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  1. Heavy cold rain in Derby central.
  2. Obviously the well dodgy netweather forecast is still telling me it is snowing heavily :-). Something it has been very stubborn about over the last 24 hours.
  3. Been raining quite heavily in Derby for last hour or so. As a relative newcomer to this city I've come to realise that it isn't the most blessed for snow.
  4. Well I've never been convinced by the netweather forecasts and last night confirmed it. It consistently forecast hours of heavy or moderate snow. To all appearances not one flake has fell. I have never seen such a discrepancy at the nowcasting stage with it before. To be used with extreme caution I think :-)
  5. Er Wot ze funk!!!! Netweather has me down for HEAVY snow in 7 hours!! Cant remember when this was shown before at such short range (actually I can - never). Questions: 1. If this is correct why isn't this thread going into overdrive? 2. Where did this come from? Roughly 4 hours ago it was very light snow showers? 3. If this is wrong (probably?) how could a half decent weather bit of software (?) get things so badly wrong at such short range??
  6. Strange that. I wonder what the reasons for it being so cold in Solihull were? Over here in the East Midlands a raw night but not an overly cold one. Don't have a thermometer at the moment but I would guess a minimum of around +2 for Derby city centre at best.
  7. Agreed. Much worse gusts over last hour or two than Eleanor. Seems to be a fair bit of snow forecast over next 72 hours on the netweather forecast :-) We'll see
  8. The weather is strange! Hard really to think of a good reason why there has been no snow in the Derby area but lots in the Northampton area? I suppose with hindsight people would be able to come up with reasons (?) but no one could have predicted this. I suppose it is why we find it so fascinating! Winter 2017/18 in the Derby area, whilst better than the preceding 3 years, has been a frustrating case of what might have been. On the very edge of the earlier Midlands snow slider (we got about 2cms where I live. By 10am we were sledging over mud on the local park) and, last night, I didn't see a single flake.