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  1. Long rumble of thunder rolling through the valley here at 01:45am that got me out of bed to check on the radar.
  2. Exciting night for any shift-workers at Holme Moss as that thundery-shower passed overhead
  3. The majority of the strikes hitting the Holme Moss tower
  4. Definitely see the strikes from where I am north of Buxton looking towards Woodhead, plane diving over low atm heading straight into the airport.
  5. As it currently stands this storm will be blowing through the last 1/4 section of the SPINE Race which follows the length of the Pennine Way, there's just over 100 runners still remaining making their way past Pen-Y-Ghent. The runners are kitted up with all the safety gear but it's the environmental dangers from this storm which brings up the most concern especially out across open-moorland and within the Northumbria Forest section.
  6. Got soaked-through whilst taking a quick walk around town here at 11am, persistent heavy rain that looks to be orographic-influenced on the radar. Still keeping a eye on the SPINE race tracking, runners being routed away from the Pen-Y-Ghent summit overnight due to ice and frost that was still on the summit.
  7. Keeping a VERY close eye on weather developments this week, especially concerning that modeled low-system which has the potential to bring severe gales across the NW and North. Meanwhile the SPINE Race is underway with the 'challengers' setting off first this morning. Already the leaders approaching Wessenden. I feel more sorry for the folks starting off tomorrow and will be running the length of the Pennine Way night and day for the next 10 days. http://live.thespinerace.com/
  8. The annual SPINE Race begins from Edale this Saturday with runners taking on the length of the Pennine Way almost non-stop over 5 to 10 days, i'm keeping a close eye on the forecast as any inclement conditions will need reporting to the safety-teams so they can prep incase of any on-course actions/emergencies which can sometimes arise. It's always a fun week following the trackers all heading north whilst keeping a eye on the radar situation.
  9. Lovely blue skies looking out the window this morning being able to watch the overhead flights with the scanner and seeing the Moonset behind the hill. Windchill is -3.6'c here but the sun is quite warm behind the double-paned windows. I have a feeling that the cloud and clag to the south will be over us by the afternoon from looking at the latest vis satellite.
  10. Tornado in Almeria today


    1. Mokidugway


      Used to Own an apartment in roquetas De Mar , wonder if it's still there :cc_confused:

    2. Mokidugway


      Plasticulture hell around there 

  11. Squally showers just moving through here too with 40mph gusts. NWRadar showing some hints of wintryness on the tops.
  12. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Revised highest gust for Buxton was 74mph at 06:09am.
  13. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Highest gust in Buxton this early am was 66mph recorded at 05:38am, the gusts and slight-hail rattling against the window here since 2am. Luckily the leccy is still on although i'v heard reports of a few thousand without power up in Yorkshire and Cumbria.
  14. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    FR157 from Leeds having a tough time getting down on the ground at Dublin currently, 2nd go-around for them.
  15. Storm Eleanor - Atlantic Storm 5

    Going to be interesting listening to DUB approach on liveatc with FR24 alongside, already one RYR has gone-around.