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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Much interest and understandably so,but being 700ft ASL in Kent,in 1987 was not a place for the faint hearted I can tell you,interesting times but hopefully with everyone safe.
  2. Couple of trees down here,garden furniture scattered around my customers gardens,that aside a fairly wild night with only minor damage
  3. Hedgehogs

    For some years it was made known that hedgehogs were in serious decline,to the point that they were on the verge of being endangered.The low numbers that I saw supported this. However,this year there has been a noticeable increase in Hampshire and Dorset where I live and work.The point of this post is to see if its a localised thing or if the little critters are making a comeback on a wider scale.
  4. Yes was gardening in Rockbourne and all hell let loose,then moved on up to Whitsbury and all hell let loose again,all in a gardeners day of course.
  5. Very quiet on here but anyway.......for years we have been told that hedgehogs were in decline,which for many reasons was not good news.This year,for whatever reason,in this part of the world have seen them in large numbers,some sadly hit,but really noticeable numbers scuttling about at night,just wondered if it was just confined to this area or if others in this region have noticed the same.
  6. Interesting rainfall figures,some big totals,here skirting the New Forest not enough rain to cover the base of a wheelbarrow and dry under tree canopies,pub hanging baskets needed watering this morning,but some great stories around the region,Barton on Sea not that far from here,but what a difference.
  7. Item on South Today this evening,talking about precipitation charts being messed up by clouds of flying ants,strange,but it seems true.
  8. Consistent today totally drowned doing gardening duties this morning,totally drowned first trip fishing the Hampshire Avon this afternoon....happy days lol
  9. Gardening for a living at the moment is.....testing lol,just seen a post from Salisbury,im South of there but guess similar temps,so it was ruddy hot then.
  10. Yes Polar im off out gardening,customers for some reason don't water in the 6 days im not there in these conditions,so always a bit nervous on arrival,i find these conditions very difficult,but as many have said each to their own.On a brighter note,3 pub gardens to do today,hanging baskets ect....pretty waitresses,shaded seating areas and of course will have to replace liquid sweated out during the morning [lime and soda and ice lol],although cooling beer tempting,always the chance you wont want to leave lol,enjoy your day off.
  11. Off to Devon on Monday,wet start,but ok afterwards,anyway not working is fine by me lol ...luck had to run out sometime,other half and I worked out 16 holidays in 8 years in England,April and September had yielded only 3 really wet days,so a bit of balancing of books this time,but I love Devon so alls good.
  12. Absolutely shameful forecast for today if you consider the last 4 days solid support for rain morning to early afternoon here all that time,then this morning.....ah well,maybe not.
  13. Just in from gardening work to find my own garden has taken quite a beating,no structural damage to house but debris about all over.Im not questioning the forecast,but to me its windier now than all day has been,would that be the regional consensus
  14. Same here Stormyskies,but if the 3 falls had all stuck,there might have been enough to cover the grass ect,yesterday there was a cover on the roof for a while which looked pretty,we are all of 41 mtr ASL here,yet a 3 mile journey to the town and not a sign of anything.Wonder if anyone posts from Salisbury Plain area on here,might be a bit better up there.