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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Good job it is not a snow storm then. C.S
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    Hope Crewe Cold is ok Police asking people to avoid the area. Also problems in the Nantwich area. C.S
  3. Hurricane Ophelia

    Cheshire police report power lines and trees down in Crewe C.S
  4. Getting very windy at Manchester Airport At the moment,also hearing reports that the M56 is closing for high sided vehicles(unconfirmed at the moment) C.S
  5. Personally I am looking forward to the brief warm up,give me a chance to give the lawns One last cut and maybe one last meal sat out on the decking,hopefully I can squeeze a 20 Or 21c out of this brief warmth spell. C.S.
  6. White Christmas 2016

    And the Computer says"it will only snow in the Midlands" C.S
  7. A case of if only "it was December or January" A cool NW wind With plenty of heavy and frequent showers. C.S.
  8. A 2010 with some of 1965 Thrown in for good measure.On a serious note I Have not got a clue. C.S
  9. Nice seasonal start to the day plenty of mist/fog about sun starting to get to work now so hopefully a pleasent day ahead. C.S.
  10. A very seasonal morning here is South Cheshire mist and fog quite dense in places,Temperature was around 5c half hour ago but will rise soon as the September Sunshine gets to work forecast a high of 16c which will feel pleasent if the cloud stays away. C.S.
  11. Yes Chris Some bangs and flashes accompanied by some moderate rain and Hail C.S. Just lost sky signal
  12. Persistent light to moderate rain 12c C.S.
  13. That's awfull news Legritter thoughts to you and your family,keep strong and keep posting,I am sure I speak for all,when saying the whole of net weather community are with you. C.S.
  14. Certainly is year after year has been glourios here long may it continue C.S
  15. Thunder and lightning at manchester airport C.S