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  1. Pure guess work at this range however my punt is a mild Christmas followed by an Early January Freeze C.S
  2. Met office text forecast for NW England for tonight indicating 0c C.S
  3. Met office text forecast indicating a overnight low of 0c not sure on that... C.S
  4. Please Mods don't delete for been of Topic buts let's stop and think in the months to come when the bickering and sniping starts Legritter post above drives home the message and puts things in prospective.so pleased you are getting things back to some kind of normality the Net weather community will always be with you. C.S
  5. Shame we cannot have a warm climate all year round don't get me wrong I would love a proper good snow event but I am getting fed up of a 1cm slush fest every year. C.S
  6. Indeed Been a beautiful day and looks good for the rest of the week although quite cool at night with a ground frost possible,all this taking us into silly season which having a quick look in the MOD Thread has already begun Oh Dear.. C.S
  7. Horrible evening here Light Drizzle street Lights are now on its that Gloomy C.S
  8. 1st day of holiday on the beautiful island of Kos a very nice 37c C.S
  9. Cloud has broken up here allowing some late evening Sunshine at total contrast to the Forecast C.S
  10. I think that's over South Cheshire at the moment C.S
  11. A couple flashes of lightning here and now Thunder C.S
  12. Have to agree unfortunately however September in recent years have been very good especially around these parts. C.S
  13. Raining quite steady at the Airport but no T and L Which is disappointing just hope this heat does not go out on a whimper C.S
  14. @northwestsnow there are a line of storms heading up from the south Rain today has your location for storms 2200-0100 C.S
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