston were this hopeless. *I saw snow falling one night last winter to a depth of 1 flake that melted as soon as the sun thought about coming up so wouldn’t even meet the Met Office 9am standard. This year I haven’t even seen sleet.
  7. We have had notable spells of very warm (circa 35c) weather in every summer in the same time frame (post 2013) as well, so we are clearly in a warm cycle at the moment. Part of the desperation I suppose comes from the question of whether this is a cycle and we might end up back at a 2009-2013, or at least average, period or if global warming has led to a permanent switch to perma-autumn in the UK and this is our grey, dull, damp lot now.
  8. My mam is useful for scale in most of the photos! The 'ravine' I referred to above is in the middle distance in the second to last photo in between the houses in the background and the mine subsidence in which my cousin has dug a snowhole in the foreground. Unfortunately my dad, who took the photos, didn't get one of the large drift there.
  9. I put photos on here a few years ago of the snow of 6th February 1996 in West Cumbria. It was deep. We got sent home from school after lunch on the Monday and the bus got us as far as the last mile before we had to walk. The rest of the week was literally spent frolicking around in snow. I don't know exactly how deep it was, but a level 40-50cm and drifts of 4/5/6ft would be ball park. Just near the village where I grew up is a kind of little ravine running north to south. On the eastern bank a huge drift formed that was maybe 10ft tall. All the kids in the village spent the rest of the week u
  10. Was it 1814 that was 'the year without a summer'? I think this last/the next 12 months could be considered the opposite.
  11. The bit on the front page showing recent posts is depressing stuff this morning. Seen a few '-0.001, coldest night of the winter, hard frost' type posts. What a god awful depressing winter it is when you have to read/write that. Round here there was a decent amount of snow over 2000ft at the weekend but it mostly seems to have disappeared with the warm, moist, westerly waft coming in now. Tedious stuff.
  12. I reckon slightly above average February with a few transient over 1000ft wet snow events in the north. At some point in spring there will be a spell of freakish, record breaking warmth, then a cool down back to relative normality, then at some point in June or early July there will be a spell of circa 35c temperatures for the south east quarter of England at least. Late summer will be relatively normal, early autumn unusually warm, late autumn average with a few frosts and maybe an early wet snow event somewhere and then it will become cloudy, mild and dull in the run up to Christmas. There m
  13. A few more winters like this and surely they are going to have to give up and be just club run tows like in the Lakes and Pennines?! That Lecht picture is pretty depressing!
  14. I grew up in the western Lake District and went to university in Preston. I can remember it being revelatory to me how much warmer and dryer it was there! It can be incredibly crap in the North West weatherwise but it is occasionally compensated for by being easily the most beautiful part of the country (maybe not Oldham). I could never live in the south east, its just too busy and too flat! What has become marked over the last few winters is the absence of sun. Even the milder winters of the 90s would throw out a week of sun and frost. We live in a time when compared to our parents' time (60s
  15. I agree with that but I can’t ‘read’ the models so I suppose I can’t knock people who try.
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