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  1. "this weekends crazy weather" ? Am i missing something? Doesn't seem particularly crazy anywhere. A few thunderstorms in the far south mebs?
  2. Quite right! I’m sick to death of peoples sanctimonious rubbish about flipping Covid. Nowt to do with me, nowt to do with the sodding weather. .
  3. Right on the cusp of sleet here in Derby city centre. Heavy snow one moment, sleety mess the next. Most wintry scene all 'winter' though so ill take it ?
  4. This is the reason for my excitement. I realise it is not exactly the Day after tomorrow but, rather incredibly, this is the most wintry Netweather forecast that I have had for my location at a 24 hour mark ALL 'winter'. I might be scraping the barrel but I will take anything now ? Yet to see any settling snow this winter for, I think, the first time EVER. I live in hope that might change this week ?
  5. So today is literally the first time this 'winter' that the netweather forcast is showing me MODERATE snow within 24 hours. The first f*****g time! We shall see!!
  6. What on earth are you talking about? One place that cannot really complain about snow is saddleworth! Enough of everyone going on about their nonsensical 'snow shield'
  7. That winter I went sledging in snow though. This winter I've seen a little bit of sleet (#stillsulkingaboutlastweek)
  8. And the 'frozen to quite deep' bit. Where that? On top of the peak district. Derby area just boggy mud everywhere today. Some ice left in the shade but that's about that.
  9. I'd be absolutely amazed. Derby managed a bit of sleet over the last week so will be a bloody miracle to get snow now its warming up
  10. So incredibly jealous. I suppose you lot deserve it though :-). Been absolutely grim this winter in the east mids. A bit of sleet and, erm, yep that's it. Boo hoo.
  11. No it doesn't. It 'sometimes' misses. Honestly you lot need to look up the word 'hyperbole'. Everyone on here goes on about their particular town being snow starved or whatever. Silly
  12. zzzz. You're always saying things like this. But again, tonight, you have had quite a bit more snow than most (for example than here in Derby). The way you talk Stoke is on the equator or something
  13. Squally blizzards in Derby city centre. Most excellent :')
  14. Agreed. Childish responses above. People don't half get silly on this world wide Web. Be nice. Be polite. Be respectful. Adults sulkily squabbling about a others interpretation of weather charts :-). Not a good look.
  15. Constant light/moderate snow in Derby. Siberian scenes outside. Windswept. Brutal cold. Magic
  16. Ignore last post. Weird typo. Well its a funny game this weather malarkey. After getting very little from the earlier amber warning this week, last night in Nottingham was a total shock. Blizzard conditions for hours really. Brilliant. Got on the bus to Derby this morning and about half as much but not too bad at all. And as I type its snowing again. Magic!
  17. I genuinely don't give a monkeys about safety. Or the odd person slipping over and banging their head. Or the odd school being closed. Don't care. I do care about the drama of weather; the thrill of a blizzard; the joy of childrens sledging etc. Life is dangerous end of. The point of life is not to get through it without putting a plaster on. None of us are getting out of here alive. :-) Bring on the snow. Bring on the blizzards. Bring on the traffic chaooooooossssssss :-)
  18. Most snow of the year for Derby. Carnage on the roads and surrounding areas - especially any with altitude. In fact so much so, I had a car crash in Crich and wasn't the only one. Total carnage. Idiot!
  19. Are you on some kind of mountain in Leicester or something? :-) Rain here in derby.
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