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  1. Plenty of snow fallen since 9pm here with lots of cars stranded on the roads and only one gritter seen all night going through town. feels a little more pleasant now the stronger gusts have gone.
  2. I might brave the cold and snow for a couple of pints of Guinness at the local seeing it's St.Patricks day and most people will be staying at home because of the cold, not so much of an issue for me living just a few mins away from the town center Dove Holes is looking dicey again from the pics i've seen, and the A6 is choc-a-bloc with lorries trying to get up Fairfield Rd.
  3. A53 is shut near to Buxton due to a crash with at least 7 cars involved, visibility was reported as 'minimal' at the scene.
  4. -2.8'c in Buxton at close to 1pm, i've just woken up after having a near-sleepless night thanks to the easterly wind rattling the house and the RADAR is looking nice with the rash of showers for all afternoon.
  5. Taxi's will be busy at 3am from that forecast when it's chucking out time at the clubs lucky for me I hate clubs (more of a pub customer) and at home tonight & tomorrow anyway.
  6. Winds swinging round to a NEly flow with the colder air on NWRadar just making it's way inshore along the East Coast, it's going to be a chilly evening tomorrow for St.Patricks Day, myself I got some Carling in the garage and some films to catch up on.
  7. From the Met Office regarding Saturday & Sundays 'Amber' warning.. Snow accumulations will be variable across the area as showers are expected to organise into bands. Whilst some areas will receive relatively small amounts of snow, narrow bands of 5-10 cm of snow are likely, with a chance of 15 cm over higher ground. Strong easterly winds will result in some drifting of lying snow, and lead to a significant wind chill. Showers are expected to become more isolated through Sunday morning.
  8. I meant to say facing East for the camera timelapse but it all depends on what the conditions are like, if there's persistent low-cloud throughout the day then i'll do a lock-off timelapse facing the garden which is west, instead. But then again I might head down to Hayfield and catch a few snow-scenes from the bottom of Kinder. So many options to choose from with just a short weather-window before the likelihood of snow diminishes closer to the warmer months.
  9. There's a marked contrast between 6pm this evening with temps of 7'c and gusts of 15mph, and tomorrow morning's 6am forecast of -3'c with +40mph gusts and persistent snow showers. If I can get the camera set-up on the external battery i'm hoping to capture a 12hr timelapse of the snow building up facing west as the showers move through.
  10. It's possible as I can see Kinder, Bleaklow, and Brown Knoll taking just a few mins walk out from the door here at home. I was volunteering for the first 3-peaks district race which is now cancelled due to the conditions, not so much as a direct result of the weather itself as all the racers have full-winter gear but due to safety-team requirements in having to set-up checkpoints across the Woodhead and Snake pass. It's only a 15min journey from here to the bottom of Kinder Res by car, so if the roads aren't too busy I may take a impromptu visit to the lower part of William Clough.
  11. Somehow I think my planned weekend hike up Kinder Scout isn't going ahead, not with Saturday's snow along with the forecast gusts of 40mph+ on the tops making it feel more close to -12'c.
  12. I'm not sure about Mam Tor, but from what I saw today heading into Buxton today there was still patches up snow left up on Kinder, Brown Knoll, and at the side of the Long Hill road just before the White Hall Center.
  13. Plenty of rain at the minute making it's way east across the Peaks and it looks to be a washout afternoon with skies already darkening towards the hills. A second easterly will be less-welcome this time of early spring given it's lambing season, a short but sharp temperature drop is normally expected in March but anything that produces similar results to what we had almost 2 weeks ago will hit farmers and agriculture for the long-term recovery.
  14. It must have been around 2 or 3am in the morning that I was taking a quick peek on the Radar seeing if much was around, and seeing towards Lille/Dunkirk there was quite a rain-ladened area of PPN that produced a few sferics. It might have just brushed the outskirts of Rotterdam but it was getting late and I needed sleep.
  15. Feels quite pleasant and a little humid outside today, first time i've been outside without a jumper for a good few months since mid-October. A shame the cloud has rolled in and rain forecast for overnight as it'd otherwise be good weather for using the Bivvy tent. Still a few patches of snow lying around the north-facing side of farm walls but the majority of it has gone.