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  1. Light covering on the cars now😁. Very windy too
  2. Morning folks. We have sleet here in the Surrey Hills. Holding thumbs for all of our region.
  3. Ha... I'm in the Surrey Hills and the last time all I got was a few wet flakes and hours of sleet🤔
  4. Very wet snow here in the Surrey Hills.
  5. Just down the drag from you in Bramley. Saw a few ice pellets a few minutes ago. Crossing fingers and toes for a bit more excitement tomorrow.
  6. I'm in Bramley and I feel your pain lol. Was just outside shaking my fist at the sky😂
  7. Absolutely tipping it down with rain here in the Surrey Hills. Good luck to you northern lot. I'm hoping Monday might be a bit better for my location.
  8. I'm in Bramley and have not seen or heard anything? I am assuming you are in Godalming Surrey?
  9. Shoot wrong year. I remember that so clearly. I was going to send my husband out to rescue her!
  10. I remember your wife getting stuck in 2009 Plum! Good to see us southies getting some snow for a change. I was arguing with the hubby earlier saying if the lapse rates are good the snow will settle regardless of how wet the ground is!
  11. First time in years we have something to cheer about. I just hope that the dewpoints will be low enough. Judging by the metoffice app in Epsom, it has no clue what is going on! I have been watching the symbols since Tuesday and it has gone from heavy snow, light snow, heavy rain back to light snow.. lol. Currently it says sleet.
  12. Met office app has taken away my snow symbols and replaced them with rain....booo hiss
  13. Dew point in Epsom is 0c at moment. hoping we can reinstate the snow depth cup, sometime before I need a zimmer frame instead of a sled! Feeling very chilly here in the wind today and yay I did see a bit of snizzle yesterday
  14. Horizontal rain, snow and sleet.... gotta love it. Just glad I do not have to go out today
  15. Huge flakes here in Epsom. Very wet but so pretty.