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  1. Flight delays of +3hr at the Airport from what i'm hearing, total chaos with tens of flights being delayed and pax not having anywhere to go past the check-in.
  2. Fog here also, it comes and goes but when it lingers around the visibility reduces quite significantly to less than 1/4 mile with the Airport having 30 flights delayed so far. Locally there must have been some ice-pocket temps around as the Buxton Ad is reporting on at least 3 crashes in the White Peak early this am.
  3. Walking home from watching a live band at the local it was noticeably foggy, not enough to produce any 'snizzle' or precip, but enough to keep surfaces well below freezing temperature. Good job I was walking uphill in converse shoes rather than downhill. I'd say it's dropped from being 1/4 mile vis as it was in the afternoon to now down to just a few tens of meters.
  4. Pretty foggy here now also with about 1/4 mile visibility looking sideways but up above there's broken skies, the frost and settled snow from earlier is slightly thawing as the milder air is approaching.
  5. Freezing cold last night out at the local, wasn't sure if it was just the temperature or the dew-point but there was frost covering most surfaces from 8pm. I wasn't too surprised to see snow this morning given the beeb had a area of rain passing over the NW on the 1am forecast. A nice surprise overall but nothing that will last given the temps are around 6'c tomorrow morning.
  6. Rain here despite the radar showing sleet/snow locally, more likely to be snowing on the higher tops however.
  7. Buxton at 11:30pm, just reading before bed that the A537, Cat and Fiddle, and Snake Pass are currently closed.
  8. Surprisingly the roads in Buxton weren't too bad, a bit dicey on the A6 on the way home with snow and slush covering the road but saw 2x gritters going past and there looks to be a slight thaw underway.
  9. Off to Buxton I go, the trains are still running so that's not too much of a concern. Woodhead currently has 20min delays with traffic backing up but all the other routes (so far) are quiet.
  10. Yikes, it looks like cars are still moving and there's no traffic incidents/road closures being reported yet by the AA. Not too bad having to spend a half-hour in the snow before the film starts.
  11. Anyone in Buxton know what the roads are like? i'm supposed to be going to the midnight showing of StarWars today and just debating whether it might be worth taking some extra cash for a hotel incase taxi's cant get down the A6.
  12. I'll be in Buxton tonight for the new Star Wars flick and the forecast is looking good for snow as the temps drop further on into the evening.
  13. A definite frost-hollow effect going on last night similar to 2010 in Cheshire where Woodford got down to -17'c. Backed up by xcweather showing the fog and haze across Staffordshire at 4am with those -11'c/-12'c temps, yet up here in the Peaks we barely dropped below -4'c across the snowfields.
  14. I got the new Star Wars movie to watch in Buxton late tomorrow night, so keeping a eye on the forecast as if it snows then likely Buxton will be seeing more accumulation and i'll either have to postpone seeing it until the weekend or decide whether staying over at a B&B is the better option.
  15. -2.7'c in Buxton at just past 4:30am which is surprisingly 'warmer' if you could call it that, than the predicted -12'c temps across the snowfields here. But looking at XCweather it seems like a similar event to 2010 where the lower areas of Cheshire, Manchester, Staffs got the coldest temps due to the frost-hollow effect.