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    Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolk 23m asl
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    Music, cycling, motor sport and, of course, the weather.
  1. Just had an excellent ts go over here, frequent t&l, very heavy rain, mucho excitement!
  2. Weather station currently reading 31.4­­°C here in sunny Lakenham
  3. 20 celcius at 23:15 here

  4. Actually these tremors appear to be closer to the junction of the Queen Charlotte Fault and the Cascadia subduction zone; gotta wonder how much load this activity is transferring...
  5. 21 Celcius here at 21:35

    1. Winter Warmer

      Winter Warmer

      local station says ts 21.9 c in doncaster at the moment

    2. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      21.9c seems a bit high mate.18c here.

    3. Winter Warmer

      Winter Warmer

      yeh probz be the station playing up just noticed its jumping between 21.7c 21.9c and 22.1c

  6. is enjoying a cool Becks

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