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  1. Quite the opposite in South Cheshire getting on for 24hrs of persistent rain. C.S
  2. Quite agree 4 more months of this would be nice Max here today of 23.7c C.S
  3. Unfortunately we say goodbye to the current Dry and settled Spell to be replaced by a colder airstream after the cold front has passed through the region overnight Showers turning increasingly wintry with sleet and hail a distinct possibility over low Ground Higher ground perhaps seeing a transient covering of snow. Thunder also a possibility as the Heavy showers roll in. Things look like settling down towards weekend with Temperatures recovering C.S
  4. Ok for East of the M6 Not that bothered snow in April really does not float my boat,but hey it is what it is. C.S
  5. Manchester and Liverpool TAFS showing snow Showers overnight into early part of tomorrow Morning How Exciting NOT C.S
  6. Sleet and snow showers here in the last 45 mins temperature dropping to near freezing when the showers are falling C.S
  7. Overnight rain has cleared no sign of any wintry PPN a few rain showers this morning with a current Temp of 3.3c C.S
  8. Manchester and Liverpool Airport TAFS are both indicating the snow risk tomorrow C.S
  9. Not a bad met office text forecast for Sunday if snow at this time of year is your thing C.S
  10. If one thing I have learnt its these systems always correct south and I don't see any reason why this system wont do the same thing. Sweet spot anywhere south of the Midlands C.S
  11. The 06 GFS showing a wintry Picture Sunday through to Wednesday especially Birmingham Northwards snow especially on high ground but not Exclusively probably falling to quite modest levels at times. C.S
  12. A surprise snow event on the other side of the Irish sea. C.S
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