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  1. Had a good old downpour, some very loud cracks and plenty of lightning here for a while here about an hour ago. Fantastic stuff. Sky is brightening now.
  2. Moderate snow here. Very fine flakes. Tiniest signs of settling on the table outside.
  3. Sounds good to me Chris. We’ve had nothing much at all over the last couple of days. A rogue light flurry here and there. Here’s hoping the weekend delivers something for us here in North Merseyside
  4. It’s skirting just South of me. It’s so close I could cry!
  5. A few snow grains and flakes coming down here. Very light. But I’m hoping it’s a good sign
  6. Getting in on the snow predictions. I’m being an optimist and going for 4cm here in L31
  7. We’ve had nothing here in Maghull. Other than a graupel dusting yesterday morning.
  8. Sounds like you’re very near me. I’m right on the edge of Maghull/Lydiate.
  9. Entirely rain/sleet event here. Some local flooding here in Maghull, around the River Alt region especially. Thankfully I’m just far enough away from it.
  10. No snow here in L31. Anyone more knowledgable than I know if it will turn for us?
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