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  1. Temp down to 33c in West Wickham with some clouds and showers now!
  2. Temp topped out in West Wickham at 36.2c at about 1:30 clouding over with spots of rain now temp down to 34.2
  3. By shifting what time I commute to work (earlier) I can now drive a more direct route to work as less traffic saving me 15miles a day!! plus switching to working one day a week at home saves me just over 6000 miles per year. I get less stress from one less commute and less traffic plus reducing my co2 by nearly 2 tons a year!! That's a win win!!
  4. I couldn't agree more! keep an eye on the radar today some good convection developing now!! We may get lucky!! lets hope its the start of things to come!
  5. Yep spot on! We had some great storms the end of May but that was it!! Loved the hot weather though lets hope its the same
  6. Yep I couldn't agree more! Roll on spring and some warm sunshine time to quit the cold hunt before I go mad lol!
  7. Winter is running out of time! I'm starting to feel maybe it is time to give up looking for anything really cold down south anyway!
  8. Snow thawing already in West Wickham not that we had much! I was really disappointed with last nights snow promised do much delivered so little!
  9. Constant battle in my house! me 18.5c max the misses 22c she turns it up I turn it down lol
  10. My Weather station in Coney Hall currently reading 33.6C seems to have peaked
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