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  1. ^^^ Agree with most of the above only thing I would add is 1-3cm on low ground C.S
  2. Very nice start to the 18z Back edge snow Monday night followed by snow showers on a cold NW Flow and as stated earlier anything beyond is FI C.S
  3. Don't know were to start with this post. the most annoying start to your post "I don't want to say" a classic when it goes belly up Tuesday event can only be judged after the event surely Members getting carried away its a weather Forum you can only comment on what the models are showing you surely. Easterlies don't really affect our region?? Think back to last Year. I do get a feeling your post may be more of a IMBY Post On a brighter note (No why bother....) C.S
  4. The Beast is Dead But Wait.......................... we now have the Pest from the West -8HPA And Heavy snow showers from the west C.S
  5. Hi Mate hope you are well. Yes saw this yesterday but it does irritate me states NW,but NW Where ? England/Scotland/Ireland C.S
  6. Hi Mate Yes had a bit of wet snow last night gave the car a covering but soon changed back to rain. C.S
  7. Yes mate Tuesday is looking fantastic for me that is were FI starts the models are having so many problems with the storm coming out of the US and trying to contend with SSW I think once the exact track of the US storm is sorted we will start seeing the boom charts again. C.S
  8. Oh Absoulty even the GFS 6z which in comparison to the last few days has totally car crashed there are plenty of snow oppertunities even in FI there is a cold NW delivering snow to our region in fact I would even say the GFS 6z was a good run for our region but I would get linched if I said that in the MOD thread looking forward to see if this trend continues this Evening All Cushty as far as I am concerned C.S
  9. On the flip side where have all the let's say mild lovers been over the last few days? Only to come back today with all there told you so posts. C.S
  10. Think I may have picked the correct day of next week(Tuesday) Heavy rain followed by back edge snow followed by snow showers Been blown in on a freezing NW wind C.S
  11. Snowing at Man Airport C.S
  12. That is for next weekend?? Meantime the sleet fest is on C.S
  13. That's you done for the winter no more moaning C.S
  14. Anyone who benefits from a NW flow should be happy with the GFS back edge snow Followed by heavy snow showers (thinking imby here Cheshire Gap) C.S
  15. Both MAN and LPL TAF are showing some wintry weather Both showing a rain to snow event C.S