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  1. Snow disappearing but some of the drifts may take a bit longer.
  2. Snowing heavily but not settling on cleared paths .
  3. Our local shop had no delivery till Friday but the milk was gone in a flash. Luckily I make my own bread so we had some frozen. Our roads were impassable and are still only one lane so I decided on staying put as my low profile tyres dislike the snow and anyhow I still have to tackle the huge drifts in front of my garage ! Oh and its snowing big big fat flakes !!
  4. I still have fresh milk that I bought last Monday and I have bread out of my freezer. Feeling smug
  5. Reporting in and yes it’s light snaw here too. Interesting we might get more snow catch, this could be a memorable march.
  6. I must say it’s great having a laugh and sharing with like minded weather enthusiasts! It’s been a great time. Thanks everyone
  7. Well @hawsey, measurements nigh on impossible because of drifting but we estimate at least 35cm of snow here ! Absolutely amazing ! We have bread & milk and I’m soooo smug ! Hee hee also have tons of bread flour to make more bread . Everyone even hubby thought I was going ott! But I knew differently Our road is currently being dug out by jcbs.
  8. Drifts are amazing! I have no idea how much snow fell last night because it’s been blown around but it was almost constant snow.
  9. Absolutely pelting down ! I cannot believe the amount of snow falling !
  10. Epic snow amounts now ! It has never stopped all afternoon !!
  11. Wow we,ve had another amazing amount of snow overnight! Table was windblown yesterday and this morning it still looks like an epic total ! It’s been amazing snow. I’ll get out and measure shortly .
  12. Wow absolutely amazing snow again !
  13. Snowing again , wow and it was battering off window for a bit ?! Waiting for thunder snow
  14. No trampoline in our garden ! . Pics were just after lunchtime today. @Hawesy measurement was this after lunch, so I’ll check again tomorrow morning . We might not be too far away from 16cm certainly upwards of 10cm and a lot of that was blown away. Drifts are off the ruler scale