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  1. Oh lighting! First crack at time lapse and got a lighting shot in one, time lapse file is to big
  2. I had a little flurry of wet snow here about a hour ago and I am 4m ASL, so I wouldn't lose faith or move just yet. :-)
  3. Thanks, it was on brinsea road heading into Congresbury from Churchill, to be fair I only saw two cc flashes, the wind gusts and rain was the best feature but that was because of the lack of lighting lol! :-)
  4. There be lighting and thunder in them clouds, just heading into Congresbury , plus a lot of rain :-) Not sure if the videos will work though, still new trim.F8A1FD6D-B7EA-4DF0-8708-CB21857F603F.MOV
  5. It is getting its game face on, thunder much louder and lighting appearing to come closer and closer. Another hour and I think we will be happy campers or very tried! :-)
  6. Looking south over towards to the mendips, so in this case the radar returns over Wells, lots of high level CC (I think) classic sheet lighting, in the distance, very deep rumbles, very frequent. Gutted I don't have a suitable video recording device in order to add (maybe something I could work on with the treasurer (other half)) to some cracking (pun intended) videos and photos posted by other members. Wishing everyone who is staying up to either to chase or just to watch out their windows, gets what they are after. :-) ( Maybe I should change my profile name to Mr Bracket)
  7. Happy camper now !! Hope many others get a chance to view the light show wether that be now or through tonight onto Saturday! :-)
  8. Kicking off here, frequent flashes and rumbles looking over towards the south over mendips. But still what is more more elusive is my welcome to netweather from the mods ha ha ha :-)
  9. Lots of thundery rumbles from this, looking South towards the Mendips, moving North East, so right to left in this case. :-)
  10. The band heading up from the southwest just arrived here, very loud thunder as a result of CC lighting, torrential rain, now heading north up the A370 so you lads in Bristol/Thornbury may be in for a shout in about 20mins or so! :-) sorry no photos even though have iOS 7 my phone isn't waterproof! :-)
  11. Been lurking in these forums for a while and finally have something to post! Looking south over the mendips! Moving north west, just on the edge of this monster now. :-) trim.B749B5D4-E588-464C-805C-93D831D52B0B.MOV
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