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  1. All about context really,Friday,heavy snow shower,light dusting lasted about 10 mins before melting,lots of frost,sleet and wet snow showers,so already a better Winter than last year,albeit not much to beat,but its progress lol,as Singularity and jtay have commented we just need so many things to go right for proper snow,but that's what makes it special when it does occur.Even in this micro climate here,only been about 80 miles from a totally different story,lets see how things pan out,anyway given the choice between snow in Brixton or Bermondsey,or sleet in a beautiful downland village......there is no choice lol
  2. Being a veteran of the BBCS Snow Watch fiasco years ago,i used to have the avatar Hampshire no snow triangle,ok 09 and 10 changed that,but ive lived down here 27 years,take out 04 thundersnow,95 which wasn't as good as elsewhere and a bit of 13,other than 9am dusting gone by midday stuff,dont remember anything really noteworthy,however an ex Met man on here sent me an info sheet showing that the area I live has statistically the poorest record for lying snow in the uk,surprised me,but events over 25 years might make it possible,things have to be super perfect for this region but one day...........................
  3. Ok genuine question,largely rain here but a little sleet in it too,im off to Salisbury tonight to see Milton Jones,but just wondered if anyone in that area,or anyone who knows a short term forecast for around there has any idea what might be in store,only because I have to do ungritted lanes and B roads to get there,any info would be much appreciated as not much further north its been quite bad,thank you.
  4. Raining here but it was forecast to do so,lets see what tomorrow brings,
  5. Have just checked and im in the Not A Chance In Hell warning area
  6. With all this talk of sliders,gliders riders ect,tens of thousands of typed words,i wonder if by Monday we will know for sure how Saturday and Sundays weather turned out lol
  7. Yes my local skills suggested an old picture of yours being the Fighting Cocks Pub,if so its Godshill,years ago up there on the higher part,walked back to get a better pic of a snow covered pony,and stepped into a drift filled ditch up to my waist,sure I heard the ponies giggling,we don't do over well for snow,which makes it more fun if it happens,wouldnt go back to Brixton on a house swap lol
  8. As for Singularitys luck with rain,if hes near Fordingbridge then im just a bit higher up,might have made a tiny difference,suns out now,but I love the regioals if stuffs happening,because its real,we are not looking at day 10 charts,we are looking at the sky lol
  9. Ah now heres the thing jtay I have to go to the Yew Tree in about an hour [essential gardening advice] lol,before going to purchase silly priced flower bulbs in Salisbury,so who knows might see more snow showers in 2 hours than many previous winters lol
  10. Heavy snow shower here,first in a long time,like years lol.....settled in places too,but not for long.Much funnier was the reaction of Big Ted my cat,hes not seen snow before,sat by the open back door trying to work out what was going on,1 flake on his nose and two on his whiskers sorted that,ran indoors howling for bikkies......Wussy feline.
  11. Yes jtay out at Odstock,looking at the pub garden work to be done,glorious drive back,as you say,love it
  12. Hurricane Ophelia

    Much interest and understandably so,but being 700ft ASL in Kent,in 1987 was not a place for the faint hearted I can tell you,interesting times but hopefully with everyone safe.
  13. Couple of trees down here,garden furniture scattered around my customers gardens,that aside a fairly wild night with only minor damage
  14. Hedgehogs

    For some years it was made known that hedgehogs were in serious decline,to the point that they were on the verge of being endangered.The low numbers that I saw supported this. However,this year there has been a noticeable increase in Hampshire and Dorset where I live and work.The point of this post is to see if its a localised thing or if the little critters are making a comeback on a wider scale.
  15. Yes was gardening in Rockbourne and all hell let loose,then moved on up to Whitsbury and all hell let loose again,all in a gardeners day of course.