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  1. Hey, Plum. I am in Bramley. Roads are fine, bit slippery near Wonersh but roads are all clear. We have been right on the edge of any precip and have had maybe 5 flakes per minute for the last 3 days 😁
  2. I have had constant snizzile for about an hour now,nothing settling mind, freezing wind howling across the fields. Hopefully we can get something more substantial later.
  3. Would be really great if we did! Keeping everything crossed everyone in the region gets some.
  4. I am just around the corner from you near Bramley. I wonder if we will be too far sw? Met office app has changed so many time for me lol. Has no snow for me now apart from light stuff Sun night.
  5. I am normally very quiet, but is this a necessary comment? Is it helpful, encouraging or kind in any way shape or form? Sorry, but this kind of comment is uncalled for!
  6. The A281 was a complete nightmare between Guildford and Cranleigh! Potholes hidden under snow, lorries driving like loons, did not seem to have been gritted.
  7. Ha.. can I join this club. Except I'm a sister?. I just picture the radar returns like something out of the sci-fi series "Under the dome"
  8. Yup.. I'm just off the A281 between Bramley and Cranleigh and nothing falling from the sky
  9. Just had the heaviest snow shower here too. I thought it was going to be sleet or rain, seems elevation is helping us out. I wonder if that lot in the to the SW is headed this way.
  10. Please stay safe everyone! Freezing rain is absolutely lethal. Hoping to get a bit more snow today (not holding my breath though), a last hoorah would be great before I start chasing the magic 20c?
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