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  1. OddSpot

    Hurricane Florence

    Probably the transformers blowing/damaged power lines causing the flashes
  2. OddSpot

    Hurricane Florence

  3. OddSpot

    Hurricane Florence

    Wave heights of 26 meters/85 feet....wow This film was on the tele the other day
  4. OddSpot

    Hurricane Florence

    The International Space Station went straight over Florence around 45/50 minutes ago. You can view it Live on YouTube and rewind back to when it went over by dragging the red bar with you mouse curser or finger on mobile back to around -45/50 minutes ago as of now (1.31pm UK) and let it play Link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQt2iLKqBbI
  5. OddSpot

    Hurricane Florence

    Crikey. Taken around 30 minutes ago
  6. That London webcam is blurry again That must be some water coming down
  7. You can normally see all the landmarks on the London webcam..Sr Pauls, Shard etc It's a blur at the moment with the rain Edit: Clearing now but those trees in the foreground could not be seen
  8. Woooosh. If you see Pauls reply I think it was a bit of sarcasm from Crashlanding
  9. Directly above us but no lightning and the thunder, while fairly constant aint loud Hammering it down though
  10. Frequent rumbles to the South and getting closer (As Radar suggests)
  11. Seems to be a line of showers developing quite rapidly in line with us Constant thunder outside but not very loud and no flashes. It's all high up it seems
  12. Ha ha PIT This one has more to it, but no visible lightning as such
  13. That heavy shower passes over us then decides to start producing some lightning as it goes into the distance towards Sheff......typical Maybe a bit more if a chance with the what is approaching from the south though in the next 15-20 minutes Edit: Thunder approaching, but not much lightning visible. Up in the clouds