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  1. Hmmm. I'm thinking of heading down to Lulworth cove/Weymouth area tomorrow for a beach day and waiting around for the storms to arrive. Is that a good place to be?
  2. This Facebook post by a pretty reliable forecaster states that the storm risk Tuesday into Wednesday is from the SW up through Wales and then NW Scotland? Is that what's on everyone else's mind atm?
  3. Just had a flash of lightning. Lit the whole sky and a faint grumble of thunder
  4. You can't see much at all here, but you can see the intensity of this storm in France!
  5. This is the view from my window now. Fantastic cloud scape!
  6. Thunder here as well, very dark to my south. Looks very menacing!
  7. Well I really hope you're wrong! I'm waiting with a lot of patience here! Haha!
  8. I'm in Aylesbury further north of you and I thought we were all in the firing line? It's not meant to intensify more until the early hours? Still plenty of time no? The BBC forecast at 10 showed very heavy showers all over our area!
  9. Very loud cracks of thunder and CG lighting here in Aylesbury. Yikes!
  10. Heavy ice shower here in Aylesbury. Very strange as had a couple cracks of thunder and some lightning!
  11. Very strange! Just had a heavy ice shower with a couple cracks of thunder and some lightning! Temperature is just below 4c here in Aylesbury
  12. Saw these clouds in Aylesbury today. I thought these were Mammatus clouds but they're only associated with severe thunderstorms right? Can anyone clarify?
  13. The precipitation peps up, then dissipates and then peps up again in roughly the same line. It was to the south of Aylesbury early morning, then it was to the north over Milton Keynes mid morning and now it's starting up again with a direct hit. Finally. lol. Why is this?
  14. Well that was unexpected! An impressive 5cm here in Aylesbury! Still snowing lightly with the temperature hovering just above 0 at 0.3 Celsius