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    Hurricane Michael

    Yep just bumped into a house

    Hurricane Michael

    Its still running for me, nothing but complete whiteout with the occasional wave breaking up the contrast as it hits the windscreen.

    Hurricane Michael


    Hurricane Michael

    Jeff is live https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YpJkLweZjPxj

    Earthquake Activity Thread

    7.5 earthquake hits Indonesia today, with a local Tsunami generated around the Donggala area
  6. The 'Medicane' can be seen spinning away on the Sat24 loop to the north of Libya at the moment https://en.sat24.com/en/ly
  7. windyty takes the 'Medicane' further westwards towards Sicily and looping towards the Libyan coastline before dissipating over Crete. It's a interesting 48hr ahead to see how intense this system becomes.
  8. Had a short but sharp squall pass through locally around a hour ago, viscous enough against the window at times to begin worrying about preparing for a broken windowpane or tile coming off the roof. Luckily everything has held together in place but still slightly grumpy now with it being 02:45am and more squally rain is on the way. Edit a peak gust of 56mph was recorded in Buxton at 02:33am
  9. Been stuck under the convective rain-line for just over a hour here now with roads turning into rivers and that's just in the areas up above town, the River Goyt would be interesting to see in a couple of hours as all of tonight's rain makes it's way down towards Stockport.
  10. Starry skies in south Manchester tonight and not a hint aside from the humidity that the airmass outside is the remnants of a ex-Hurricane.
  11. Lots of rain over Scotland from the RADAR, any warnings out for flooding there? I can only suspect the warnings out for tonight across England and Wales are due to the risk of falling tree's already compromised by the summer heatwave with the risk of dead-branches falling. Other than that it's humid outside but barely a gust of wind.
  12. windy.com has ex-Helene moving further eastwards on most of the runs, 2 days it was looking like western Ireland and the outer Scottish Isles would have bore the worst of the gales but the past runs have been favorable taking ex-Helene's windfield across the Irish Sea and over the North Pennines/Southern Scotland before exiting into the North Sea. Trust half of my family to have taken a caravaning trip on Anglesey for the week whilst i've had to stay behind due to work commitments. https://www.windy.com

    Hurricane Florence

    Jeff Piotrowski currently live

    Hurricane Florence

    Last reports I heard 2 hours ago is that there was 3000 without power, I expect once more lines are downed the webcams will continue to drop leaving only a few periscope/YT streams as an option. Not many can afford satellite-phone fee's as charges are astronomical (excuse the pun) even for just a 5 minute call.

    Hurricane Florence

    Shoutout for Force Thirteen on YT aswell