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  1. Central heating no however temperature dropped to 2c last night so good excuse after working a night shift to put the gas fire on for 10 minutes when I got home C.S
  2. Heard a rumor that all the LFC fans had stock piled just incase the Premier League trophy has to be passed accross Stanley Park. C.S
  3. Absolutely no science involved here but I am going for a front loaded winter with a cold end to November before a very cold December very similar to 2010. C.S
  4. A bright start here in South cheshire but temperature struggling at only 9c with a nagging cold breeze just taken the dog out and out of the sun it certainly felt on the cold side. C.S
  5. Stunning day temperature maxed at 25.9c on nights this week so made the most of probably the last half decent day before the slow decent into Autumn then silly season. C.S @Rush2112 fantastic picture this morning
  6. Very similar to the lunchtime forecast on the BBC 26c Northern England with 30c showing for the Capital. C.S
  7. Back from my holidays in Kos I guess this photo sums it all for me been able to photograph the magnificent sunsets weather for 10 days was perfect temperatures in the high 30s and not one cloud seen....oh well back to Reality currently 16c and overcast in South Cheshire so forgive me for wearing my fleece.....now were did that Holiday brochure go. C.S
  8. Sounds horrendous back home next Friday. Meantime 6th consecutive day of heat and sun and temperatures of 36c and the next seven days look like rinse and repeat would love to settle down and live in greece even the winter can be more severe than the UK maybe not on the Islands but certainly mainland Greece can get a bit nippy. C.S
  9. Horrible Morning here very Autumnal feels like an October morning with gusty winds and rain on and off. C.S
  10. Not going to last unfortunately but what a beautiful start to the day. C.S
  11. Well my lightning detector has detected Lightning strikes in the Midlands. C.S
  12. I would just like to see more than 0.5cm of slush between December and March C.S
  13. Officials are waiting to verify if the hottest temperature record has gone as Death Valley have reported a temperature of 54.4c. Makes our 34c of last week look a bit tame in comparison C.S
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