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  1. Doris is now on RADAR offshore Belmullet, Ireland. Wind gusts haven't quite reached surface-level yet but evident on RADAR is the mid-layer windshearing of the cold-front, with storm-cells trying to initialize but the tops being forced ahead of themselves with sustained 90-100mph winds at FL100. Excuse the shoddy mspaint job it was a quick-draw to show the cells being sheared upwind of the center.
  2. IR satellite corresponds with the surface-pressure forecast issued by the MetO with the center approaching Belmullet at this time, Doris is still on-track imho and with pressure gradients falling -9mb p/h as expected. 3 hours from now the higher gusts will begin to crank up across the Irish Sea.
  3. Strong wording being issued by MWIS for today...Showers. Storm or hurricane force upland winds. Rain/snow clearing..Expect walking to be arduous at best although in morning very difficult conditions indeed: any mobility tortuous and wind chill severe. Temporary whiteout possible.
  4. Just to warn anyone with FB, 'Doris' is one of the trends and the usual scammers are out the plaguing people's posts with iffy-links. I've had to resort to sharing the details on Doris privately as in the space of 5 minutes I had 7 of these scammers bombarding the post and out of nowhere too.
  5. Sobering to think in the next 6 hours the strongest of the gales will be powering through the Irish Sea and into N.Wales, Cheshire, and Merseyside.
  6. Aberdaron already getting a 60mph gust this hour
  8. How i'd love to be a fly-on-the-wall at NATS tomorrow morning, i'm hoping that airlines are already placing contingency plans in-preparation for Doris with Liverpool, Manchester, LBA, Midlands, Doncaster/Sheffield all expected to bear the brunt of the strongest winds tomorrow morning throughout the rush hour. Not to forget the +50mph gusts around the other areas of England and Wales, on top of the likely rail and road delays.
  9. Doris is still in a Baroclinic Leaf stage for the moment, ocean buoys generally pick up the deepening-center quicker than it'll show on vis/IR satellite due to the nature of these storms.
  10. Plenty of infrastructure within the Pennines that are westerly-facing although the key areas i'll be looking out for will be the usual high-routes (C+F, Snake Pass, Woodhead Pass) including the area in/around Hope Valley. If anyone is out chasing Doris for the winds i'd recommend Eccles Pike which is a exposed peak surrounded by a 'bowl' shaped valley and is always susceptible in weather conditions such as tomorrow's.
  11. The Barocyclonic-Leaf of Doris is just coming into view on the recent IR satellite link, still some time off yet until full cyclogenesis occurs.
  12. I'd end up taking a walk around town and spending a few hours at the local watching whatever sport that might be on, play some offline games (old-school ones such as Paranoid, Tetris, Minesweeper) before bed. I'm fortunate enough to remember a time when the internet barely existed and was dial-up speed with the old inbuilt modems screeching away, yet have grown with technology leading the way from wifi, 3G, bluetooth, etc. I think many people younger my age would struggle to adapt to their own world without the internet, even if it's just for a day. So many devices from consoles to mobiles rely on it now that uni/college students would fair worse off.
  13. I can't stress enough just how dangerous a sting-jet can be for anyone unfamiliar with the phenomenon, it was around 4 or 5 years ago the Peak District took the full-force of one with +95mph gusts and there's still damage locally that shows just how dangerous it was. Forests flanking the hillsides around the Goyt were completely flattened across acres, and the sound was similar to a heavy-goods train passing overhead for a good two hours.
  14. Western-facing slopes of the Pennines are sure to bear the brunt of Doris as the windfield strengthens through Thursday morning, although the higher snowdepths are looking to be in the southern uplands/cheviots with 15cm accumulation plus drifting.
  15. It was noticeably milder last night whilst partaking in some astrophotography between the clouds, not having to need 4x layers, hat, gloves, scarf was welcome.