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  1. Yep midnight and its 18c pretty impressive for late September
  2. Well yes they both live in the highest part of the region so goes without saying really for me its the excitement a cold spell may bring.
  3. Indeed another beautiful day here its meant to be turning unsettled later in the week with temperatures dipping slightly still around the 15c though compared with the 20c today
  4. Meantime across the Border in Austria 2000m asl 40cm has fallen today i am sure @carinthian will be on soon to give us an update
  5. Let's hope so lots of talk about a front-loaded winter
  6. Just to get in the mood for winter 30cm of fresh snow high up in the Swiss Alps.
  7. I personally feel we are back to normal well the new normal I have no idea as to the reason for the shortage I would imagine illness its like any industry for example teaching take two teachers out of the equation for whatever reason then you are looking for relief teachers or the class simply does not run anyway onto the weather sunny intervals and feeling warm in the sun temperature at at a tad over 18c.
  8. Just to follow up on this Manchester Airport was closed for an hour on Sunday due to a shortage of fire fighters flights were diverted to BHX and LGW until resources were deployed to the airport
  9. Indeed so damm annoying never happens in winter as you say.Always manages to stall well south of the region in winter.
  10. Oh no I did wonder were you were hope all your family make a speedy recovery.
  11. Reached 29.2c at 1415 now dropped to 28.6c a thin layer of cloud is now moving in so temperature has probably peaked shame did not quite reach 30c always next year I suppose.
  12. Already 23.4c here Manchester Airport is showing 24c will the 30c be reached today? Good chance I reckon
  13. Still am impressive yet muggy 19.6c here which for early September is quite remarkable providing it doesn't fall much lower i would imagine 30c could be reached tomorrow before the possibility of some electrical activity into Thursday as we say goodbye to this very brief but welcoming spell i have booked a week away in mid November to furentura just be my luck you guys will have snow whilst I'm sat by the pool C.S
  14. Stunning early September day current temperature 28.2c a few clouds bubbling up but doing nothing to interup the beautiful sunshine
  15. Yes its been a cracking day unbroken sunshine and a high of 22c
  16. Having a look at the weather models certainly signs of improvement once we get rid of the LP which looks like bringing a wet Saturday with sunshine and showers looking likely on Sunday showers look like becoming more isolated through Sunday as HP settles in cutting of the showers looking good into next week (no Heatwave)but temperatures into the low 20s with sunshine should feel very pleasant im sure most will be happy with the improvement.
  17. Thankfully an improving outlook as we head through the week no Heatwave in the forecast but certainly turning dryer and with temperatures in the low 20s should certainly feel pleasant in any sunshine at least get some gardening done without getting a drenching C.S
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