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  1. No snow in Leicester but been for a drive to Copt Oak which has some elevation and some bits have got quite a bit there.
  2. Looks like we have another band inbound to Leicester in about 20 minutes!
  3. I’ve just gone for a drive currently at beacon hill and this is the only spot it’s settled currently
  4. Nothing falling from the sky despite what the radar says ? ah well think that’s it for now
  5. Gone for a drive up to bradgate park, light covering here so hopefully more on the way!
  6. Looks like the North Sea is kicking a few more this way so hopefully a few showers through the night
  7. It’s pretty close so we could get to see a bit falling if we are lucky aha
  8. Looks like we could finally have a little snow shower on the way to Leicester, will be the first
  9. I think they’re due to swing round between 11-12ish
  10. Hoping for a shift to more north easterly winds so the showers make it more into our region ?
  11. Just had about half hour of on/off heavy snow in leicester, took a drive up some of the hills and it had settled but as soon as it stopped it melted ? nice to see though
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