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  1. The snow in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle where I work had all but melted by around 12pm, was surprised to find that there was actually more and more snow on the ground the closer I got to home (and the coast!). Side streets around here are pretty bad. This morning was a great reminder of what happens when we get snow of the north sea. High intensity precipitation, big flakes and getting blown around like mad in the wind! Looking forward to more cold days ahead
  2. Well that was an interesting drive to work, heavy snow all the way from Jarrow to Central Newcastle. Laying right on top of the wet ground, paths are treacherous!
  3. The lack of daylight lately especially with the amount of rain we've had has been utterly awful. Hopefully some sunny days to go along with this cold spell! And ice days -holds breath-
  4. Wearing a coat in the north east is frowned upon 365 days a year haha don't worry about it!
  5. Snow? I just want an excuse to use the de-icer I bought in NOVEMBER :')
  6. In January too! Pretty exciting, I think the amount of WAA heading up towards Greenland could be the deciding factor, hopefully as much as the ECM!
  7. It is, quite remarkably, snowing here! Wasn't really expecting anything today, nice to see even if it is falling into puddles.
  8. It's looking like at my location (and those with similar height) tonight/ early tomorrow is going to be a washout, as a pocket of slightly warmer uppers moves through with the precipitation. although snow could fall as the band of precipitation approaches/clears. Best chance I reckon is late morning where there is a chance of catching a snow shower, with more favourable conditions of uppers at around -8 and dewpoints dropping back below freezing.
  9. So here we are, another winter impending and the first taste of it to come this weekend. As it happens 9 times out of 10 it's going to be marginal! With a band of snow/sleet/rain heading down from the North from the early hours of Saturday, areas with a bit of height and away from the coasts could do well, with low levels also in a with a chance if conditions fall onto the right side of the marginal. And as for winter, http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/north-east-weather-blizzards-hit-10466285 ​ As quoted from the above article, "North East road workers have stockpiled thousands of tonnes of salt in preparation for what could be the hardest winter in years." Maybe they know something we don't!
  10. When I finished reading this I just went, 'Wow'. Great read, some hard work put into this, hope all goes well
  11. I had 30cm (1 ft) in my back garden level snow then near the north sea coast and without much elevation, incredible and I'm not sure I'll ever see that much again round these parts! Keeping last Winter in mind i'd be happy with 1cm this year
  12. I've actually witnessed thundersnow more than once, with the most memorable experience being sat in my GCSE English class in 2009 appreciating enough that there was a heavy snow shower, but then for there to be a massive flash and crack of thunder was incredible and at the same time a bit confusing! Very impressive, and the ultimate gift of aggressive convection off the North Sea to deliver both heavy snow and thunder and lightning in one shower.
  13. Haven't been on here in a while, been away past couple weeks but got back earlier in the week. I was awoken yesterday morning to thunder booming into my house at around 9am, thought i was still at the campsite and a truck was driving past or something i was that confused! Then a big flash and more thunder, though I think Shields got the brunt of the storm with some flash flooding occurring in prone spots. One of those booms of thunder would have been where a house was hit in Hebburn, must have been a hell of a fright for the owners! http://www.shieldsgazette.com/news/local-news/hebburn-house-struck-by-lightning-1-6717257
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