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  1. Times of Oman uploaded this video yesterday, showing the extent of the rainfall as the center of Mekunu approaches land.
  2. I can definitely tell the humidity has shot-up here in the past 3 hours, cold and crisp this morning under the blanket of cloud and cold wind but since 1pm there's been a bit of sun breaking through and showers forming to the east of the Pennines in response to that.
  3. METAR's across the northwest mentioning heavy rain showers but nothing in terms of any hail, lightning, just yet. Granada Reports forecasting things to be starting at around 1am with the first wave passing through until 5am and then the frontal initiated convection moving through past 9am to 2pm.
  4. A newly developed tropical system in the Arabian Sea is expected to intensify in the coming days and make landfall in the Arabian Peninsula later this week. The system reached cyclone strength and was named Cyclone Mekunu on Tuesday evening local time. Mekunu is currently a very severe cyclonic storm with winds equal to a Category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic or east Pacific Ocean. A north to northwest track in the coming days will bring the risk for life-threatening impacts to Socotra, Oman and Yemen. https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/oman-yemen-on-alert-for-strengthening-cyclone-mekunu/70005018 I saw this mentioned briefly on the Beeb weather, expected strength at landfall equivalent of CAT2 winds with severe flooding and storm-surge.
  5. Dark cloud bases towards the Goyt Valley here in the Peak District and just NE of Manchester is the first signs of rain breaking out on the radar. Netwx-sr has today's thundery showers passing through at around 6pm.

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    The first serious injury has been reported as Hawaii continues to grapple with weeks of volcanic eruptions and lava flow. The injured man was sitting on a balcony at his home when "lava spatter" - projectile molten rock - landed on him. "It hit him on the shin and shattered everything there down on his leg," a spokeswoman for the county mayor said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-44187836

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    VAN/VONA: Ash eruption at summit has increased in intensity. NWS radar & pilot reports show top of the ash cloud is as high as 10,000-12,000 feet above sea level. Ashfall and vog has been reported in Pahala (18 mi downwind).

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    HVO Kilauea RED/WARNING - Increased ash emission from Kilauea Volcano summit; ash cloud and ashfall downwind
  9. BBMF Lancaster will be doing 2x flypasts along Ladybower Res and Chatsworth Estate tomorrow at 12:05pm. The weather is looking a bit overcast with spots of rain but i've seen it flying in worse. 

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    2. SNOW_JOKE


      70 years ago they were also fortunate to have a few hundred spare aircraft available, with only 2 left flying in the world in 2018 it wouldn't be advisable to have a incident with either one of them just because they felt like they were committed to fly despite the weather not being safe. Also I think it's Coningsby they fly out from has just one runway and it's the crosswind component being the main factor in regards to what happens tomorrow.

    3. johnholmes


      a link to one of the weather sites for the Coningsby actual and taf (forecast)


      Not looking good with the maximum cross wind for the Lancaster at, I think, 15 knots 

    4. SNOW_JOKE


      Weather factors cancelled the Lancaster, a Eurofighter did a fast-run along Ladybower just past 12:30 despite one of the BBMF pilots tweeting early this this too was also cancelled, a lot of people came from far and wide (some waiting over 6 hours) for this and they are understandably a bit peeved off by it all. I'm more fortunate living just 20mins drive away, but in the end I didn't bother going down and ending up in the traffic jams just to see a Eurofighter flying past. Heard it from here though.


    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    20 campers got a surprise over the weekend just gone, when Mount Merapi had a short-lived eruption at the summit in the early hours of the morning. All were unhurt and lucky the winds were gusting in the opposite direction to them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXAPz-wwuPk
  11. Raining in Blackpool and Liverpool at this time whilst for us more inland it's still blue skies and 20'c. Going to be a shock for some when in a hour or two the front begins to move over although it'll be interesting seeing it do so via timelapse.

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    31 homes destroyed at this time, the main fissure is half-a mile in length with at least 8 vents still erupting lava. USGS are monitoring inflation and suggest that this fissure eruption may take some time to slow down.
  13. I don't think it'll be the same fire as there's around 100miles between the lakes and peaks, and this smoke was only going up to 5000ft (based on the usual Manchester inbounds before they were diverting around). I'm surprised with so many people being out that there hasn't been any more wildfires around here today.
  14. Moorland fire up the top-end of the Goyt late this afternoon and firefighters will be standing down past sunset (about this time in writing) due to safety. Smoke plume from it was drifting all the way down to the Hope Valley, easily seen along the A5004 and Cat+Fiddle road which may still be closed at this time.
  15. I'm the same in that I enjoy temperament weather with blues skies and the occasional breeze, but having half the house facing west in the afternoon makes things uncomfortable especially when the humidity is high. I was due to have a morning hike up Kinder Scout tomorrow but i'll be giving it a miss given the temps are forecast 4'c higher and with more humidity underneath intermittent cloud. Also a potential of a few home-grown storms breaking out across Cheshire/Derbyshire and don't want to miss those.