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  1. Ha.. can I join this club. Except I'm a sister. I just picture the radar returns like something out of the sci-fi series "Under the dome"
  2. Yup.. I'm just off the A281 between Bramley and Cranleigh and nothing falling from the sky
  3. Just had the heaviest snow shower here too. I thought it was going to be sleet or rain, seems elevation is helping us out. I wonder if that lot in the to the SW is headed this way.
  4. Please stay safe everyone! Freezing rain is absolutely lethal. Hoping to get a bit more snow today (not holding my breath though), a last hoorah would be great before I start chasing the magic 20c
  5. Sky is starting to lighten up now and the radar is not showing much happening at the moment. Is this it for today?
  6. Morning all, very light dusting here in Bramley but the wind is evil! Went to let the chooks out and the coop door was frozen shut. @paget holding thumbs for us today. A bit disappointed when I saw met office had removed the snow for me for Friday.
  7. Streamers to the North of me showers to the South, here I am stuck in the middle with naught. (Bramley, Surrey)
  8. I am in Bramley (near Grafam) and I could literally see the showers on the radar split in two before heading north and south of me. Seeing the edges of the cloud base move right adjacent to my house had me shaking my fist at the sky.. lol. As for Thursday/Friday we seem to be to far East, as opposed to being to far west. Can't win!
  9. Shoot I missed it... Chasing cats indoors. If anyone has a link, please post it.
  10. Thanks for your insight kold, I always seem to be just on the cusp of the action. Fingers crossed the showers reach me here near Guildford.
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