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  1. Temps forecast to be -2'c in the hills overnight and DCC is already sending the gritters out ahead of tonight's frost. Out of the easterly wind today it was pleasantly warm but there was a noticeable windchill out of any shelter from it.
  2. This is one of my pics taken on the 24th July 2013 here in the Peak District, of the asperitas cloud type. I think the classification of this type was just beginning to gain acceptance around 2012 by the WMO and there was plenty of pictures being circulated by the msm around that same time, hence my instant recognition of it.
  3. There's a slightly more westerly component to the winds for the next 48hr in comparison to what the charts were showing over the weekend, Northumbria looks to be the best bet if you're looking for significant snowfall with +10cm for a time overnight and in-to tomorrow. For us slightly further south that westerly component induces quite a bit of moisture off the Atlantic raising temps slightly more than what they were forecasted so only the very summits of Bleaklow and Kinder will do best out of the potential. Evaporative cooling might have it's part to play for a brief time in the heaviest of the ppn, but even then i'm not expecting to see anything below 400m.
  4. A typical dire weather-day that we've gotten used to in the north since the past few days, and the atomizer for my vape-mod has 'gone' which means going out in all this too.
  5. One flood warning and several alerts in Cumbria after rain totals of 76mm in 24 hrs, and 178mm in 48 hrs.
  6. There's risk assessment and then there's actually being out there 'in the field,' even with dormant volcanoes that remain quiet for months on-end they can throw up all kinds of unexpected surprises. Surviving The Volcano (aka Surviving Galeras) is worth a read, it focuses on a scientific team out in Colombia studying Galeras during a dormant phase and suddenly found themselves in a much similar but deadlier situation with a full vent-eruption event as they were within the crater.
  7. A typical dire Derbyshire day today. Its not even worth heading out this evening for a few Irish drinks, but at least next week has some snow potential to look forward to.
  8. Southeast Spain saw a record amount of rain on Monday, causing riverbeds to overflow and roads to flood as the region faced its worst floods in 20 years. Half of the average annual rainfall fell in Alicante in just one day as more than 150litres of water per square metre hit the area. At least one man had to be rescued from his vehicle after it became submerged in floodwaters when it was swept away into the Serpis River. The southern region of Murcia, where most Spanish lettuce grown for export is cultivated, suffered the worst floods in two decades followed by its first snow storm in over 30 years in December and January.
  9. Drizzle in the morning and mostly overcast here all day, although it was warm enough outside (12'c) not to need a jumper on beneath the coat. Daffodils are already starting to appear and apparently the first Sand Martin of the year was spotted towards Glossop only 2 days ago.
  10. Proper snow falling here, despite the RADAR saying it's only sleet. Not sticking to any surfaces though but a contrast to 20hr ago when it was blue skies and sultry-warm March sunshine.
  11. 1 or 2 cm of snow fallen here at 210m asl, still falling whilst looking out the window with the SLR.
  12. 2cm of snow forecast for the Peaks tonight, what sounded like a Chinook just went over this way about 5mins ago. If anyone north around Glossop/Stalybridge/Rochdale hears it aswell.
  13. Radar picking up over Manchester/Cheshire as rain? however at my heights and with evaporative cooling i'm willing to bet the Peaks are set for another flurry of snowfall within the next half-hour. Missed this morning's snowfall that closed the airport due to being up half the night watching motorbike tutorial lessons on the web, taking the CBT course in-time for some potential summer storm chasing.
  14. SpaceX is ready to fly two space-tourists around Moon sometime in 2018.