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  1. Constant battle in my house! me 18.5c max the misses 22c she turns it up I turn it down lol
  2. My Weather station in Coney Hall currently reading 33.6C seems to have peaked
  3. Well what a month! Freezing start, beautiful 14c today in West Wickham and now temp dropped 3 deg. c in the last hour and an artic weekend on the way! :-)
  4. Fantastic end to winter!! love it, enjoy it folks last couple of days!!
  5. Last Minute school closures in West Wickham!! Snowing steadily here now
  6. Snowing quit heavily in West Wickham -4.3C my kids schools are open!!
  7. Temp was down to -11 this morning over the north down, beautiful sunrise on the Surrey Kent Borders, Landrover was brilliant on my drive to work life's good!
  8. No snow Tonight in West Wickham but weather station reading -9c atm!!
  9. Hoping to get in on the action tonight missed out in West Wickham last night but caught a couple of inches this afternoon! currently -3c already
  10. Snow Dayz

    February 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    I'm going mild 5.2c
  11. Snow Dayz

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    I had great Holiday! here are a couple of pictures from Glenshee on the 15th the snow was perfect, the wind dropped of in the afternoon, it doesn't get better than this!!
  12. Snow Dayz

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    Cheers great to see the snow down to Braemar!!
  13. Snow Dayz

    Snow on the Scottish Mountains.

    Cheers for that! we are all loaded and ready to roll a 4am! heavy snow on radar in Glenshee at the moment!! so hopefully things will improve. Cairngorm another option weather set cold all week just need a bit more snow!!