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  1. Just been out in the car, -1 and raining then turned to hail mixed with rain
  2. Our biggest fall of the winter.... sounds like it’s turning icy now
  3. This could be our 1mm, it’s blowing around a lot with a few bits gathing in the gutters
  4. Nothing showing up on the North end of the Clywidian hills yet, looks like a force 6-7 blowing up the Dee eastuary
  5. May be a chance for the SW of the region on Saturday
  6. This easterly rubbish is boring, let’s hope the breakdown is not a flop
  7. That can’t be right costa del Wirral is in the firing line
  8. Decent snow fall in West Kirby sticking on rooves, not sure if we. will get a covering, but We are right next to the coast.
  9. West Kirby prom, the no they should have checked to forecast before parking
  10. Interesting dates I wonder what impact snow would have on the General Election. GFS always seems to over do them, but it’s still a possibility.
  11. Would a strengthened jet stream be connected with higher sea temps?
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