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  1. Yes looks like a very brief opportunity for high ground 200m to see some snow on Tuesday a wintry mix of Rain sleet and Hail for low ground -5 uppers from a NW just dont cut it need at least -10 uppers to allow modification from the Irish sea. C.S
  2. Apparently a lady has rang the Met office to say there is going To be the possibility of a NW wind and some snow.the response was Dont worry it wont happen. C.S
  3. So close to an ice day here in South Cheshire Temperature at 10.45 was -1.2c has since risen to currently 1.8c with quite thick fog once again another sub Zero night in prospect if nothing else it at least feels seasonal. C.S
  4. Ha Ha neighbours with me and @CreweCold welcome to the snow Drome C.S
  5. well its 3.3c here and experiencing the cold rain in fact its the coldest rain of the winter so far C.S
  6. Week ahead forecast Basicaly wet and windy snow for high ground Scotland by weekend dry but turning colder. C.S
  7. Yes NWS Hopefully the HP sets up in the correct position where we can see sparkling sunshine by day and some harsh frosty nights.If snow is not on the agenda yet then this is by far second best. C.S
  8. Happy New Year Knocker Keep up your excellent posting in this thread C.S
  9. On the plus side wall to wall Sunshine here in south Cheshire and dare I say mild as well if its not going to snow then this is the second best if you had just landed from Mars you would be forgiven to think we were in late April. C.S
  10. Just been out with the dog in glorious sunshine Thermometer says 8c but I suspect the feel like temperature is 12 or 13c felt the warmth on my neck as I was walking it would not surprise me that within the next ten years or so some people maybe eating there Christmas day dinner alfresco.A shame in many ways allways christmas morning pulling back the curtains to a harsh frost or on some occasions snow.even having to open your presents in front of the fire has become a rareity infect last years we had the windows open. Anyway shouldn't be on here Mrs C.S won't be impressed if she catches me C.S
  11. Not difficult to see why there is not much interest in here anyway I am signing of until the New Year have a great Christmas stay safe and have a fantastic time over the festive period. C.S
  12. Unfortunately not much to add. To all the posters on here Paul and all the Moderators have a great Christmas put the weather on the back burner and enjoy your Christmas with family and friends. C.S
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