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  1. In all fairness still a lying snow day up here,4 miles down to the town it diminishes,cant get a true ASL for here too much fences to jump to get it,but about 135 ft,interested to see Redlynch at nearly 3 times the height,guess Downton and Godshill,the other local weather centres probably higher also,be interested to find that out.Anyway,allow the snow melt to wash through the river,mild conditions,colour in the water,ideal float fishing conditions for roach lol.
  2. Many take heed of the thoughts of the Long Ranger on here,his sidekick Tonto rarely gets a hearing until now....his 30 dayer as follows...me want heap big Beast From East Kemosabe....never know lol
  3. I am surprised at the amount of snow we have here in the Alps lol,will still be a fair bit tomorrow before it goes.Really good imports from the various New Forest Weather Centres,lifted spirits when they were reporting snow as I vainly shone the torch out the back door only to see nothing,lets hope we can have another episode before Winters end,with all of our area having something else to remember this year.
  4. A funny old dayif all the snow had stuck,im guessing 35 foot lol,but most unusual nonetheless.thanks to the New Forest weather centres for their updates,still snowing but not settling,another job lot of bird food,fat balls sure attract Great Tits,loads of birds,but nothing unusual,but up to 30 dive bombing the feeding station,the tits must knacker themselves,fly in,take a single grain,then fly back again
  5. Im a bit confused,my only local info is coming from Downton,Redlynch and Godshill,can any of these weather centres give a clue as to whats happening,is this nearly over now or subject to change.
  6. Costs a few quid I know,but its really pleasing to see the birds swamping the feeding station,the Robins were being almost hand fed,as well as having territorial punch ups,but worth every penny,not seen any heavy snow,but the garden suggests otherwise,places west of here getting a really memorable snowfall.
  7. Having tried a tactical switch of Avatar back to Hampshire Snow Hoper,ive not seen a single flake,take this as a verbal warning avatar lol
  8. Only the UK eh....We might not know what Tuesdays weather is going to be on Tuesday,light rain..knew it...lunch time...is that sleet on the windscreen,late afternoon why wont the snow settle,midnight wheres the ruddy skis,it really is fun for all the family....good luck all.
  9. Here is was 28/1/2004,the only time ive seen thundersnow,fantastic doesn't do it justice.
  10. Firm agreement now that by Wednesday,we should have a fair idea about Tuesdays weather,the Regionals should soon start to fill up with up to date info,finally,for folk fed up with South of the M4 corridor,does South of Junction 14 on the M25 have a softer ring to it.
  11. The deer look a bit unsteady,perhaps a lock in at the Yew Tree Inn lol
  12. Many folk on here and elsewhere like their bird watching,feeding ect and most im sure will have fed the feathered friends all year.Just something I saw in a magazine the other day might be worthy of note,most fat balls now come in boxes or wrapped in cellophane,the article I read said that many birds were dying a pretty nasty demise due to getting their claws entangled in the green netting they are sometimes sold in,the photos were not pleasant,just thought it worth a mention,as Winter might put in an appearance one of these weeks.
  13. Xmas can be a stressful time,made more so on here with missing plane and balloon data.Being the season of goodwill I have taken the following action.Earlier today,i purchased 500 balloons from Asda,using 25 per bunch,tied with festive string,gave me 20 sets,6 have been weighted just to float,7 have a B AND Q Orange bucket attached,the last seven having an Aldi thermometer on board.My report will go as follows....if the 6 balloons are never seen again,its ruddy windy,if the buckets bring the balloons down full of water its been hissing down with rain,finally if the rumour is true that cold air or water can make things shrink,its really cold,if the balloons explode its because very hot air has expanded them,as for planes,short supply,most are at Gatwick,anyone suggesting drones can get knotted SO ive done my bit to ease tension on here.................Happy Xmas one and all.
  14. Wont be around early next week Knocker,so have an enjoyable Xmas and thank you for keeping this superb part of the forum going,down to earth,no nonsense stuff,keep up the excellent work.