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  1. Nightmare trying to stop it on a frame where the lightning is even at 0.25 speed. I have had a try if you don't mind
  2. Shots from Dorian passing around 250 statute miles off the coast of New Jersey from the International Space Station around 1.15pm UK time today Friday
  3. Space Station will be going over Dorian shortly. Pity the stream is not great quality - Change the Quality setting to 1080p
  4. Now its throwing it down big time with a bit more thunder But that was it. Better than nowt
  5. Yeah noticed that. Seems to also have been showing a few false strikes as well not far from here when in fact there was nothing. All that electricity up there is making lightningmaps and Blitzortung play up lol Another cell popped up south of Derby
  6. Some CGs visible looking from Hunstanton across The Wash Pity it has gone in night mode https://www.ipcamlive.com/5d49d4bb1820c
  7. Short while ago at Majorca in Port d´Andratx
  8. Looks a bit stormy towards Christrchurch from here at a quite sunny and warm Sandbanks
  9. First time back here in 10 years. Love the area Another one just now from Swanage towards Isle of Wight Needles
  10. View from Durlston Country Park towards the Bournemouth area a few hours ago Then towards Isle of Wight from Swanage
  11. Well...our first Summer holiday in this country since around 2011 coming up Since then we have been in the Canary Islands (always go (today) Tuesday in August every year) but this year we are travelling down to Bournemouth instead on Friday. Blimey the weather sounds rough for travelling down there Friday morning and the days ahead There is always the pub once we get there
  12. Absolutely bounced it down here, one biggish flash observed. Just rang me mum in Bolsover (5 mile away) and nothing there although the might get a bit before it all clears in the next 15 minutes or so
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