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  1. I expect the people of Coverack will be on tenderhooks after Tuesday's flooding, especially concerning the damage that's already occurred and this front seeming to slow to a crawl right over the Lizard Peninsular.
  2. Mag 6.7 quake strikes off Turkey, Tsunami reported in Bodrum with hotels popular with British holidaymakers flooded.

    1. karyo


      Many Greek islands in the eastern Aegean are also badly affected.

    2. Mokidugway


      Had a 6.4 on kefalonia in 2003 that was scary enough let alone a 6.7 :shok:  

  3. At least with Bowie people were prepared in a way as they knew he had a terminal illness, Chester's death literally came out of nowhere and at first I thought it was one of those 'dud' celeb deaths that usually do the rounds. I grew up in the nu-metal and have a lot to thank the whole Linkin Park band for. A shame I never got to see or meet Chester in person as from the age of 20+ they was on my playlist consistently. Cracking open a few beers tonight and enjoying the legacy he left behind.
  4. Listening to the entire back-catalog of Linkin Park tonight. Currently on Hybrid Theory and soon onto Minutes to Midnight.
  5. Interesting that little cell NE of Gainsborough, Lincs has popped up out of nowhere with localised torrential rain heading for the Hull area.
  6. Any thoughts on tomorrow's LEWP/Squall-Line potential? GFS has winds of 40mph with heavy rain crossing the length of the country tomorrow afternoon.
  7. Been watching SVA123 doing circuits of the Peak District from the garden this late morning. Flaps clearly stuck 15' down as it spent a good 2hr holding at DAYNE towards the Goyt Valley. Got some good pics as it came inbound at 7000ft overhead here.

  8. Just poked my head out the open window for 15mins looking in that direction but didn't hear anything more.
  9. Certain I heard a rumble just then, Glossop direction?
  10. A few here in Glossop might be happy soon if the cell heading to Knutsford intensifies and stays on track, it might brush just to the north of me but if it becomes electrical i'll hear the rumbles here.
  11. Just as expected around 8/9pm is the turn for us in the Manchester area.
  12. Might catch up on a few hours lost-sleep as the MEN Evening News has a video up showing forecast storms won't hit the Peak District until at least 8/9pm. http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/radar-map-shows-storm-could-13357252
  13. Absolutely sweltering in Buxton this afternoon, the clouds look deceiving but even just after 2 hours of being outside i'm almost soaked through as the temp and humidity is just trapped underneath the low-cloud we've had since morning. Slight spots of rain felt on the way home but the action remains further west.
  14. For anyone chasing around the NW i'd suggest Sponds Moor as a good vantage-point with extensive views across Cheshire, Manchester, and parts of Lancs. The road from Disley leads up to the Bowstones (just some 15m less than the true summit) and no doubt offers some good potential for long exposure lightning-strike images depending on the timing of today.
  15. I'm in Buxton for 3pm so hoping the storms don't come too soon otherwise i'll need to take the waterproofs, a humid-sultry morning here with this mornings low-cloud lifting to give a few breaks and blue skies. In my 30s now and there's simply not enough coffee in the house to stem my tiredness but luckily I managed a good 5hr sleep since this morning. Throughout all of last night I saw 5-distance cloud flashes before sunrise and that was all we managed here in the Peaks so-far, anticipating events for later on today but my main focus will be on rush-hour Friday afternoon when the next front swings through.