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  1. cheshire snow

    Your Deepest Snow Record

    At my elevation lucky to get any snow accumalation (19m) December 2010 by far the best 11cm and stuck around for around seven days. C.S
  2. cheshire snow

    In Memoriam

    Peter Brackley sports commentator and broadcaster has died after a short Illness aged 67
  3. Sun breaking through but wow is it mild/warm current Temperature 21c with the wind gusting at 46mph C.S
  4. Happy birthday Chris. Yes been a beautiful day cloudless skies and Temperature of 19c C.S
  5. Complete opposite here wall to wall Sunshine and temperature of 22c felt great. C.S
  6. Overnight low of 2.8c at Manchester Airport felt very nippy at 0300 this morning Lovely blue skies now and Temperature starting to respond currently 8.9c C.S
  7. If you continue I will have to put you on Mooote In other news Heavy Rain causing lots of surface water C.S
  8. Oh come on pull the udder one. C.S
  9. This Mornings Arpege Model Still showing a spell of Heavy Snow Over the Welsh Mountains on Sunday Afternoon C.S
  10. Reminds of the snow warnings in winter C.S
  11. cheshire snow

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Sat by the pool in the Algarve current temperature 32c C.S
  12. cheshire snow

    In Memoriam

    Nobel Prize Winning Author VS Naipaul Has died aged 85 C.S
  13. cheshire snow

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Most of the forecast I have seen are suggesting temperatures of 33-35c for the next 2 weeks which suits me fine C.S
  14. cheshire snow

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I am off on my regular visit to Portugal in two weeks time just praying the heat subsidies The all time European could go this week with 52c forecast for inland areas Of Portugal Luckily I am more near the coast but temperatures still near to 40c here cannot wait C.S
  15. cheshire snow

    Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

    Yes at last the rain has started.Just been stood in the garden getting soaking wet The neighbours think I am potty,just felt like a warm shower. C.S