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  1. @Bring Back1962-63 Again fantastic post,would be great if you could do a winter forecast or at the least a January LRF I am sure it would be a fantastic read Again thanks for your detailed posts. C.S
  2. Morning Thin covering of wet snow here. @northwestsnow 300m PPfftt (only joking) C.S.
  3. Well if the models continue in the mood they are at the moment,I bet most of us Will be eating Christmas Dinner with one eye on the Ipad hidden under the table. C.S
  4. Lets'just hope post Christmas 300m is not required C.S
  5. She sure will,just to say how lucky cheshire was to escape the snow. C.S.
  6. Been nearer to the coast,well about 50 miles I wonder if the uppers are been mixed out Cannot think of any other explanation,anyone else got any sensible suggestions? This region is crap not to be mentioned C.S DP is negative
  7. Stoke getting heavy snow Anywere West of the M6 is doomed I tell you Doomed... C.S.
  8. No lamppst required can hear the rain on the windows,NI and the Midlands Seeing heavy settling snow. Sigh.... C.S
  9. Snow is falling in the North West,snow line is about 250m though C.S
  10. Darren Bett just on after the six of clock news snow for NI/Scotland/NW England And not just on high ground,low ground will also see a period of snow.Cannot see it myself of this evening' models. C.S. That was for tomorrow evening not tonight.
  11. METO showing sleet and snow before changing back to rain tonight,however with the surface cold I fear freezing rain will be more of an issue tonight leading to some black ice and very unpleasant conditions in the morning. C.S.
  12. Just having a quick look at this and the possibilities are there. At 1800 tomorrow DP are around -2 and uppers are at -5 my concern is with a westerly Winds the uppers will be modified some what obviously other factors come into play. One thing for sure if Dianne says rain,then dust down the sledge and tell the kids it' going To snow again C.S
  13. The No Snow Club

    I am out for another year. perhaps do a No Snow Club for January. Then we can all start over again C.S