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  1. Reached 12c here felt warmer in the sun 06GFS has some parts reaching 18c in FI would love that to happen but very much doubt it. C.S
  2. Feels like it to beautifull blue skies and the sun feels pleasently warm hopefully a nice warm spring this year. C.S
  3. Yes Please What a Beautiful chart that is and to the second Question Hopefully but will not rule anything out until the end of the first week of March C.S
  4. Bit like a cold hunt in winter. Bit optimistic😁 C.S
  5. Does the GFS not underlplay the Temperatures ?? Light southerly winds originating from north Africa 14c not out of the Question as stated by Thomas schaf.....(cannot spell the rest) C.S
  6. Acording to Country file Temperatures up to 14c by Thursday along with clear skies will certainly feel like spring canot wait Would not rule out a final cold snap but for now bring on some nice sunshine C.S
  7. Turned to heavy sleet here Yuk.. C.S
  8. Just seen a tweet saying GFS is closest of all models at 9am Now then how far North Has the GFS been going?? Just saying...🤔 C.S
  9. Yes mate wont be much on it if it does reach this far North just got fingers crossed you get a covering after missing out yesterday. C.S
  10. Indeed Latest Euro4 Brings @CreweCold into the equation later on tonight.(infact most of Cheshire and the most southern areas of the region) The very same Euro4 that nailed yesterdays event C.S
  11. Manchester Airport TAF Indicating Light snow Tonight notice the GFS has moved the front further North Currently -4c with freezing Fog C.S
  12. Not confident on that one C.S
  13. Local lunch time forecast said there could be a few heavy snow showers through the cheshire gap this afternoon C.S
  14. Manchester Airport closed for runway clearance. C.S
  15. Moderate snow falling again😛 C.S
  16. How can it be so different within 10 miles? C.S
  17. Belting down absolutely loving this heaviest snow in years😍 C.S
  18. Heavy Snow About 4cm here at the moment. C.S
  19. Heavy snow showers have been on and off for the last hour giving a good covering Looking at the Radar seem I am right in the middle of a streamer. C.S
  20. Reference Thursday its worth noting that the pivot point is where you will see the most snow Reference overnight snow Showers Early hours of the morning if in fact they happen at all C.S
  21. Why did I log in ???? Logged out gain C.S
  22. Looks like lots of snow showers for liverpool chsshire and NW Midlands overnight according to the lunch time forcast looks like a classic cheshire Gap set up. C.S
  23. Manchester Airport TAF snow showers from 6pm tonight unitl lunch time tomorrow C.S
  24. Heavy snow at Man Airport C.S