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  1. Very little thawing here,must have been close to freezing all day,looked at neighbours gutters and saw some small icicles,on my journey home I saw two icicles that were 3ft long,very 60s/70s,so on to tonight,lots of snow reports now in SE thread but have no idea if that has implications later for us,the only thing I can say about tomorrow is that gardening work opportunities will be limited lol
  2. Really glad I kept the bird feeding operation going,this morning the Robins,Blackbirds and Nobby the Nuthatch were actually on the feeding station as I was filling the containers up,not brave,just really hungry,the various Tit tribes were watching from the safety of the trees,just letting their mates know that when the big lad goes away its clean up time lol
  3. Quite a day,Millwalls record equalling 6th away win on the trot,8 ft of snow tonight,strong beer,just in case I have to drown my sorrows if it doesn't come,woodburner in overdrive,so much so,Big Ted my cat has asked if his fur can come off for a couple of hours,the magic snow pub,yes,quite a day.
  4. Quite remarkable is all I can say the Yew Tree Inn magic snowmaker surpassed itself today,drove there on dry roads,arrived there it was dry.After working for about 10 minutes light flakes began to fall,i could still see the Salisbury Hospital chimney in the distance,5 mins later sight of chimney gone and all hell let loose.All surfaces covered,supportive staff in the pub toasting me with hot mugs of coffee,they did join in a chorus of im dreaming of a white Easter,better than anything on the Voice,but that's not saying much.As my shift finished the snow started melting,nearly stopped,the journey home was uneventful and got home to largely dry roads,but signs on a few trees that it had snowed at home,well if that's it,so be it,but theres something darkly weird about that pub and snow I tell ee.
  5. Dry here at present so have summoned up the Yew Tree Inn magic snow maker.Just recently on the occasions ive gone to do work in this magic pub garden,it has snowed.Today ive only thought about going and as if by magic 3 flakes fell from the sky,so a work shift is now going to happen,not in the class of the 34 flake Birthday Blizzard of Brockenhurst just yet but time is on my side.Noted with interest reports of snow from the Karlos Weather Centre,so leaving the Hampshire no snow Triangle and heading to Wiltshire with high hopes of maybe say 40 or 50 flakes....oooh exciting times lol enjoy your day.
  6. Yes the Mad thread in fine form....the thing we crave snow....ok not everybody,but theres now sniping about snow depth lol gotta love them,wish they could have a convention so I could put faces to names who come out with some of the drivel,I do have some form on this,Real Ale...went to a few Campaign for Real ALE Festivals,boy there were absolute belters that attended those,ah well each to their own,have a good day.
  7. Even at my advanced years im going to do an Open University course during the Summer,this will get me ready for Model Discussion next Winter,you need to be very knowledgeable in the areas of sniping,backbiting,post reporting,ignore button use,if your lecturer feels you are adapt at all of these skills,whilst having limited knowledge of the weather,you get an Advanced Clueless Diploma,which allows you into various forums of this kind.
  8. Yes mad thread in fine mood,bit like West Ham pitch invasion,accusations of bed wetting abound,Summer is also over lol
  9. As a gardener its getting a bit tricky,could start to give more problems than I can do with at this time of year,but if above comments pan out and its not so severe then may watch the odd snow shower,while doing some work,even a severe week really could cause big problems for farmers ,growers ect
  10. I know you are ploughing a pretty solitary furrow at the moment Knocker,but please keep going because longer term im convinced that this,along with other new threads on here that are in their early days will prove to be more than worthwhile.I did write to Paul along these lines, sadly without response,but perhaps no news is good news.Anyway keep up this excellent thread and your contribution,which even for me sometimes is easy to follow.
  11. Another downside of ageing is the small volumes of drink you need to feel grotty the next day,one voice says give it up old son,sadly I always listen to the other one lol
  12. Now heres a thing,gardening customer rings me at 8 30 to cancel my appointment for today saying his app said rain from 9am and the app is never wrong.I politely advised him my thoughts based on 15 minute radar was that it would be dry until lunch time,no the app is never wrong you see.So I went to do other work and it started to rain at about errm...lunch time,on arrival home message on phone,its still dry,perhaps you could come over and do some work,suggestions as to where his app could politely be stuffed on a postcard lol
  13. Fighting hard to avoid the inevitable back to gardening work situation,clinging to the end of the fishing season story,that ends and its time to then bite the bullet,next Weds,but no fishing today,but a cracking day for outdoor work.