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  1. BBMF Lancaster will be doing 2x flypasts along Ladybower Res and Chatsworth Estate tomorrow at 12:05pm. The weather is looking a bit overcast with spots of rain but i've seen it flying in worse. 

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    2. SNOW_JOKE


      70 years ago they were also fortunate to have a few hundred spare aircraft available, with only 2 left flying in the world in 2018 it wouldn't be advisable to have a incident with either one of them just because they felt like they were committed to fly despite the weather not being safe. Also I think it's Coningsby they fly out from has just one runway and it's the crosswind component being the main factor in regards to what happens tomorrow.

    3. johnholmes


      a link to one of the weather sites for the Coningsby actual and taf (forecast)


      Not looking good with the maximum cross wind for the Lancaster at, I think, 15 knots 

    4. SNOW_JOKE


      Weather factors cancelled the Lancaster, a Eurofighter did a fast-run along Ladybower just past 12:30 despite one of the BBMF pilots tweeting early this this too was also cancelled, a lot of people came from far and wide (some waiting over 6 hours) for this and they are understandably a bit peeved off by it all. I'm more fortunate living just 20mins drive away, but in the end I didn't bother going down and ending up in the traffic jams just to see a Eurofighter flying past. Heard it from here though.