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    Lakenham, Norwich, Norfolk 23m asl
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    Music, cycling, motor sport and, of course, the weather.
  1. Just had an excellent ts go over here, frequent t&l, very heavy rain, mucho excitement!
  2. Weather station currently reading 31.4­­°C here in sunny Lakenham
  3. 20 celcius at 23:15 here

  4. Actually these tremors appear to be closer to the junction of the Queen Charlotte Fault and the Cascadia subduction zone; gotta wonder how much load this activity is transferring...
  5. 21 Celcius here at 21:35

    1. Winter Warmer

      Winter Warmer

      local station says ts 21.9 c in doncaster at the moment

    2. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      21.9c seems a bit high mate.18c here.

    3. Winter Warmer

      Winter Warmer

      yeh probz be the station playing up just noticed its jumping between 21.7c 21.9c and 22.1c

  6. Great forecasting John, you look to be right on the money!
  7. is enjoying a cool Becks

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