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  1. Back from a lovely holiday in Devon,just outside Honiton,looked up,saw 3 Red Kites,first sighting ever,nice end to proceedings.
  2. Could easily have been taken away today by the men in white coats,walking up and down mowing,soaked to the skin and laughing my head off,so nice for everything to be soaked by rain instead of ruddy sweat lol
  3. According to folklore if it doesn't rain for 68 days,it will never rain again.
  4. I garden for a living,have lost most of my grasscutting,dealing with idiots who wont water their gardens,im fair haired and fair skin into the bargain lol......however,friends that run food kiosks,who had a terrible spring are doing well but farmers,garden centres ect are having a difficult time,so my take on it....21 c....everyone can operate in those temps,sleep nights,tan safely if they want,the prospect of 35 c here in the South quite frankly concerns me,but its what we have got and its not going any time soon.
  5. Just a reminder in this heat,if you have a bird feeding station please remember to keep the bird bath filled with water,this weather is starting to exact a toll on our feathered friends.
  6. Much as I understand peoples interest in extremes,that aside,things are starting to get a bit iffy,many trades are doing well from this weather,but others are suffering badly too,gardeners and growers wondering where the next drop of rain is coming from,local garden centres reporting a collapse of footfall,its not a rant or moan,just an observation as to how a particular weather type can affect people so differently.
  7. Just in from work,left fearing the worst,South today saying widespread thunder,torrential rain,they did in fairness say some places could miss it altogether,so that's possibly why although moving about ive seen little rain at all,just wondered what had happened around the region,or if its yet to come,quite a mystery.
  8. Yes jtay worked all day and got soaked,but looking at the SE thread,quite a bit of thunder about,not that far away but quite different.
  9. Totally agree mr shark,just hope a few more start to use it to back up Knockers fantastic work on here,a nice change from certainties at T384 lol
  10. Mates reporting widespread hangovers this morning,i was working but in going the back lanes to Burgate from the Yew Tree,on one occasion had to let 7 cars go past me as folk not at the fair were taking the scenic route to try and miss Downton,more cars seen on those lanes in 20 mins that a month normally lol......will be in Red Kite mode from next week.....any sightings
  11. Downton Cuckoo fair pulls in the crowds all right,chaos on even the lanes though,with people finding ways to try and avoid it lol
  12. Yes as a gardener taking national nude gardening day very seriously,no shears,secateurs ect,also nettle rash ointment,any work involving brambles has been put off until the next day lol