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  1. While I'm disappointed that Comet Ison may not provide the celestial fireworks we had hoped for it's nice to see the Universe throwing us a curveball yet again. Fascinating to follow and who knows what will happen next!
  2. http://www.scottishbeavers.org.uk/beaver-facts/beaver-trial-faqs/will-the-beavers-cause-damage-to-farmland-and-the-wider-countryside/
  3. Thank goodness the SNP did the NATO thing! Now, whether you believe in the nationalists or not, a vote for independence is NOT a vote for the SNP, it's a vote for what you believe is right. The biggest mistake the Unionist camp make is to tell us we can't - afford/cope ad infinitum..... Give me the positives of the Union then - I for one was always on the fence but I can now see that we can go it alone and if we mess up, well hell mend us, we did it - noone else!
  4. misha

    Scotland April 2008

    Decided to do a local holiday! April weather was perfect - sunny days with snow on the mountains.
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