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  1. 0.00mm rain, no cg's/thunder, inclement weather shield 100% active 💤

  2. Feeling proud already in the fresh westerly winds of freedom!


  3. Hi nick,

    sorry but can you or one of the team update a thread title in the hurricane watch section?

    Invest 94l is now ts danielle & reflecting this in the title could help readers?

    sorry to inconvenience you?



    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      No problem at all, done :)

    2. mezzacyclone


      Thank you for your help nick! :)

  4. Psychoanalysis isnt my forte but its clear mr pistorius is talkin baloney!

    1. No Balls Like Snow Balls

      No Balls Like Snow Balls

      I think he shot her in a fit of rage.

  5. Wishful hints at an FI Biscay depression?

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      ECM says no with the high pressure over the UK holding firm and forcing it to fizzle out :)

    2. Captain Shortwave

      Captain Shortwave

      even if it doesn't effect us, it's still worth watching as it could be our ticket to some serious heat

    3. Summer Sun
  6. so the PJF's gonna condemn yet another summers tomatoe crop?

  7. Cheating yank Armstrong! Sky pro-cycling CLEAN world champs!

    1. butler_son


      Well that's a disgusting looking avatar if ever I saw one. =]

  8. RIP Clarence, you were the "E" in the "Estreet band" :)

  9. Goals, Gags & Giggs :o

  10. Stuff horse face manning, GO J>E>T>S

  11. Dame edna everage, rolf harris. richie benaud, nichole kidman & anti-british mel gibson YOU BOYS TOOK A HELL OV A BEATING :D

  12. feather time for me :)

  13. So the wonderful Human race is going to make the Tiger extinct?!

  14. Bitburger in Netto ON monday - GET IN THEIR SON :D

  15. ,,,Climbing trees monday, sliding back down tuesday? :/

  16. ,,,far too many students in sheffield lowering my chances of finding work :(

  17. ,Wots wiv all the visitors then? LOL ;)

  18. lol, anything to stir up a boring thread ;-)

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