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  1. So i had a dream there was snow in my front garden last night... Winter hysteria setting in already!

    1. Milhouse


      That would be nightmare for me.

    2. Andy_
    3. Angelici Magiovinium

      Angelici Magiovinium

      I have dreams like that all year round...it's called wishful dreaming :-)

  2. Craving some sunshine and warmth now!

    1. Bottesford


      Tell me about it... Been so long since I've felt the warmth of the sun.

  3. Officially moved back to Jarrow, but off to the Lakes tomorrow through the forecasted front of snow, should be fun!

  4. Enjoy your snow storm in Central and Western areas guys, but here in the North East we welcome the first day of the North Sea Snow Machine!

  5. The fun and games will really start tomorrow!

  6. Merry Christmas All :)

  7. Who thought we'd be getting Multi-Cell Storms in the Summer, and SNOW in October in JARROW this year? :D

    1. Bolton67


      I was up your way today, Ne2 the into newton aycliffe. some wet snow showers in newton



      Yep. our weather is certainly heading to a colder scenario. and not just us but the whole planet!

    3. Andy_


      It's definitely been a weird one for weather so far in 2012!

  8. Well back to uni on Monday, and it would be typical that it will be raining all day!

  9. Silently hoping for no more cold weather until next winter, as i pick up my first car on Wednesday :D

    1. Eugene


      Cant like driving in sunshine then as cold airmasses bring beautiful blue skies more often than mild does this time of year

  10. The next few weeks of model watching are going to be exciting

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