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  1. Spent a fine and a tiny bit chilly morning with youngest up at hillend ski centre early this morning! It was a gorgeous day for being out . Views were stunning today . CD501905-07E4-4CCA-8167-6161140BD224.MOV
  2. Still snowing lightly .best it’s going to get I think .
  3. Just a covering but it’s actually snowing !
  4. Dry and very windy , not looking too good for snow this Far East , maybe Thursday ?
  5. I’ve been traveling through the model chat, totally no idea what to expect, so I came into here and now there look like some snow possibilities. At least a 1 on the snow depth chart , that’ll do for starters . (Knew I shouldn’t have bought the new sledge for the kids )
  6. Absolutely dying for an easterly here lol but I’ll settle for a wee video of all your snaw in the west please still very interesting viewing of the charts, still hopeful of more upgrades and some snow countrywide x
  7. It’s certainly much drier , the normal rains have not filtered inland so rain totals are about 10% in some parts ! I have no idea how many more years communities can rely upon bore water with so little rains . Im sure the cattle farmers are going to be hit big style !
  8. Not bad how’s you . Things have been a bit unsettled of last couple of weeks as sadly mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer , but luckily it seems slow growing tumour so that’s something. I sure am looking forward to some weather watching and some fun times here , I’ve missed all the banter . At least we all share the weather obsession unlike most of our other significant others
  9. I was awfy rainy here today luckily I was at a Christmas market locally (driving thru pouring rain ) to buy Harris gin ! So all is cosy tonight whatever the weather cheers !
  10. Evening everyone , thought it was about time I had a wee nosey in on the thread , getting set for our amazing winter weather watch 2018/2019! Actually really looking forward to some cold weather now . How is everyone ?
  11. Our local shop had no delivery till Friday but the milk was gone in a flash. Luckily I make my own bread so we had some frozen. Our roads were impassable and are still only one lane so I decided on staying put as my low profile tyres dislike the snow and anyhow I still have to tackle the huge drifts in front of my garage ! Oh and its snowing big big fat flakes !!
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