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  1. North west regional discussion

    I like cold weather as much as the next bloke but by the end of March I'll be looking for some warmth. Never mind April. With this in mind it will probably be cold til mid May.
  2. North west regional discussion

    On our side of the Pennines we are likely to get the 'best' of any clear periods and dodge the worst of any wind. As such if we do get a bit of snow then we could potentially be looking at the lowest night time minima (in England) being in our neck of the woods. And under these sorts of synoptics that could be pretty low, like minus high teens low in valleys. It doesn't even matter how close you are to the sea in the West really if the wind is from the East, I seem to remember Bridgefoot, which is about 2 miles in land from the sea near Workington, getting regular -15-18's during December 2010.
  3. North west regional discussion

    People are going on about infrastructure and how we don’t be able to manage. We (parts of the UK) have seen deep cold and heavy disruptive snow this decade. Not in the 1890’s, the 1940’s or whenever, in all of our relatively recent memory. Nothing stopped (apart from maybe sheep farming briefly) and we all got on as normal. We all have enough food, clothes, body fat and whatever else to see it out without worry. So with that in mind, let’s enjoy it!
  4. You know how its said that it can't be cold here and on the Eastern USA at the same time, and that cold snaps over here often coincide with unusual warmth over there. Well, according to the BBC weather app its forecast to be 28c in Washington DC on Wednesday, 23 in New York, 21 in Boston and 15 as far north as Montreal. That has to be pretty noteworthy abnormal warmth for the time of year surely?
  5. The BBC Weather Forums

    There was always someone on about Grebes as well. I remember because I didn’t know what they were!
  6. North west regional discussion

    Really putting it down up here. Borderline blizzard conditions in heavier bursts. Must be extremely bad on the fells where there will be a lot of blowing snow.
  7. North west regional discussion

    6th snow event in 8 days under way. Another one that wont last though unfortunately!
  8. North west regional discussion

    It’s been an odd winter for it snowing and then melting almost immediately. Or more accurately, an odd week. I’ve had 5 snowfalls in the last 7 days, and they have all landed on bare ground.
  9. North west regional discussion

    I haven't got my head around the new BBC TV graphics fully but they seemed to show a large area of snow in the area this evening from the incoming front. Their app however is having absolutely none of it. What's the Bobby Moore?
  10. North west regional discussion

    An hour ago it was flat calm and you could see stars. Then the wind got up, it started chucking it down with rain and now we’ve got heavy snow coming in sideways and settling fast.
  11. I suppose if I was going to criticise the met then I'd say that the warning should not have covered the whole of Cumbria (I didn't look further south). Somebody put charts up on here yesterday (I'm not sure from which model) which showed freezing level and a couple of other parameters. The freezing level for west Cumbria was 400m immediately on the coast, 300m just in land. Where I live it was 100m. And as it happens I got snow. As I drove into work it fizzled out below 100m and looking further west the snow line is at about 200m rising to 300m on the fells. But then again the warning probably did say 'especially over high ground'.
  12. Covering here and still snowing. Looks wet though and won’t last 5 minutes when the sun comes out.
  13. Brisk out this morning, -10 according to the car
  14. With snow cover, clearing skies, next to no wind and cold uppers what sort of minima could we be looking at in prone spots in Cumbria tonight? I had -9 in early December without snow.
  15. Been snowing all morning with generally very small flakes. Flake size has increased in the last 20 minutes to a pretty big size so that it’s pretty heavy snow now. I’d estimate 5cm has fallen.