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  1. Happy New Year, best wishes for 2011.

  2. Merry Christmas everyone.

  3. another 3/4 inches of snow, and most of it fell between 4am and 6am.

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      your very lucky with that!!! we stayed dry all night!

  4. Can confirm in Worcestershire its falling as snow :)

    1. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      40cm here mate lol

    2. Koppite


      thats sum snow, enjoy lol.

    3. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      It's the most snow ive seen in my lifetime and im loving it lol.

  5. Congratulations, and thanks Paul.
  6. Congratulations Flash Elvis.

  7. Koppite


    Hi Amy, welcome to NW.
  8. Koppite

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    And me, this thread is getting very interesting.
  9. Koppite


    Hi and welcome to NW, all new members.
  10. Koppite

    Landscape Photography

    Great pics everyone.
  11. I wish, wouldn't that be great! it looked a very eventful night just across the water.
  12. Great vids, now that is what you call a storm, the rain is amazing.
  13. Happy Birthday mate. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  14. Koppite

    Bird Photographs

    Great photos everyone, keep them coming.
  15. Hiya and welcome.

  16. Koppite

    A Real ‘day After Tomorrow’

    Very interesting read that
  17. helloooo loubie 4

  18. Yeh, good luck also, not easy at Ashton Gate.

  19. Hi mate, yes it was a good result, but very lucky !!!!