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  1. Gardening for a living at the moment is.....testing lol,just seen a post from Salisbury,im South of there but guess similar temps,so it was ruddy hot then.
  2. Yes Polar im off out gardening,customers for some reason don't water in the 6 days im not there in these conditions,so always a bit nervous on arrival,i find these conditions very difficult,but as many have said each to their own.On a brighter note,3 pub gardens to do today,hanging baskets ect....pretty waitresses,shaded seating areas and of course will have to replace liquid sweated out during the morning [lime and soda and ice lol],although cooling beer tempting,always the chance you wont want to leave lol,enjoy your day off.
  3. Off to Devon on Monday,wet start,but ok afterwards,anyway not working is fine by me lol ...luck had to run out sometime,other half and I worked out 16 holidays in 8 years in England,April and September had yielded only 3 really wet days,so a bit of balancing of books this time,but I love Devon so alls good.
  4. Absolutely shameful forecast for today if you consider the last 4 days solid support for rain morning to early afternoon here all that time,then this morning.....ah well,maybe not.
  5. Just in from gardening work to find my own garden has taken quite a beating,no structural damage to house but debris about all over.Im not questioning the forecast,but to me its windier now than all day has been,would that be the regional consensus
  6. Same here Stormyskies,but if the 3 falls had all stuck,there might have been enough to cover the grass ect,yesterday there was a cover on the roof for a while which looked pretty,we are all of 41 mtr ASL here,yet a 3 mile journey to the town and not a sign of anything.Wonder if anyone posts from Salisbury Plain area on here,might be a bit better up there.
  7. temperature has dropped,went to get logs in and....7 flakes,first daylight spot in a while lol...actually years
  8. Only mystery on the birthday treat trip meal ect to the Isle Of Wight today,wasnt a cold wind really to my way of thinking,talk of sub zero windchill,wasnt aware,but maybe forecast possibly watered it down from last night.
  9. My birthday tomorrow,it will snow,it better lol....even flakes falling counts,ah how sad eh,years ago in Kent it was either cold or snowy,always had a party and as host was forced to give the mini skirted ladies a piggy back across the snow laden car park,now anything heavier than a chainsaw would put my back out lol......now then jtay,send some snow to me ok you are near enough to share.
  10. Anything is possible,seems a bit early to me but if he said he heard one......lol
  11. All the talk of cold and snow is all well and good but during my gardening today I saw 2 butterflies and some bees,very nice too.
  12. Just got in from not the most inspiring day doing my gardening work,face a bit glum,thought have a look in the model thread.ive now got to go to A&E to have both my sides stitched up from the levels of laughter I suffered,oh my days its the weather lol
  13. Not the most enjoyable of weeks coming up for working outdoors according to the lunch time forecast,waterproofs on and get on with it appears to be whats required.
  14. I must be loony as I love working outdoors in the cold,however get the temps over 75 and im in trouble,so each to their own,on the advice of a forum member on here I looked into the snow prospects in the SE thread,the last 4 posts all said that they had given up for another year lol. In reality,its taken many years on the Mod thread,but this year and I hope it continues,there is at last,the understanding,even to a small degree,that NOBODY,this includes Twitter superstars,the half wits who are allowed front page exposure on the Express,ect ect really know that 5 days hence and that's still pushing it,is about as far as forecasting goes,does that mean the final demise of the Mod thread of ...look at the blizzards at 384,but it wont happen are finally over...good luck with that one lol