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  1. First snow in Hassocks, north of Brighton . Only 40 odd meters asl. Bit of a surprise. Looking forward to seeing the South Downs this morning
  2. Sorry Nick L . Not to discredit anyone else there as. I was playing catch up yesterday so only skimmed the content . Steves name stuck from a day or 2 ago
  3. The snow line is much further south than predicted unless i missed a late forecast . Steve Murr seems to know his stuff and indicated a southerly correction . Well done Steve . Hope your getting some of the white stuff
  4. Can't quite believe the contrast in temperatures between the south coast (10c) and London just above freezing. Only 50 odd miles but very different weather . A real damp but expected squib in the far south .
  5. Snow in hassocks north of Brighton. very light and i can't see it resulting to much but first snow seen for a long time. I now can rate the winter a 5 out of 10 . Sometimes the Channel can be our friend with unexpected showers bubbling up
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