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  1. You will see it coming on here on this webcam. Although darkness is approaching https://www.fjbhotels.co.uk/liveview/
  2. Look now the snow has gone off the lens. Looks like they have had quite a bit in that area Also see the back edge but still snowing a bit
  3. Polzeath Beach, Hayle Bay, north coast of Cornwall Snowing or whatever it is lol
  4. If only it was half like this at lower levels. Anyone fancy a beer http://www.camsecure.co.uk/WinkingMan.html
  5. Probably the transformers blowing/damaged power lines causing the flashes
  6. Wave heights of 26 meters/85 feet....wow This film was on the tele the other day
  7. The International Space Station went straight over Florence around 45/50 minutes ago. You can view it Live on YouTube and rewind back to when it went over by dragging the red bar with you mouse curser or finger on mobile back to around -45/50 minutes ago as of now (1.31pm UK) and let it play Link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQt2iLKqBbI
  8. That London webcam is blurry again That must be some water coming down
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