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  1. Just about constant lightning at the moment at Piran Bay, Slovenia
  2. And considering the sun is as strong now as around mid September where you can get some heat/late warmth in the 20's Ready for some of that now Remember being down Wembley in 2012 on 25th March watching the football and got a face like a beetroot stood in the beer garden...it was around 20 odd degrees with clear blue skies all day
  3. It isn't clever out there We've just come from the pub and under foot (nothing to do with the booze lol) its treacherous underfoot Layer of ice under the snow that has just come down
  4. It is starting to snow a bit here but we've all had the best of it the last few days It's March...time for some periods of Spring warmth now
  5. Yes, it is coming down here now with moderate falls
  6. What is that lot from the direction of the SE up to? Coming our way or not
  7. Us in the firing line again Getting fed up of it now lol
  8. Crazy. It seem a lot worse than the picture shows
  9. Sure is Cannot see the end of the street (40 yards)
  10. Coming straight for us with the looks of things
  11. Around 3" to 4" on our street and back yard. More in some spots Really whipping around in the wind
  12. Glad the bread and milk we got still has some days left on them Like to know how her indoors is going to get back home from work at Dronfield. Bet its horrendous up there and Unstone
  13. The radar looks impressive for us for a while yet It aint half coming down lad
  14. Heaviest snow so far this week at the moment here Plenty more on the radar and coming for us
  15. Seems to be heading our way