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  1. Surprisingly the new A555 bypass is holding up well despite the conditions, the pumps at Toddbrook in full-flow to counteract the excess rainfall which is raising levels of the Goyt but only incrementally above the natural spate levels. Just the usual localized problems here in this part of the peaks with runoff and drainage issues.
  2. Amber Warning across the NW Pennines today (covering Glossop, Huddersfield, Sheffield) for rain, expected to be around the +100mm totals on the high ground. UK weather warnings WWW.METOFFICE.GOV.UK Met Office UK weather warnings for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. Choose your location to keep up to date with local weather warnings.
  3. Was Josh filming for the second series of Hurricane Man? it could be he moved locations upon realizing the destructive force of Dorian and him + team may have moved towards a more sheltered (using the term generously) side of the island.
  4. I was curious to see how large Dorian was with regards to the strongest winds around the circulation compared to the size of the UK, so I did a quick overlay and I wasn't expecting it to be THIS small
  5. It was Moovin down near Marple, I gave up at 5pm as the daytime heat was becoming too much and the queue for the only water-tap on site was 15 minutes long saw a few good bands for the 5 hours I was there but under the thin stage-tent canopys full of people and the heat of the sun coming through it was a bit too much for this oldie (i'm 35 but still not as young as most there) to endure. The forecast is 29'c tomorrow for Marple so i've sold the Sunday ticket and looking towards having a more relaxed day here at home.
  6. I'm hoping it doesn't get TOO hot today and tomorrow, off to a music fest and the idea of sweltering for 12 hours under the heat of the day is making me consider taking the umbrella just to get under some shade. I'm fairly susceptible to the heat anyway so usually do my best to avoid overheating although i'm not complaining about the past few weeks of constant rain and floods we've had here.
  7. Spent all day around Longendale, Snake Pass, and Kinder Scout today. Nothing but rain and more rain with some of the stronger wind-gusts making it feel like hail pellets, wrapped head to toe in waterproofs but that didn't stop the rain from getting in as I was coming down into Hayfield. Quick change into dry-clothes and the rain stopped just in-time.
  8. I took a wander up on the hill earlier to take a peak at the operations, the main focus still being on the breach at this time.
  9. It's only around 1,400 from 400 houses at the bottom of the valley who have been evacuated contrary to what the beeb and sky are saying, the majority of the town's population are situated higher up around the valley slopes well away from any possibility of flooding. Being 41m (131ft) above the Goyt i'd seriously start to worry if we got any water lapping-up at the doorstep here.
  10. Waking up at 6am to the sound of CH-47 Chinook 'rotor clap' is certainly a surreal experience in this part of the world.
  11. Yep, the town has a lot of folks living down near to the river and it's those people who are being strongly advised to leave and shelter at Chapel-en-le-Frith school until a better risk assessment of the dam's integrity is made. Almost every road in/out has been closed and Police aren't letting anyone who leaves the village to go back in. Once you're out, you're out.
  12. I live in the village although luckily up on the hill so we're not directly affected here. But it's been hectic with helicopters, sirens, people scrambling about whilst engineers are determining just how much of the dam has been breached. I was walking over the footpath only yesterday watching the park flooding and the overflow, and in all the 3-decades of living here i've never seen as much water trying to escape all at once.
  13. We've got the Police Helicopter over Whaley circling the Toddbrook Dam, observing the damage after yesterday's overflow destroyed 1/4 of the retaining concrete blocks. No mandatory evacuations in place for now but people are being told to stay away and prepare for evac if the call is given.
  14. Never seen the Goyt flowing through Whaley Bridge as high as it's been today in all 29 years of living here with some businesses and homes affected. The Goytside Farm river-levels near New Mills show the Goyt has overtopped it's previous record high by just under a meter, and there's still a 12hr lapse to wait for run-off from the hills to make it's way down.
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