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  1. Microscopic sleet falling right now. . . Turn to snow please, please, please . . . .
  2. Nice to hear snow in Peterborough as it looks like it's heading this way! Xx
  3. The icing sugar dusting from overnight has more or less gone with not much expected later. Good luck to others x
  4. Good luck to everyone tonight, think I am too far north for much tonight but may have a nice surprise in the morning!
  5. Sat in kings lynn where there is a snow/sleet mix falling has eased in last few minutes x
  6. Getting dark here with dark clouds overhead 4c hopefully they will pass over as doubt anything white will fall out of them.
  7. Says it's over 4c here just been outside and feels more like -4c windy too, lots of cloud producing nothing so far!
  8. Plenty of cloud overhead right now temperature 4.1c will see what falls!
  9. Gusts up to 39.8mph here feeling cold although weather station says it's 6 but with windchill feels like 2c. Not that nice at all but hoping for snow over next few days.
  10. Dull, grey and damp here all day, some snow this winter would be amazing . Keeping fingers crossed as there is still a few months!
  11. I don't have a lamp post so am turning security lights on and off. Neighbours will be so happy! Still dry as a bone here temp 1c
  12. 0.9 here think it could be game over for this round at least :-/
  13. Temperature is -1 dew point is 0 and weather station has just changed to predict snow! I do hope it's correct!!
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