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  1. Yet another dismal Summers morning around the north midlands. it looks horrid outside again Cannot remember a start to July being this bad How we are now paying for that fine Spring as often seems to be the case Even all the bedding plants look drowned in our garden and having to put the heating on to dry the washing
  2. Rapid developments to the S/SE of here in the last 20 minutes and the sky has gone very dark Edit: Can hear thunder ?
  3. Looks great with the CGs on the Bournemouth and Boscombe webcams (excuse the ads) Bournemouth Webcam - UK + Ireland - Webcams - Magicseaweed.com MAGICSEAWEED.COM Magicseaweed.com Live Webcam at Bournemouth Pier (East Side). Magicseaweed.com provide a free 7-day surf and weather report for... Boscombe Surf Report, Surf Forecast and Live Surf Webcams MAGICSEAWEED.COM Detailed free 7-day surf report for Boscombe . Including local swell, period, wind and pressure charts.
  4. Umag - Club & beach bar Saint & Sinner - WhatsUpCams - LIVE streaming WWW.WHATSUPCAMS.COM Polynesia beach
  5. Just been parked up near the Red Lion at Stonedge and it was crazy with loads of lightning bolts and lashing it down with rain
  6. Birmingham Airport webcam could be decent viewing shortly https://cam.airlive.net/bhx/
  7. Surely now that will count? Completely missed us. Wished I had drove up to the top of Marsh Lane for the view
  8. Different webcam but this time at the City Airport at Manchester City Airport Webcam Northwest WWW.CITYAIRPORTANDHELIPORT.COM
  9. Typical how the Manchester Airport webcam is facing the wrong way as it would be great viewing of the storm as it passes up the west side of the airport EDIT They have turned it towards the storm https://cam.airlive.net/man/
  10. There is a storm brewing on this forum at least ? Hope this comes off
  11. @Had Worse Forgot about that webcam as it did not used to be free to view
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