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  1. I would but I was due in Buxton for a work interview, and the gaffa has emailed letting me know not to come in due to the transport chaos so i'll be waiting by the phone to have a quick chat before escaping the house afterwards with the camera.
  2. AA Traffic map shows just how caught out Cheshire and Derbyshire councils were overnight due to the consistent snow showers, in the High Peak all roads are chock-a-bloc with local bus services either severely delayed or cancelling completely, no trains between Hazel Grove and Buxton due to points failure, and local roads blocked due to jackknifed lorries or cars unable to get up the gradients due to the ice underfoot. I was supposed to be in Buxton this morning but that's not happening.
  3. Took a peek outside expecting to see clear skies and instead i'm looking at heavy snow with 1cm covering across the surfaces. Wasn't expecting that tonight.
  4. Sunshine here at the moment which is bound to lull a few people into a false sense of security before the trough moves in.
  5. The High Peak is almost at a standstill this morning due to roadworks, jacknifed lorries, and ice/snow on the roads. Especially around here in Whaley Bridge and Buxton it's particularly bad with reports of traffic taking nearly 2 hours just to move 3 miles and many roads impassible due to a mixture of gradient along with ice.
  6. Just a few meters of visibility here today due to the fog/mist which wasn't forecast, lifted somewhat to a 1/4 mile in the mid-afternoon but it's still another overcast and dull January day.
  7. 23,000 tonne Russian cargo-ship 'Kuza Minin' beached near Falmouth currently with 74mph gusts hitting the coastline.

    1. Mokidugway


      Lost some weight only 18000 ton now ,should float off soon by that reckoning of weight loss 😂

  8. Areas around Buxton town center have frozen surfaces due to freezing rain falling.
  9. Max gust of 47mph in Buxton early this morning, more noticeable was the squall and ongoing temperature drop of -2'c p/h as it passed over.
  10. Good clear visibility around the Peaks today so I took a quick drive to to Pym Chair near Shining Tor and could see all the way westwards across the Cheshire plain to Snowdonia, and northwards to Lancs.
  11. I must be the complete opposite as I enjoy winter, if you're cold outside then you're not wearing the right clothing is what the Scandinavians say. I bought myself a nice double-fleece layered/waterproof jacket for £160 that has kept me cosy as opposed to wearing hoodies just to "look" cool, people complaining outside the pub this weekend just gone that it's "too cold" when it below-freezing temperatures and all they're wearing a a summer sweatshirt. The weather is good for photographers with often clearer airmasses allowing for more scenic pictures, I was up at Crich Tramway Village yesterday overlooking the Sherwood Foresters memorial and could see as far as Loughborough.

    Hurricane Michael

    Yep just bumped into a house 😮

    Hurricane Michael

    Its still running for me, nothing but complete whiteout with the occasional wave breaking up the contrast as it hits the windscreen.

    Hurricane Michael


    Hurricane Michael

    Jeff is live https://www.pscp.tv/w/1YpJkLweZjPxj