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  1. Just in from work,left fearing the worst,South today saying widespread thunder,torrential rain,they did in fairness say some places could miss it altogether,so that's possibly why although moving about ive seen little rain at all,just wondered what had happened around the region,or if its yet to come,quite a mystery.
  2. Yes jtay worked all day and got soaked,but looking at the SE thread,quite a bit of thunder about,not that far away but quite different.
  3. Totally agree mr shark,just hope a few more start to use it to back up Knockers fantastic work on here,a nice change from certainties at T384 lol
  4. Mates reporting widespread hangovers this morning,i was working but in going the back lanes to Burgate from the Yew Tree,on one occasion had to let 7 cars go past me as folk not at the fair were taking the scenic route to try and miss Downton,more cars seen on those lanes in 20 mins that a month normally lol......will be in Red Kite mode from next week.....any sightings
  5. Downton Cuckoo fair pulls in the crowds all right,chaos on even the lanes though,with people finding ways to try and avoid it lol
  6. Yes as a gardener taking national nude gardening day very seriously,no shears,secateurs ect,also nettle rash ointment,any work involving brambles has been put off until the next day lol
  7. get out there and enjoy the great outdoors,its like a swim in cold water,its lovely once you are in lol...mowed two large lawns,grass very long but looking and smelling lovely now,not paid work just my own and a neighbourly cut for next door.
  8. Avoided the weather by taking her indoors for a birthday treat spa day treat at Brockenhurst,sun greeted us on the outward journey but heavy drizzle was in the majority,what a good day out,noticed they have withdrawn the offer I took,it seemed too good to be true when I booked it lol
  9. Possibly the Isle of Wight V sign could have been active here,arrives by the island,one lot goes East and the other West,driving about little sign of much rainfall overnight,was aware of some big lightning flashes,this confirmed by Facebook videos from 4 miles away in the town.
  10. The law of Sod is alive and well,treated 5 lawns,4 were going to be watered by the customers,last one elderly lady,so I got the hosepipe out,slowly watered a big lawn.She thanked me for my help,i went to have a coffee in the recreation ground and 20 mins later the heavens opened and my help rendered pointless lol
  11. Heard my first cuckoo today......anyone else enjoyed that sound yet
  12. Many thanks for the info jtay,mindreader,im Red Kite hunting imminently,your previous info suggested Charlton all Saints meadows,does the phrase....round here now mean they have shifted,if so,to where lol im weekly working at the Yew Tree now,so diversions aplenty wont be a problem.
  13. Ah full shift of gardening,surprised to see reported temps,but explains burnt face and arms lol
  14. It could be worse Khodds,you might have been a Southampton fan lol