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  1. 750 rescued from campsites and villages amid severe floods in southern France this afternoon.

  2. This funnel-cloud appeared down the road from here, didn't see anything though other than noticing the heavy-rain shower. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/macclesfield-tornado-twister-stockport-pictures-15009716
  3. I decided to take a short wander around Toddbrook Res in the High Peak yesterday as the sun was out and water-levels were low, it's just slightly over half-capacity with the upper-side void of water aside from the 'reclaimed' brook. Where i'm standing would normally be covered over by 8ft of water and I did hear that Marple Canal has been closed to allow continuation of the reservoir's current levels to remain up until October.
  4. YNOT near to Bakewell has been having issues with the gusts of wind all throughout the day with some bands being delayed, and organizers advising anyone with tents to make sure they're properly fastened into the ground after a few empty ones decided to take a short flight over the Peak District fields.
  5. 5 rumbles of thunder in the past few minutes and the showers aren't even looking too heavy on the Radar, a nice Saturday surprise.
  6. Having a few rumbles of thunder here at the moment
  7. I'd have taken either a thunderstorm flickering off in the distance or clear skies to see the Lunar Eclipse, the worst-case scenario played out with just useless cloud-cover obscuring both. At least there's always January 20th next year for the next opportunity for another Lunar Eclipse.
  8. There's the possibility of that, local METAR does show thunderstorms for MAN and LPL into tonight and parts of tomorrow, I don't have access to the higher res models however so just going along with nowcasting unless anything pops up in the Stoke-on-Trent/Wolverhampton are with association to outflowing from the storms over in the East.
  9. Probably no chance of storms for us in the Midlands/NW now along with no chance of seeing the Lunar Eclipse due to the cloud initiated by the trough, not the best of days for missing out. The cell south of York is the closest active one for all of today so-far.
  10. South of Leeds, you have the options of fast-travel across the compass (N,S,E,W) with the motorways. Not too many hills around there but if you can find a open-top car park for the vantage point you'd have a good viewpoint too.
  11. The Channel cells seems to have a more northwards component to them than what was predicted, models show the winds steering more towards the East however past 6pm so whether they'll make it into the Midlands or not is the question.
  12. Crashed to bed at 3am knowing the sun was up at 5:15am this morning and any distant lightning would be lost to the daylight, missed the cells to the East for any observation of structure but it's the big-boy storms for this afternoon and i'm more awake and refreshed than pulling a all-nighter through the oppressive temperature in the house.
  13. Just need a cell with some good shear and outflow to destabilize the trough, like a line of dominoes once one goes the rest follows.
  14. Eyes on Reading for some development, IR showing a ACCAS field within the home counties that is likely primed to create the light-show which due to begin around 3am.
  15. Yep, screengrabbed it off the Thurs evening update on the youtube channel which was recorded around 5hr ago.