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  1. Heard a few rumbles of thunder from the shower towards Bleaklow some 10min ago, it now looks like the main precip-core has quietened down as it moves further south.
  2. NW Radar still showing precip as rain across the Peak District, but I can confirm it's all snow
  3. Wondering how far west that rash of showers will get into the region, tantalizingly close to this side of the Peak District north of Buxton but it all depends on what the winds are doing in the low-mid heights.
  4. Heard the splash of raindrops against the bedroom window this morning as the front passed, looking at twitter and the Scottish page here on NW it seems like some good snowfall amounts totalling for the highlands and even a few reports of snow at sea-level.
  5. 13'c shade temperature here in the peaks today but sat out in the late-spring sunshine it feels much warmer than that, pleasantly surprised at just how cloud-free today was although it's all change from tomorrow with that northerly setting-in for a few days. Just a shame it came 2 months too late to be of any significance other than a brief shock to the system.
  6. First one live on YT i've found so far..
  7. Catching Fish During an F3 Tornado


  8. Damaging winds in Reykjavik and the Reykjanes peninsular today, with gusts between 50mph and 80mph expected.

    1. karyo



    2. SNOW_JOKE


      Snow at first ahead of the front but turning to rain as temps rose to 7'c through the day. The Hallgrímskirkja Church webcam has been gusty throughout the day.

  9. Lovely Moonrise here in the Peaks this evening, I wasn't even looking for it until discovering the ISS was passing over at the same time...The ISO was a little overexposed on the last pic but it's still not too bad given how bright the full-moon was at rising.
  10. After a lovely 2 days of mild temperature and sunny-skies the fun and sun is over here, back to dismal cloud and a cooler-wind in stark contrast to just 4 hours ago when I was sat up on the field enjoying a cheeky can of Carling and soaking up the rays. Its somewhat depressing that between now and the end of Easter we're stuck with northerly winds bringing temps all the way down to just 11'c daytime max.
  11. 20.6'c in Buxton and likely making it to 21'c within the next hour, a great day here in the Peaks to have a short walk-around town, soon clears up the morning hangover and gets the tourists into the local shops. A shame that by Monday it's back to the usual cold, cloud, and rain.
  12. It's been nice seeing the cloud melt-away during the course of the afternoon, yesterday and this morning was dismally-dull and cold out in the wind. Looking forward now to a weekend of fine sunshine and temps along-with the Grand National and Football action.
  13. Managed 15'c today here before the cloud rolled in late-afternoon, there's rain forecast for overnight but into the next few days it's looking dry again with some good spells of spring-sunshine and warmth.
  14. I almost stepped out the door at 9pm and i'm glad I chose not to as 20mins later the rain bucketed down, similar to yesterday with intermittent sunshine/cloud followed by a few heavy showers towards midnight. Early morning tomorrow waiting for the April Showers season to begin with a bang.