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  1. Watched this form earlier ..... it got across the river and only produced rain!
  2. 1st squall has passed with a fair amount of rain but since it's gone through it's fairly calm but suspect we are in for it a little bit more in Chelmsford when the 2nd squall hits us if it doesn't fragment
  3. Ive not posted in ages or even been on the forum and it hasnt changed in years!! What will be will be when it comes to weather.....
  4. Sorry only just jumped on are these storms going North or North West??
  5. Seen in South Woodham and now currently under a torrential downpour with some Thunder mixed in
  6. It's not always about higher wages....... its about team ethic and what a club is looking to achieve!
  7. Why would Harry want to leave one of the best emerging clubs in Europe?? I was a doubter at the start but now think he's the real deal and "fingers crossed" he will prove all the doubters wrong at Wembley next season!! IN POCH WE TRUST
  8. Had 21mm over night...... I wasn't expecting that much tbh!! Looks like I might have sowed my new grass a bit late!!!
  9. I wonder how much is being made in the Asian betting market!!!
  10. Pilots earning their money today with many aborted landings I bet!
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