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  1. That London webcam is blurry again That must be some water coming down
  2. You can normally see all the landmarks on the London webcam..Sr Pauls, Shard etc It's a blur at the moment with the rain Edit: Clearing now but those trees in the foreground could not be seen
  3. Woooosh. If you see Pauls reply I think it was a bit of sarcasm from Crashlanding
  4. Directly above us but no lightning and the thunder, while fairly constant aint loud Hammering it down though
  5. Frequent rumbles to the South and getting closer (As Radar suggests)
  6. Seems to be a line of showers developing quite rapidly in line with us Constant thunder outside but not very loud and no flashes. It's all high up it seems
  7. Ha ha PIT This one has more to it, but no visible lightning as such
  8. That heavy shower passes over us then decides to start producing some lightning as it goes into the distance towards Sheff......typical Maybe a bit more if a chance with the what is approaching from the south though in the next 15-20 minutes Edit: Thunder approaching, but not much lightning visible. Up in the clouds
  9. Another bright flash towards Clowne/Worksop direction...distant rumble Nothing here apart from a 30 second spurt of rain but the smell is ace
  10. Yes it does seem to be that 'lot' Quite a bright flash to the South of us now
  11. Looking out the window now from Chesterfield and there is fairly frequent flashes that are lighting up the clouds towards the East I think, and also hear the odd distant rumble
  12. Just about constant lightning at the moment at Piran Bay, Slovenia
  13. And considering the sun is as strong now as around mid September where you can get some heat/late warmth in the 20's Ready for some of that now Remember being down Wembley in 2012 on 25th March watching the football and got a face like a beetroot stood in the beer garden...it was around 20 odd degrees with clear blue skies all day
  14. It isn't clever out there We've just come from the pub and under foot (nothing to do with the booze lol) its treacherous underfoot Layer of ice under the snow that has just come down
  15. It is starting to snow a bit here but we've all had the best of it the last few days It's March...time for some periods of Spring warmth now