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  1. Met office says nothing but cloud here in South Manchester but BBC says heavy snow from 6 am right through to mid afternoon 🤔 Please just for once let the BBC be right
  2. On the plus side a really decent fall here in Chorlton ? On the downside, Ive tried to take a picture and just realised the camera on my phone is broken (the lens is all smashed ?) Picture is all blurry (and on its side)
  3. Yes the chorlton snow dome was breached but not completely. It was th best we have had this winter but id say it was 2cm max and its melting pretty quickly now. Still it was quite an enjoyable evnt whist it lasted
  4. Obviously no snow here in South Manchester Lol. I wasnt expecting any so at least its not disappointing this time.
  5. Well we didnt get any snow here last night either so I think that might just about be it for this winter. On reflection, even though we ended up with very little snow in my location again this winter, I have seen snow falling on a number of occasions and there has been plenty to keep me glued to the forums with lots of chances even if ultimately they didnt amount to much. Overall i think its been a pretty good winter for our region with a memorable event for most so Im giving this winter 7 out of 10 ! I'm ready for Summer now and Spanish plume heatwaves with some Thundery breakdowns
  6. Chris R did you read my mind or something? You seem to have quoted something I hadnt said...but then went on to say...lol. Maybe its cos we are both from Crosby
  7. Correction ...its not raining...its ice pellets. Cant see them against lamppst but they are visible on the bin lids....lol
  8. I dont know but the chorlton snow dome really is a thing!
  9. The rain today radar is totally hopeless today. It has shown a weird little band of snow over Altrincham all day and that band is making it impossible to tell if the band from the south is creeping North or not. I'm guessing its stalled just south of us again. That and the rain shadow effect. Im going to try to convince myself that i hate snow. That way I can think how lucky i am to keep just avoiding it
  10. We are under a warning for wind and snow. Wind warning is spot on (if a little late!) but I cant see any chance of snow today sadly
  11. It really is unbeleivably windy and cold here but sadly very little snow. Looking at the radar images it looks to me like Emma is heading North more quickly than predicted (and she is further East) I have no idea what impact this will have on how far North she gets though. C'mon Emma, just pretend its Summer I know you'd make it then!
  12. Really? The chorlton snow dome really is a thing isnt it! we only have a cm here and you are only about a mile away
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